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I Believe He Was On Tim Cast Hes

and now he’s here He’s now now he’s doing my pod he is running for Congress. This is very i always love having people on who are who are running against the establishment and they’re they want to be the crusty people that have been in power too long. So he is running for Congress in New Jersey’s ninth Congressional district. I believe that’s Patterson New New Jersey there so. On the pod today Billy Prempa how are you I’m doing fantastic and I think that’s a little bit putting it that’s putting it a little bit lightly calling him crusty You guys a little bit more fossilized funny thing Bill Pascrell.

He Has Been Youre Youre Gunning For His

job. He’s been in there 40 years. I can’t believe people can even hold positions longer than we’ve been alive well to be a little bit more to be a little bit more specific. He’s been in politics for more than 40 years, but he’s been in Congress for 26 years in the 9th District . Before he was Congressman of of the 9th District.

He Was Congressman Of The 8Th

before the redistricting happening and it happened and then before that. He was mayor of my city, Paterson, New Jersey and then before that he was an assemblyman and. Then before that he was on the board of education and before that he was a teacher which he was probably like in his early 40s. At that point, so almost his entire life. He’s 86.

Right Now Hes Been Involved In Politics Time

to hang it up um yeah He’s right until the wheels fall off. We we jumped into into him right away but for people who have not seen you on other pods or have never heard of you before do you want to give a quick intro to who you are and why you’re running for Congress. So my name is Billy prempa and I decided to get involved in politics in all honesty I wasn’t even interested in getting involved in politics for quite some time. I’ve always been very well informed about it. But it was something that never crossed my mind to do.

I Always Felt That Politicians Were Not Necessarily

looking for the best interests of the people. I’m, a United States Air force veteran. I joined the military when I was 19. and my parents. They also came into this country legally and I felt that serving in the military was one of the best things that I could have done to give back to the country.

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Unfortunately, Barack Obama Was Doing Some Very Unbelievable

things in Libya, dropping bombs on farms and so forth and I no longer wanted to be a part of that and I decided to leave the military quite early. I came back home. I was in England where I was stationed at the time and I saw that the country changed completely from the the time that I left under Barack Obama, and seeing how a lot of people in my generation were asking for. Things like socialism and communism and rightfully so to some extent because inflation was high taxes were high jobs were practically non–existent. I even started to lose a little bit of hope.

It Was Difficult For Me To

find work even coming out of the military and um I I saw that you know this may possibly be the last bit of America that I’m going to be able to see and then fast forward to 2016 when a gentleman with tidal Wave hair and from a golden tower in New York comes and decides to run for office. And he did exactly that like a tidal wave. He swept a lot of this stuff and he really changed my perspective on him as well too because my entire life. I was never a fan of Donald Trump. I couldn’t just understand his vibe while my father loved the guy, he loved them a lot.

I Never Really Got Behind Them

until I started to see the things he was talking about. In 2015. a lot of what he said made sense and um you know he ran for office. I voted for him because I definitely wasn’t voting for hillary, especially after what she did in Haiti and I threw my my vote to Donald Trump and I don’t regret that at all um. This is the best I’ve ever seen in America, um not now under biden but under under trump.

It Was The Best Ive Ever

seen in America. I didn’t even think something like that was possible and um. In early 2020. He did a rally in in um Wildwood, New Jersey and the rally had well over a hundred something thousand people probably more. Than that honestly I’m probably just like really understating it, but he did something that I never thought was possible, especially for a Republican to do in New Jersey and it really motivated and inspired me to run um after my good friend Dr Castillo convinced me said Billy you should run you’re a young guy you’ve got great ideas you’re very well spoken you’re a military veteran.

Youre First Generation American, A Lot Of

the things that encompass the American dream. You are that guy and I’m like I still live in the hood doctor like I’m not you know I I would think that you have to be these Ivy league kind of people to run into office after all he was a doctor and he said No you know the constitution was written for common men. It was written for regular folks, not Ivy league graduates and lawyers and you encompass all of those things. He ran against my opponent in 2016 and at the time he got more votes than any Republicans ever gotten, but when I got in that race in 2020. I shattered that record by an additional 33 000 votes and got more votes than any Republican in the past 35 years.

So Despite The Covet Pandemic Despite

the shutdowns, , we did really really well and I think it’s because we came with the completely different message. I was able to reach a much younger demographic and people are sick and tired of Bill Paschall. Even the Democrats that have constantly voted for him over and over again. You know I want to bring reforms to our school and make our school curriculums better get more funding for our police. So that we can reduce the crime in our community.

I Put A Commercial Out In April

um showing that the crime rate in Paterson was at 60. It’s currently at 72 percent. In fact it’s probably higher, but this is as of last month. It’s up 72 people are being killed literally every single day. My neighbor was killed right in front of my like right in front of my house like a block away about four months ago.

You Know My Friend, My High School

friend was killed um back in may and this is something that’s just um happening way too frequently and I want to bring some serious changes here. We have someone who sat in that chair and fossilized and no longer serves the will of the people. I’m sure at some point he did the right thing and he helped the people. But he’s been he’s become a part of the the class that I like to call the politicians the people that do politics primarily for their own pockets.

Hes One Of The Richest People

in Congress out of 430 something people in Congress. He’s one of the richest people he became a millionaire as a politician. He didn’t become a millionaire outside of that and that’s why he doesn’t want to give up this seat. His son’s a multi-millionaire lobbyist.

He Sells Access To Power Similar To

how Hunter biden does it with Joe biden and he’s everything that’s wrong with our political system right now so at the end of the day. There will be a time when he either retires or you know God forbid he passes away. He’s 86 but at the end of the day the decisions that he makes my generation is gonna have to. That up we’re gonna have to deal with the consequences of the things made by him and he’s in it for his own personal interests.

Our Education Is Not Doing Well And

our kids don’t seem to have any future. So I decided you know what I should step in there. I got to do what’s right and I want to bring new ideas to the table and replace a lot of the nonsense that he’s put forward that’s really cool billy I.


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