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the Chrissy Mayer podcast We are on itunes Youtube, Spotify and Soundcloud and if you’re listening to us on itunes right now go ahead and leave a five-star review. We appreciate the reviews Oh so very much I’m excited to announce some stand-up dates I’m gonna be with comedians of the compound. October 16th We’ll be performing at the Blue Claws Stadium in Lakewood, New Jersey. really really excited to do that show and then I will be headlining which means me doing comedy by myself now I’ll have an opener and a host of course, but it’ll be me doing a big set November 6th at Tiff‘s in Morris Plains, New Jersey. It’s also known as the Dojo of Comedy or Tiff’s.

Ale House.

I like Like a lot of nicknames in my in my venues Yeah and that’s really exciting. I just booked a miami date for communions of the compound for 2022. I believe that’s going to happen in March and then probably back to Austin with communions of the compound in may so a lot of things in the works. I’m very excited to do stand-up places where they don’t mandate a vaccine since that’s kind of my thing now quick shout out to our sponsor cushy dreams.

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I Feel Like Our Circles Have

been like orbiting one another we’ve been missing each other the last couple years, but I have him here now in my. a conservative columnist, he writes for Newsmax and several other several other places of of of note. He’s, also the president of the New York Young Republicans Club very happy to have him here today Mr. Gavin wax hello, Hello, Hello, How are you thank you for having me you look at you your outfit matches your background It’s like you have a whole tan thing going on. I have a whole blue thing going on it’s like old world new world like I have the brick some wood earthy and then you have like the kind of looks like a spaceship.

Almost This Is A Spaceship Yes

i’m coming to you live from Jeff Bezos’s Penis-shaped spaceship we’re in one of those colony ships going to like the nearest star system and hopefully you find an earth-like planet that’s like yeah like you’ll never destroy me I’ve been. much star wars lately Yeah you’re very sepia toned very sort of like um what’s it called pleasant like that movie Pleasantville Yeah people slowly come into color. Yeah it’s like a western almost, but it’s good it’s it’s different worlds. You know we’re different sides of things. Maybe maybe it’s gonna play out artistically you know it’ll it’ll be more than just visuals it’ll it’ll be substantive as well awesome gavin do you want to give a people the people give the people a little bit of a low down on who you are what you’re into how you came to be in in this world that we’re in not how you not like your birth story, but I was I was born in a petri dish Big pharma I’m a cia op no no so um Yeah I write a lot for a lot of different conservative publications.

Newsmax Town Hall American Greatness, Among Others.

I’m, a fellow at the London Center for Policy Research. I run the New York and Republican club We’re, the oldest and largest in the country. We’re based here in New York. We’ve been doing a lot of activism lately we did the march on Gracie mansion.

I Know You Mentioned The Vax

mandates earlier so we were we’ve been part of that fight leading that here in the city trying to fight back against that and I also do some stuff with turning point Usa and yeah that’s basically the gist conservative commentator so happy to talk about anything and anything anything and anything. I like it and you know how I met how I met you Gavin well you know this but the people don’t know this is that I was you guys remember not too long ago. I was interviewing. Curtis Sliwa, who is running for mayor of New York City and it was great I had him at the Gas Digital studios because you know he’s he’s an older guy. Maybe he can’t figure out zoom or stream yard or the things the kids are getting into these days so he’s like Ah student person like let’s do it let’s do it and then yeah who shows up at the end, but Gavin here who i didn’t realize you were helping him like we’re kind of involved in his campaign.

A Little Bit Do You Want To Talk

about how you came to be hooked up with him Yeah I met Curtis I’ve known Curtis for a while I mean everyone from New York. You know kind of grows up with him. He’s been like a household name a local a figure a character so i’ve always known of. him, but I actually got to meet him you know in person and talk and and exchange a few words back at the reoccupy Wall street protests, so my club organizers reoccupied Wall street protests when we had the game stop situation with Robin Hood and he wanted to come speak and it was great and he came down. He gave an amazing speech.

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He Really Knew The Issues He

really knew what he was talking about in terms of the situation with with Robin Hood and how they stopped trading and you know what the hedge funds were up to etc. So he was on top of this He spoke to it really well. He gave a really you know impassioned speech and I think that was just when he started to announce that he was running for mayor. he’s obviously you know a character you know he. walks around with a red beret.

He Has A Lot Of Different Views.

He has this thick New York accent, so I immediately you know took a liking to him. We started keeping in touch he had me on his radio show. I had him speak at the club a few times and he eventually announced and I’ve been helping him. I’ve been helping him on the digital front helping him.

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You Know Get On Podcasts.

I know you reached out to him and I was communicating with you through his twitter account and helping him just on the ground here in New York and following him around going on the subways with him going into a bunch of outer borough neighborhoods. You know different synagogues Hasidics going to different Chinatowns all over the place. So it’s it’s been fun. He’s a New York legend and you know win or lose? I think he’s definitely making history, but I think he has the best shot to take this city back, especially for Republican than anyone we’ve ever had in a long time he’s just a character He’s a real man of the people.

He Is A Populist.

He started calling himself that I wrote an article basically saying he’s a populist he’s not really Republican. He’s not really a conservative. He has some libertarian streaks. He has some kind of popular streaks, but he’s his own man um and he’s making he’s making a play at it.

So Im Wishing Him The Best Of Luck

and I think he had a great great time with you. So oh it was so fun yeah like my favorite moment which I posted on my instagram and he was talking about like I. Guess it’s a Jewish term or a Yiddish term When you like make a good deed It’s called like having good nacas and I was like Oh yeah people tell me I have great nagas and I cracked them up and I was like all right. We can I’ve done what I came here to do And then I you know he gets a lot of bleep. I’ve seen a lot of people in curtis‘s you know like instagram comments like people think like he’s not the real deal or people think he’s full of bleep or people are like oh He’s telling this story again like I don’t know why do you think he gets so much hate.

I Mean Hes Had A Long History On

radio and on the streets of New York. He definitely has some haters. I mean I I will say that he is authentic. He is real he is his own person. I know he you know started to really blow up after that video where I think you saw him originally where he was outside Penn station with the homeless man and that was 100.

That Was All Real That Happens All The

time. I mean you go anywhere with this guy and he’s approached people come up to him. They know him he’s always getting into situations all the time like he attracts press and it’s not it’s not actually it’s not phony it is real it’s authentic. It’s just a lot of people.

Dont See That Enough Anymore Because Theres So

many inauthentic people there’s so much phoniness there’s so many you know career politicians they’re very well crafted they’re manufactured. They’re polished and he’s anything but so they meet him and they think he can’t be real they don’t want. to believe he’s real but he is and and and he is Hey you know it’s like he.


Chrissy Mayer is excited to announce some stand-up dates with comedians of the compound . She will be performing at the Blue Claws Stadium in Lakewood, New Jersey . She’ll be headlining November 6th at Tiff’s in Morris Plains, . New sponsor that’s K-u-s-h-y and at checkout use promo code Cmp to get 20 off also shout out to our new sponsor Jerome.& We all know dating apps are terrible they’re swiping. We get addicted. Who knows if you’re ever going to meet anybody of the compound of  anyone of these people of that’s kind of my thing now. I’m very excited to do stand up places where they don’t mandate a vaccine since that’s kind of my thing. I’m very excited. I just booked a miami date for communions of the compounds for 2022. I believe that’s going…. Click here to read more and watch the full video