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Hello Boys And Girls Welcome To Another Episode

of the Chrissy Mayer podcast We are on itunes Youtube Spotify Soundcloud everywhere thank you so much for listening. Please leave us a five star review if you’re listening on itunes. The album is coming out March 15th. I’ll let you guys know as soon as pre-order is available. I’m gonna be planning a whole tour a whole promo tour for this album very excited about it live from January 6th.

Its Going To Be Called Got

a bunch of stand-up gigs coming up. Comedians of the compound will be coming back to Governors in Levittown Long Island. February 26 and then i’m heading to the Wormhole Comedy club in Savannah, Georgia. March 19th Side splitters in Florida” target=”_blank” rel=”noreferrer noopener”>Tampa Florida. March 20th.

Then Comedians Of The Compound Will Be Heading

back to atlantic City. April 22nd and 23rd so excited to make funnies. Guys we have a new sponsor for the podcast this week. This is very exciting I’ve never had another podcast sponsored the podcast before, but hey first time for everything Have you Guys checked out the Tower Power hour podcast. It’s this funny libertarian-centric podcast hosted by Clint Russell from Liberty Lockdown Reed coverdale from Naturalist Capitalist plus Cole Toad and Jose.

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Its Live Every Wednesday Night At 9-00 Pm.

Eastern you can check it out on Youtube, Odyssey and anywhere else you can get your podcast content. I’ve been a guest on it and they’ve made possibly their smartest decision ever by actually sponsoring me. This podcast. So we already know that they have good taste but now come on worth it’s worth checking it out just check it out Guys who who have they had on besides me Dave you asked Dave Smith Shuwan head spike.

And A Couple Of My Buddies, Josh, Denny

and Bleep Daddy go check them out tell them I sent you and let them know that their money was well spent tower power hour podcast check them out on Youtube look at this gay photo they sent for me to show isn’t that great check him out speaking of gay. I’m so excited for our next guest. He’s like he’s a delight. He’s kind of blowing up and it’s pretty. I’m getting him at an opportune time because I think he’s in the midst of yet another viral video.

You May Know Him As Primetime 99.

I know him as my good friend Alex Stein wow look at you okay okay first and foremost. Yes. I’m only gay when I transition to Alexandria because I’m always into chicks. I always like bleep as you can see right here so I’m I’m.

A Caitlyn Jen Im A Caitlyn Jenner

trans I’m gender fluid so when I transition to Alexandria. I’m like Caitlyn Jenner I still like to be with girls, so in that sense. I am gay and in that sense, I you know I I appreciate that I love being a gay. Icon that’s actually one of my favorite things. So um it’s always a pleasure to be on the show and like I said we have a lot to talk about um you know you’re saying I’m blowing up with the viral videos.

But This Is The First Thing.

I guess I want to talk about is is um you had been on some blaze shows right and you know you’ve come to Dallas. I know you’ve been on multiple shows. I’m saying that paramount studios for me chrissy the reason why I think that’s so cool you went they. Had you on after your I don’t know if this was your first viral video, but you seem to be using city council meetings as your sort of open mic which I respect and appreciate and it’s bleep Hilarious man.

You Had A Viral Video About You Going

to the Dallas City Council. You were was this your first spiral video. This was um early last month. This is in January you kind of punked the Dallas City Council. You were doing a pro-vaxx tick-tock nurse impersonation rap and you know it went viral.

It Got You Know Millions Of Views

and everybody you know remix it. It was like you know um from that movie or from that show on Netflix with Kimmy Schmidt. It was kind of like that or they you know they remix It so I kind of felt cool for a minute, but like all. media people that reached out like vice and buzzfeed when they realized that I was a you know trolling they didn’t want to platform me. They all said the worst thing they could find on me is that I had a tweet that said me Chinese me play joke Me put covet in your coke like that was that’s the worst thing They could find because I have a thing on.

I Have A Thing On My Twitter That

delete deletes all tweets older than two years. You know so they don’t have any yeah yeah yeah um because I did his background check and I didn’t have any that bad one time for this Tv show and they found me saying just come stupid stuff. It wasn’t that bad so I deleted it so this clip that I’m playing right now This was taken this is Newsweek celebrating you. Who all reached out to you after this went viral which was last month and now you’ve already got another one which is currently viral but yeah who reached out after this one. This I mean like I said Buzzfeed and vice for the first two.

I Mean Within Two Seconds Before He

wasn’t hot it was vices in my news like Oh, we want to talk to you and then as soon as they realized who I was you know that they had to they just had to shut it down because there was this guy in Dallas who’s like an open socialist type journalist. He has a blue check mark and he went nuts because they and he kept on going All these Dallas Blue check marks this guy Stephen Monticelli but all these all these bla all these I mean blues I’m saying black check mark blue. Check marks black pills Yeah Yeah! But blue check mark people were sharing in Dallas and he was like Oh You can’t uncritically share this this guy’s a conspiracy monger and all this stuff and so it’s like you know. At the end of the day. I expect that you know they’re not gonna like actually interview me because and then then WGn they have a show news nation.

I Was Supposed To Go On

their show and six in the morning and at midnight. They said Oh no you can’t come on anymore and I was so bummed because I had it set up where I was head through my mixer. I could fart. I was gonna play fart so I was gonna like act like. I was all normal, but through my microphone just start ripping farts and see live while I was on air because you can.

Only Do So Much Stuff And See

what they said but they they knew they knew I’m a troll and so it’s just it was that it’s good. I mean I guess it’s good the best part about it. Though we’re talking about the blaze so the reason why the blazing is so cool it’s like listen. You know I like infowars. I like all the independent media but this is why it’s special to me you’re in the East coast well.

Im In Dallas.

There’s not a lot of film studios and that studios where they film where Glenn Beck, what he bought is used to be at Paramount studios where they filmed like Adam’s family value part of like Jfk a lot of different yeah Barney was there Oh g tree from Barney and so you watch Barney all the time right I mean you’re in the Barney. Zone I’m in the Barney zone. I mean the Barney’s my favorite. I love you you love me.

Were A Happy Family Completely During My Brief

babysitting career, but never like I never. I don’t think I hit the road watch it, but you watched it. You know what it was. I don’t think I watched it that religiously either but I’m just saying like I knew I was familiar with the dinosaur whatever the purple dinosaur. I remember seeing that and you know yes yes um and so so what I’m saying is that’s cool that Glenn Beck bought it and now it’s there it’s like in my mind.

Obviously You Know I Would Want To Work

there or something like that. I’m not trying to get a job, but I’m saying it’s just they are listening well yeah. I mean I’m good both of us are available yeah. Exactly that’s what I guess my point is it would be so awesome if you got a job there too because it because then you could live in Texas. I’m just saying they got it such a badass setup.

I Didnt Realize How Badass It Was Thats

my first time going out there and now I’m like it makes me. I’m I love having my Sm7b and having my setup and feeling like a real broadcaster but it’s like they’re like Oh man. This is like a Hollywood studio in Las Colinas and you know repurposed and it’s just a cool. It’s just a really cool setup really professional and really nice and I know that you’ve had been there a bunch and you have a good relationship with them. So I would just say encourage you to you need to get a show there.

Asa I Would Encourage Them.

to give you a show even before me, but they definitely need to give you a show well because you would have me on it. I’d make you have me on my first couple of hires If I would troll you to have me on yes I would bug you. I would I would bug you I’d make you oh okay so tell me this then I gotta talk about this. I wrote down so you buck broke jim stancil on that show on your show yeah you had him sucking on a dildo, Oh bleep no no I haven’t yet what are you doing you’re spreading rumors.

Elsa Gene Is The One Who

put a penis-shaped water gun into his mouth. I didn’t tell her to do that. I haven’t even talked to him about this yet because I haven’t even i I just I just haven’t talked to. about it yet but that in the old-fashioned business of what we call in like the show business it would be.

We Would Consider That Buck Breaking And You

didn’t mean you just humiliated him without even him knowing it like him playing yes. I know no Elsa is very convincing. Though she’s a beautiful woman she yeah you can probably convince a lot of guys to do all sorts of stuff. But Elsa’s friend of the show regular friend of me as is stancil both a friend of compound and a personal friend.

So I Dont Think Either Of Them

would have done something they would come they wouldn’t have forced somebody to do something they were com uncomfortable with it was funny. Though we also got a motor bunny which um if you’re ever in New York, we’re making guests get on the motor bunny and stacy pressman. I think ran for New York City mayor as soon as she was done with her run.


The album is coming out March 15th. I’ll let you guys know as soon as pre-order is available. I’m gonna be planning a whole tour a whole promo tour for this album very excited about it live from January 6th. It’s going to be called got got a bunch of stand-up gigs coming up. I’ve never had another podcast sponsored the podcast before, but hey first time for everything. Have you Guys checked out the Tower Power hour podcast. Check it out on Youtube, Odyssey and anywhere else you can get your podcast content. Check them out on their website or Soundcloud. Please leave us a five star review if you’re listening on itunes. We are on itunes Youtube, Spotify Spotify Soundcloud everywhere thank you so much for listening. The album will be released on January 15th and it’s available on March 1st. It will be available on January 1st and the album is available on February 14th and March 14th ….. Click here to read more and watch the full video