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Hello And Welcome To Another Episode Of

the Chrissy Mayer podcast We are on itunes Youtube, Spotify and Soundcloud and if you’re listening on itunes Right now please leave a five-star review. My album is still for sale live from January 6th. Please get it on itunes or Amazon right now because guess what it’s been number one for over a week at this point I think what nine days nine or ten days ten days on amazon at number one new releases in comedy and overall bestsellers. This is crazy all thanks to you guys so thank you so much. Those of you who have bought it who have listened to it, who have laughed at least once appreciate you guys so much.

Im Gonna Be In Jersey” target=”_blank” rel=”noreferrer noopener”>Atlantic City With Comedians

of the compound April, 22nd and 23rd. These These are going to be Anthony Kumia’s birthday shows so come on out to the Claridge We’ll be performing at the celebrity theater inside the clearage the Clerg hotel out there in Atlantic City. Then I’ll be headlining in Jersey again at Tiff‘s in Morris Plains on May 14th come to that I believe We’re working on a show in Grand Rapids, Michigan for July for June so Yeah. I’d also love to get back to um possibly Nashville, but yeah whatever cities you guys want me to come to tweet at me instagram at me any venues that don’t require wax papers. I definitely want to come.

I Think Were Also Working On Getting You

back to Long Island Yeah as well as Connecticut” target=”_blank” rel=”noreferrer noopener”>Hartford Connecticut and working on finalizing another date for you in September for Savannah So We’ll do another southern run in the early fall, Oh can’t. wait Yeah and thanks to all of you guys who came out to the show at good nights in North Carolina. Those of you I saw at Savannah at the wormhole that’s a great venue super fun and those of you who I saw at side splitters in Tampa in that cool movie theater type venue. It was basically like a movie theater. I was on stage.

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It Felt Really Neat Kind Of Like.

I was doing a ted talk, but Yeah appreciate all the friday night tights fans who came out. I feel like there was a good squad of us at each show um so really I want to plan like a like a designated drink drink hang after these shows so yeah we got some shows coming up. We got the album out it’s still out buy it if you haven’t yet it’s genuinely funny and if. You’re sitting there thinking I don’t normally go for female comics guess what this is the one to go for and a quick word from our sponsor guys.

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Youd Have Like Over 66K At This Point

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Dot Com Forward Slash M-A-Y-R Dont

take this offer lightly. He’s the real deal check it out yeah 2022 making money from Crypto I’m white can’t you tell okay that’s enough of that I’m so excited to have this guest on today. If you’ve been watching this show you’ve probably seen her a couple of times and if this is your first time well buckle up because this woman’s about to rock your world she is. I don’t know if I’d call her an activist, but she’s definitely a champion um for anyone who who has been in any kind of like abuse situation. I I mean there’s many ways I can introduce her but they all.

I Dont Want Them To Bum

you out. She’s an activist. She bleep kicks ass Eliza Blue welcome back to the show Chrissy that was hilarious. Oh my God I screwed up your intro. I don’t know I no you’re good actually um so my apologies that I was late, but I was doing like a locals live stream and we were all getting me ready for this podcast.

It Looks Like You Were Out

fighting crime in this outfit tell me about this outfit. You have a hat. You look like a detective. You look like Carmen San Diego like if Carmen Sandy. This is 20 points dude in San Diego yeah thank you so my um my locals community was helping me get ready and um and I told them this was my carmen San diego look so thank you for thank you for oh is this live right now we are I thought it was going to be pre-recorded.

I Should Boost It Girl Oh No

I should boost it too where in the world is. Hey Craig I was trying to explore our live stream with on on locals Craig I was I was hyping up our cast. I was like yeah I wouldn’t have this equipment Chrissy. If you want to tweet out the link and then oh yeah it was live. I would have hyped it all right.

We Can Hype It While Were Doing It.

They would have been even more hype if they would have been able to see it live. You know isn’t this a hot little carmen San Diego energy I’m loving it. I’m loving it. I wish I had a detective-like hat well.

You Can If You Shop At Walmart.

I was just in a walmart the other literally yesterday No I didn’t make it that far I went in literally just for. I did the very rare female thing of going in just for one or two. And then immediately leaving it felt so wrong everything in my body was like what are you doing you gotta shop with the list Gotta shop with the list Let me hype girl type it hide it. I just tweeted it out well not that my I mean my twitter algorithm’s so bleak it’s not not.

I Cant Hype Anything Right Now Okay

We wiped it whoever is here is is is who’s here and you know what if you miss it you miss it live okay yeah. I went I went into a walmart just to get a a bathing suit because it was an emergency situation. I was in Florida and I hadn’t packed a bathing suit and I was meeting up with a friend and I just did that thing where I took it off the rack and stretched it across my boobs and I was like. well if it fits here right probably good everywhere else and then I actually got it on and it was smaller like no. It was the suit was bigger than I than I thought it was going to be.

Oh Yeah Walmart Sizes Can Be

a bit um and this was. I was like. Oh a medium is big on me. I’m moving on up well. You have you do look pretty fly um can we talk about your shine.

Let Me Get This I Feel Like My

angle, but it’s the chord situ. It’s that that’s why I’m loving this um no you you introduced me flawlessly. I am I consider myself an activist. I do I feel like the term activist has gotten such a bad rap. It does but I it does have a bad rap but um but there aren’t too many.

I Mean So Im.

a survivor advocate for those affected by human trafficking advocates different than an activist and I’m also a survivor of trafficking and I also am an activist that’s how I that’s how I perceive myself because there aren’t too many. I don’t know how else to say it. I mean no I don’t know let’s put it this way when you have this much passion let’s look up the term activists and let’s see if I if my let’s do it but I perceive my you know what I mean because maybe I’m not but um activist, a proponent or a practitioner of activism. I don’t like that doesn’t say anything I hate these definitions that that doesn’t say that it’s just the thing Two.

One Who Is Aggressively Active On

behalf of a cause girl come on one who is politically active in the role of a citizen, especially one who campaigns for change again. These are vague what does Wikipedia have to say Activism consists of efforts to promote, impede direct or intervene in social political economic or environmental reform within the desire to make changes in society toward perceived greater good forms of activism range from mandate building in the community petitioning elected officials running or contributing to a political campaign preferential patronage. This is so boring patience of businesses, administrative forums of activism rallies, street marches, strikes, sit,-ins, hunger strikes, hunger strikes, don’t they call that intermittent fasting now is quickly still in the chat. I like eggs I I. Send Kriegler a link to join in later but um if he’s still here follow me back and I can hook him up when you go live.

Im Sure He Hes About Ready

to pop on his show, but he could come in for a second get pop on this show yeah, why not pop on you know I know that you know maybe biola. I’m no biologist. I don’t so I don’t know if Krigler is a woman or not who’s to say you know yeah that’s happening. I’m gonna pull this article up from the New York post. I don’t know have you been if any of you guys have been following along.

I Guess This Was Bidens Pick Um That

he was really just hell-bent on confirming a black woman to the Supreme Court and I guess he didn’t care who he’s just like it’s got to. A black woman, so as Judge Jackson declines to define woman says that she’s not a biologist Conservatives were shocked and outraged Wednesday after Judge Kintaji Contangy I’m ruining this pronunciation. Contangi Brown Jackson, the first black woman nominated the Supreme Court refused to define the word woman on the grounds that as she put it I’m not a biologist. Jackson made the comment during a Tuesday exchange with Senator Marcia Blackburn, a Republican from Tennessee.

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Chrissy Mayer’s new album is still for sale live from January 6th . She says she’ll be in atlantic city with comedians of the compound April, 22nd and 23rd . She’ll be headlining in Jersey again at Tiff’s in Morris Plains on May 14th come to that I believe We’re working on a show in Michigan” target=”_blank” rel=”noreferrer noopener”>Grand Rapids, Michigan for July for June so Yeah. I’d also love to get back to Nashville, but yeah whatever cities you guys want me to come to tweet at me instagram at me any venues that don’t require wax papers.& I definitely want to come. I think We’re also working on getting you back to Long Island Yeah as well as Hartford Connecticut and working on finalizing another date for you in September for Savannah . We’ll do another southern run in the early fall, Oh can’t. It felt really neat kind of like I was doing a ted talk, but Yeah appreciate all the friday night tights fan ….. Click here to read more and watch the full video