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Foreign No No Music.

I got it stop your thing. I’m gonna just play the video so hello and welcome to simp cast number 10. I can’t believe we’re at 10. .

I Cant Believe This Has Gone On

for this long what’s up guys. I’m Christy mayer I have a really great intro to this show. I wish I could figure out how to play it one day. I guess I need to up my technical prowess guys. I’m so excited to introduce this legendary panel um for you guys to simp to today.

Some Of Them You Might Know Some

of them might be new to you coming up first you know her you’ve seen her on the sim cast before she’s actually this is kind of a big deal. She’s getting married February 30th. Like I never thought I would say it and I’m shocked I almost don’t. believe it Britney Venti is in the house thank you and yeah I’m so happy that I’m getting married it’s amazing. This is amazing.

I Want To Meet This Lucky

fella. I think next time I’m in Texas, which should be like late February early March. I we need to do a dinner or something. I just yeah. I didn’t think any man could tame you and well here we are I tamed him yeah.

I Bet Okay Coming Up Next

to the sim cast you’ve seen her on the wet spot on compound media. She’s also the co-host of the chip chipperson Pada cast um. She has a killer only fans speaking of simping you are gonna simp hard to her only fans you can catch her on twitch. You can see her on Youtube as Zealand Zia Anderson hi oh my goodness thank you for having me back. Is so fun thank you for wearing a skirt thank you for sitting on your couch like some sort of casting couch situation I like that you did that you knew what to do Zia You didn’t need to be told it just comes naturally to a hoe bag.

I Love It.

I love it and I Lord only knows what’s gonna happen with that seltzer bottle but tune in stay tuned everyone um so glad to see you here up next. I don’t know if we will see her in the video for him, but that’s all right because her voice alone is enough to simp to um you know her hopefully you follow her Youtube channel Hopefully you follow her on twitch at that star Wars girl Anna’s in the house Hello Yes I will be on camera once I put on makeup okay no pressure no pressure. good to see you good to see you last, but certainly not least and she’s been on the sim cast before, but she’s back again follow her on all things my nerdy home Steph in the house, what’s up what’s up what view do we like better this one or this one I can’t hear Steph can anyone hear Steph no no well. Maybe she knows sign language good to hear you steph good to see you we will be hearing you shortly I think I hope um I had a really interesting weekend.

Im Gonna Have To Drink Some

more wine to to be able to like cope with what I experienced. So went with went to a water park yesterday and you know it’s a water park in January. This is very exciting. I went with Frank and his ten-year-old son We kind of went to like. his 11th-11th birthday Damn He’s like becoming a person now but anyway we were like Oh Let’s go to a water park in the Poconos.

This Will Be Great.

This will be family friendly. There was like like obviously as you would imagine at a at a water park like lots of kids right so we’re it’s we’re in line for one of those rides where you’ve got to like take a tube. It’s like it’s like a double tube and like two people can ride in it or one person can ride in it whatever but you gotta carry the tube up like many stairs and it’s like sometimes it’s it’s like these water park rides that let you know how how much you need to keep working out like if you’re winded carrying up like a one pound tube up a few flights of stairs, then that. Really like it? Lets you know where you’re at physically so that was happening for me number one number two.

We Get To The Top Of The

slide. We’re like starting to wait in line and then I see Frank’s face he goes and then I looked at him and then I looked up ahead. There was a girl a woman how old was she maybe woman age definitely not a kid early 20s in a bleep g string like straight up thong g string. I I didn’t see what the front looked like. But I saw the hole of the back.

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I Saw It.

You can see the hole. It’s two sides. I almost got her butthole. I think if she had been over.

I Would Have I Would Have Been

able to see where babies come from and I was like what why and she’s there with her. Boyfriend and I’m like is this underpants Is this a bathing suit okay because they do make g-string bathing suits. There was like little bejeweled jewels like in the butt crack area of this thorn bathing suit g-string and it’s just you could see it all and I was like what is going through this woman’s mind like first of all you’re you know you’re at a water park there’s going to be kids around so even if you don’t personally have kids why wouldn’t it occur to you. It’s like Okay, I’m sure she’s like Oh, I’m gonna definitely like I don’t know I guess give my boyfriend a bleep boner while we’re going down these slides that’ll be fun, but does it not occur to you that there will be kids like other people’s kids at this thing and then like I guess you just do you think she just didn’t care or didn’t no that’s getting the d wet besides that like besides the fact that yes there are kids there and it’s this isn’t even like Oh, you know there might be kids like that’s what a water park is for it’s four kids there’s gonna be so many kids but besides that when you wear something that little it’s gonna come off like it’s gonna get you ever see when you go down the slides and you get up and they’re like pulling everything back into. place and like hoping that stuff doesn’t fly off how is something that tiny going to stay on you’re going to expose everything to everyone right if I were waiting.

At The Bottom Of The Slide.

I would see a lip or two yes. I hope she was groomed from the background those girls where it’s like just because it zips doesn’t mean it fits kind of chicks or was she bbw would be qualified no she was average she looked she had a gigantic ass. I was transfixed. I was in trance.

I Couldnt Take My Eyes Off So

in another setting she would have looked good. Oh Frank thinks that maybe at the beach she would have been like okay but not at a children’s yeah. Every water park is a children’s water park I don’t I don’t in New York isn’t it like 20 degrees outside what. Are you doing yeah? We went to an indoor water park in the in Pennsylvania in the Poconos so like we have indoor water parks Yes it’s at Camelback like they have a sick mountain like that like I love snowboarding and that’s probably like my number one choice of mound to snowboard on but um Frank’s kid is like he just had arm surgery so he’s not gonna be up to snowboarding until probably another year so we’re like oh We’ll take him to I don’t know he had like um I guess like a cyst growing in his arm. It was like a tumor, but not like a scary one.

I Guess A Benign.

It was eroding his bone that which does sound scary, but they had to like oh my gosh fill it with cement No I don’t think anyone I know that you would love that. Bleep Anna but nobody knows he would and like he just cut into his arm like right here he had like a sick scar. We’re already talking about like Oh, should he get a tattoo later in life to cover it up but um anyway so this was like a safe armless activity. We thought we we could take him to so they wouldn’t have to like exert himself like snow burning obviously falling a lot so this was like can you sit in a tube sure but we were not prepared to see a whole human ass she was like wiping her ass with the water slide Yeah we went to camelback.

We Werent Expecting Camel Toe And Heres Another

thing you’re going down on these slides. Sometimes you you go down an older slide and if you lay down like certainly if you’re going down a slide where there’s no tube. You can feel like the ridges of each section of the slide like rubbing against your ass like it’s it’s like rough sometimes and what if she gets like a disease or like I don’t know it’s just too exposed too much too much. I don’t know is it worth it. I guess if you’re like my primary goal.

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Here You Figure Like I Want

to turn my boyfriend on, but I want to like you know protect the children. I guess turning the boyfriend on one out priority am I being too much of an uptight bleep Here I was no. I don’t think you are yeah and i’m like super open about my body and like think we should educate kids more about. bodies and like hey everyone has one so people wouldn’t freak out so much, but this is too much that’s too much education forced upon you waiting online for the the crazy rattlesnake.

No I Think Thats Youre Right Thats

more of like a beach thing like if it was at a beach that would be more acceptable but like a water park also it’s just too active there’s too much activity going like what are you and yeah like little kids everywhere and like I don’t know man yeah When i think of a water park. I think of like families family ghosts families A lot of families go to water park Yeah you want to go and have fun with your friends and stuff. But it’s mostly families that go to water parks. You know the beach is like open really to anybody, but like yeah The water.

Parks I I Always Think Of Just

families at Waterpark, What is have you guys ever like tested the limits like what if you can remember what do you think is like the sexiest thing You’ve worn for a man like out where you were maybe like Oh is this pushing it slave Lady Oh slave Leia but that was at like a convention right or was it just for Halloween. Oh I went to disneyland yeah. It worked I know what’s funny is all the moms were like they they weren’t bleep to me They’re like Oh my gosh.


Britney Venti is getting married February 30th . Zia Anderson is co-hosting the chip chipperson Pada cast . She has a killer only fans speaking of simping you are gonna simp hard to her only fans you can catch her on twitch.& I didn’t think any man could tame you and well here we are I tamed him yeah. I Lord only knows what’s gonna happen with that seltzer bottle but tune in stay tuned everyone . Christy mayer: “I can’t believe this has gone on for this long what’s up guys. I wish I could figure out how to play it one day. I guess I need to up my technical prowess guys.’ I don’t know if we will see her in the video for him, but that’s all right because her voice alone is enough to’ve all right” I don’t know if she’ll be in Texas, but I love it…. Click here to read more and watch the full video