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Chrissy Mayer podcast We are on UK UK Spotify and UK and if you’re listening to us on UK go ahead and leave a five-star review won’t you please a quick shout out to a couple of our sponsors for this episode sub stack it’s actually this this new sub-stack It’s called Standalone.substack. com. It’s a new sub-stack by Melissa UK, an artist and she’s actually a former Professor who quit due to the corruption of Academia. She writes about topics that offer hope and insight into the bizarre group think world we’re currently living in you can subscribe at Subs Standalone.

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com It’s free and there are really valuable bits of information on here and advice regarding individual empowerment and ways to stay true to your principals in the face of adversity. She recently published a piece about the wave. of resignations, We’re seeing in response to the vaccine mandates for companies with 100 or more employees and she weaves in her own story about her decision to leave Academia so again that’s standalone. substack.

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to get 20 off plus free shipping very high quality stuff I’m, a big fan of their products shout out to some stand-up dates this Saturday I’m going to be in New Jersey headlining Tiff’s Ale House also known as the Dojo of Comedy that’s this Saturday November 6th nine O’clock show in Morris Plains New Jersey then I’m heading to Hyenas in Dallas December 15th and 16th but before that I’ll be in Little Rock Arkansas December 13th at the Little Rock Looney Bin and then I’ll. At the Hyenas in Dallas the 15th and 16th and at that Texas show I’ll be with Aaron Berg and Anthony Cumia who. If you are a compound media person that should be very exciting love doing shows with those guys all right speaking of guys. I love doing shows with I got a new one coming at you. He is a Missouri radio host.

You May Have Heard Him On

KWos News radio and also. He was a former presidential candidate for the Libertarian party back in 2016 back when things were simpler when life was great. Austin Peterson welcome to the show Hey Chrissy thanks so much for having me. I am really loving this 80s. Video Game aesthetic that you have going on here video games yes it’s about Saved by the Bell shirt yeah I feel like I’m I feel like I want to push you.

Into A Locker Yeah, Right Or Yeah

Exactly or this is like a 1980s arcade carpet right so yeah an arcade for the 1980s. This would have been like the pattern on the carpet Oh Yeah and like when you would go on like roller skating parties. You’d go to like a roller skating rink and like that that pattern would be like the carpet on the walls, and it would just be all like like a furry carpet. These were just simpler times. Austin what happened you look and also you look too young to have run for president can you explain that Oh yes you know a moisturizer.

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You Know Like I I Use

dishwashing soap on my hair do you really no but I mean that I posted this meme the other day about how men looking like wash their hair with dishwashing soap and still look. beautiful right and like women have to use all of these expensive products and stuff and men can just do like basically nothing and look like me yeah It’s a real it’s a real trick. I spent spend so much money, but then you’ll meet like an old Italian lady who’s who’s like Ah. I just use Ivory soap and and prayer and then you know her skin will look I feel like a lot of his genetics and right if you smoke or if you drink. I don’t know I think maybe 30 of it is like products but well if you sell your soul to the devil that also helps true true were you ever tempted to sell your soul to the devil probably not if you’re a Libertarian no but I’ll tell you one of the funny jokes like well.

I Actually I Ran For Office In 2018

as well unsuccessfully but one of the like well. It was funny because like on Facebook. I had liked the page for the Satanic Temple. Oh what well I was just I just wanted to get the updates and see what they were saying because you know they say some weird wacky stuff. I just want to get them my stream and so like I was running as a Republican at the time and so like this whole rumor came around and was like everybody in Missouri was like Oh is he a member of this Satanic Church The Satanic Temple.

He Likes That On Facebook Its Like

dude just because you like somebody on Facebook. You know a page on Facebook does not make you a member of the Satanic Temple, but no you got to see what they’re up to. Yeah Yeah you got to keep an eye on so I want to know Austin how you went from child model. You were a you were a model forNK] Schwartz well so that’s funny that’s a funny story that’s hilarious um so Yeah I did do modeling back in my younger days. I’m 40 now but girl you don’t look it Oh thank you girl boys good jeans but no I do I worked at UK Schwartz the toy store and that was that was what I got to be a guest on the Conan UK show because he came to UK Schwartz and I don’t know if you’ve ever been to UK Schwartz in Manhattan but they have like Oh Yeah, but they have like the toy soldiers right well.

It Closed Down.

It’s been closed for a few years, but yeah Yeah that’s probably my fault but. But um I I was a toy soldier and after Schwartz in Manhattan but you know at the same time. I was also like you know trying to do this so I can get in the entertainment business try and like get on UK and you know make a career and stuff like that but yeah I used to do like there are there’s photos out there and I’m glad they never surfaced in my campaigns with me you know shirtless you know in underwear or modeling and like you know generally looking you know like Derek Zoolander essentially but I don’t know I think it could have helped you Yeah I’m not sure you know the number one thing that like people always ask they’re like why aren’t you married why aren’t you married like like you know do you really get that a lot because you’re kind of.

Involved Youre Like Poking Your Head In

government life Yeah well so yeah, so I I literally just got married like two weeks ago, so that’s so shut up everyone he’s off the market ladies Yeah for some reason like that people think that that’s like the most important thing like if you’re gonna be in in office. You need to be married they need people need you to be a part of the community stable right exactly you must be you must be tied down like the rest of us right society places that you learn when you run for office society places a lot of Demands that are kind of unspoken demands on the people that they choose to wish to represent them right and it’s kind of like it’s very tribal right you people they’re like Oh, do you smell like one of us yeah it smells. Really weird it smells like one of us It’s kind of like okay You know you gotta you gotta try and fit in sniffing you out yeah. They sniff you out right Yeah Yeah I wonder if it’s because they look to your ability to handle responsibility and commitments and marriage is like a really good example of both Yeah I think so that’s Yeah yeah They wanna they wanna see that like you know how to how to commit to a relationship and things like that and they also they think that if you go to Washington UK and you’re a bachelor then you’re gonna go and you’re gonna screw around and not do your job and you know.

I Can Understand People Thinking About That But

you know I I really feel like you know when it comes to you know politics one of the biggest you know. challenges that we have you know especially if you’re on the right is that we’re these individualists right, but we still have these kind of like you know tribal demands that we place on one another and I do think it kind of limits our capabilities when it comes to legislating or having you know effective representation Because if you’re always you know sending the same people who have the same Trace then and then you complain about the same old the same old the same old well it’s because you’re always electing the people who have these same traits right so it’s tough to it’s tough to break out of the mold when like you know Conforming is so important to so many people right and I’ve never been much for Conformity do you think this is just for the Republican party or like all of UK well actually. You know I I think that’s a societal thing right? I think Republicans Democrats everybody kind of has that same kind of like mentality of in-group out groups right It’s kind of like a social psychological issue that you face you know we saw it in high school you saw it in middle school right you got the In Crowd you got the outcrowd and The In Crowd has to behave like this and you know anybody who’s on the crowd has to be treated like this and it’s just kind of like a big social Cyclone problem. People who stand out and people who think for themselves.

You Know Typically Get Castigated Or Cast

out it’s like um Oh you know there’s this old Emerson” target=”_blank” rel=”noreferrer noopener”>Ralph Waldo Emerson quote where he talks about um you know. I think his his essay was self–reliant, so I don’t know if you’ve ever read Emerson, but he talks about um you know being misunderstood and you know the people who are being misunderstood in society. People like are people like Pythagoras or you know.


A quick shout out to a couple of our sponsors for this episode sub stack . A new sub-stack by Melissa UK, an artist and she’s actually a former Professor who quit due to the corruption of Academia.& She writes about topics that offer hope and insight into the bizarre group think world we’re currently living in . Another shout-out to cushiedreams.&com that’s cushy dreams. They offer very high quality, UK intense and in pre-rolls. They come in these.& five packs you could just throw in your purse or pocket. There’s different Indica Sativa Blends like Relax, Relax, relax dream energy create hustle Peace SO.& If you want to be more up or a little bit more down before bed they have you covered go to the cushiedREAM.&http://www.cushiedream.& and you can check out all these different postings. There is also a lot of…. Click here to read more and watch the full video