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This Hot Sauce.

I just had an annoying phone call with my brother that I’ll probably talk about all right all right enough enough with that I am I’m very excited for this third installment of the simp cast and I’m not going to keep these ladies from you any longer I’m just going to throw them in. of the Chip Chipperson podcast one of my my all-time favorite only fans Gals also a good buddy Zia Anderson hi good to see you thank you for having me on the Sim cast, which I bleep love this concept by the way this is amazing wow thank you thank you yeah um it’s good it’s good. I’m enjoying it so far and I love it it’s like it’s it’s bleep great to just talk with gals there’s so many there’s. I feel like I talk you know you’re in the podcast world too.

This Is Mostly Guys So You Know

yeah a lot of dudes we gotta have some so we’re gonna keep the gals coming um. She is an only fans icon as well. She just hit a hundred thousand subscribers on Youtube. Whatever amy also a regular on the wet spot on Compound media came to us. from a photo shoot looking fine looking at Boyne Amy good to see you good to see you yes you too I love you guys and and popping her Chrissy Mayer podcast cherry today and I have to get her on wet spot if she happens to be in New York um the the liberty thought Sarah Hi This is neil good to see you thanks for having me.

This Is Fun.

This is fun and last but not least oh Yeah Yeah Sarah try to turn your camera horizontal if possibly that should be possible. Okay okay and you know her you love her from Youtube that’s star wars girl and i’m bringing you in hot what’s up Anna hi hi sorry I’m late but you’re great you’re perfect I was a little late too. I I don’t know how close you guys are with your families, but I I get annoyed like every time. I get a phone call from somebody in my family like I don’t know if your families like follow what you do or our fans or like even know what the hell you do all day But like I’m.

Im So At The Point Where Im

sick and sick. I’m sick and tired of like every time somebody my family calls. I have to explain to them what a bleep podcast is and like and like and like what it is and where you download where you can find it. I’m like take my i’m like type my bleep name which you know into any search engine and and something will come up. That is it on the Facebook Yeah is it on the facebook.

Its Online Space Its On.

Myspace go there I was like could you put the could you put the minimum effort into getting to know me that would be great that would be bleep great and no I will this is yeah It’s come it’s that time of year. I don’t know are you guys going to see your families for thanksgiving or Christmas Oh yeah Yeah am I the only surly business up here Yeah I haven’t met I haven’t seen my family or gone home since I left I haven’t. I haven’t done like holidays which I miss them a lot but in a way it’s kind of nice because I don’t have any obligations like I don’t have bleep to do. I can kind of just do whatever I want it’s nice I do miss them though Yeah and Z is from Hawaii, which is like it would be the place I’d.

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Be Youd Be Dying To Go To

my transmitting Hawaii wait what what wait my business? I’m sorry my parents met in Hawaii, Oh that’s awesome, which is Yeah, I have no idea they were in the Navy. Oh Yeah that was world win two weekers that’s so why is Yeah Hawaii’s special place in our house Yeah hold on I’m just sending Brittany the lane. We always had pineapples so pineapples you know hospitality and then I learned later on that it’s the universal sign for being a swinger, which was really eye-opening when pineapples have been what I much to Hawaii, and now everyone thinks that you’re swingers because I have pineapples everywhere they’re like it’s just like Pineapples. I swear it’s just about Hawaii. My parents met there why is the pineapple the international sign for swinger well.

Its The International Sign For Hospitality

and I feel. That’s really taking a play on my hospitality? I don’t know how it came to be that but now that I think about it It kind of makes sense, but supposedly if you’re walking around with an upside down pineapple in your your grocery cart like your game on or if you’re having a sweeter party. You’re supposed to put the pineapple on your front step to know every this is the place guys trick or treat I guess it’s more like secretive than balloons you know yeah okay parties here maybe maybe the island they would put the balloons out They’d be like come on kids all right try to get so dark right away, um okay cool we’re waiting for Brittany to come through. This is sibcass number three beep beep I am so excited to have all you gals here We had let’s see a couple folks. sent me some some sim cast submissions.

I Want To Try To Bring Them

on the screen because Sarah you had a very impressive I had a yeah that was a lot like you came at the gate. I was like you know who knows yeah it’s sometimes wrong. I did every time. I tell people that that happened they’re like seriously and I’m like yeah. I have that essay to prove it right exactly what happened someone sent Sarah an essay yeah set this up sorry okay.

Ill Explain The Story So Like Someone

had messaged me on twitter and was like hey. I want to be your pig like you know let me send you money generally They’re like not legit, but I always just reply and I’m like okay send a hundred dollars to my cash up whatever and he like actually sent it and i was. Like Oh, Okay and I’m not like a dom like I don’t know how to like control men or like tell them what to do that’s like not my thing, so he’s like you should make me do stuff for you like can I write an essay can I do can I cook you dinner and I’m like okay and I was like. I don’t know what to say I was like write a 1000 page yeah a thousand word essay about why I’m better than Ron Paul and like he actually did it and then I thought I had really something the next day said the same thing and I again didn’t know what to say I was like okay. This time write a one about how I’m better than Ron Desantis.

So I Got Two Essays In The

same weekend. What about why I’m better than Ron Paul. One about Ryan better than Rhonda Santos from two different people look at that excellent and paragraphing double spaced and everything and everything yeah It was great so before I start reading this I am going to bring in um our finer final Simp Gal also a youtube gaming icon um one of my favorite. I think Internet trolls I mean that in the kindest best way possible Brittany Venti what’s up girl Britney is back. She had a lot of strong simp entries the last time we got together so let’s get it’s we got a lot we got a lot here tonight.

Im Very Excited To Share All

these sim stories, so i’m going to begin reading this crazy ass email okay here we go the perfection incarnate why Sarah is better than Ron Paul like that’s quite the title. This is already amazing. He really gave the preview of what this is going to be about like a wedding invitation. I love it like I’m actually convinced I’m better than Ron Paul. After this essay so wow so he gets an a yeah okay definitely and like and just tell me like interrupt if you if I should skip over anything because I mean I honestly haven’t read it in a while, but yeah you can just like when did you get this This was the day that I launched my patreon.

So This Was Like My Birthday

like yeah. This is my birthday. They were sending me money for my birthday too so that was that was a good weekend for me. Oh my gosh okay can you guys hear me yes yes. I’m sounding great.

I Was Gonna Say Chrissy Had Me Hostage

in the green screen. Room, I know I was holding you in the green room. Okay okay here we go perfection incarnate why Sarah is better than Ron Paul throughout history there.


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