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Hello Welcome To Another Episode Of The Mirror Podcast

We are on itunes Youtube, Spotify and Soundcloud and if you’re listening to us on itunes right now please leave a five-star review. I got a bunch of dates coming up comedy dates coming up and they are scrolling below me here. I’ll be in Atlantic City, New Jersey. The the one and only atlantic City April 22nd and 23rd with comedians of the compound. These will be Anthony Cooney’s birthday shows so everyone’s gonna get pretty blacked out get your tickets now It’s gonna be at the Clarence Hotel in Atlantic City.

Then On May 14Th, Ill Be

headlining Tiff‘s in Morris Plains, New Jersey, then I actually just had some dates added today. September 8th I’ll be in Austin, Texas. I I believe that will be at the Cap City Comedy Club and then September 14th I’ll be in philly pa. I believe at the helium club so um as soon as those tickets are available. I will have them on my website, but without further Ado I am so excited to have this guy on he’s an immune an autoimmune expert, a detox expert.

Hes A Healthy Healthy Man Um

james Doctor Dr James Wang I’m saying it wrong yeah it’s okay it’s Dr Huang Huang bleep yeah. I have you know I have like one Asian friend so really I I’m not able to pronounce things as I should I’m so good um dr James it’s so funny like I don’t even have that many friends who are doctors so I even like feel awkward calling you a doctor because I look I look at you and I go. We’re the same I mean other than the Asian thing I go we’re probably the same age you know probably like you know I mean like we’re just people but like you’re you’re a bleep doctor man like I don’t know enough doctors but we met this october in Nashville at the medical freedom rally. I think it was called the truth about cancer live and it was my first time to Nashville Tennessee. It was at the beautiful gaylord Opryland Hotel and Convention Center.

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It Was Pretty Amazing And Then We

bumped into each other. I forget at one point. I think I saw I saw you like being like a sneaky camerawoman and like you know and then you’re trying to document everything that was how was it yeah. I was being very sneaky. I was running around with a selfie stick.

I Was Like I Dont Know.

What’s happening here? But I have to cover this convention because we well, who are the keynote speech speakers Roger Stone was there Karen Turk was there a lot of people from like the sort of like health niche of the world, which I and I literally just the other day. Throughout the paperwork. I got from that convention because I’m kind of I have hoarder tendencies and so I was hanging on to these pamphlets from this convention, Like who knows but I’ll need to use this old discount code, but I just threw everything out the other day so I can’t even remember like the keynote speakers, but I want to know how you got to how you found your way to the convention okay. I want to hear your origin story.

Oh Man Okay, I Need To

grab this book real quick is under your belt. Grab it go grab it Yeah pretty much it’s because I’m all into chemtrails. You know so that’s why and so yes. I was like. I was like what’s going on in the world and why is there all these like crazy stuff in the air hold on it’s gonna be a little dark for a second.

Ive Always Like Ive Always Noticed

the the chemtrails and like some some at first I was like well. Maybe they’re just clouds cloud stripes look at you are you at work right now wow it’s a long day that’s why this is how dedicated I am to you damn it’s what’s your commute like back home. Oh it’s like 20 minutes not far okay yeah, so you can see this is the office. They got a couple of tables are you like a chiropractor look at these little beds. I do I.

Do A Lot Of Things Including

um you know working with the joints and all that but I also detox and do a lot of neurology. A lot of fixing the brain tuning people up. I always give the analogy of the bizarre car, but we’ll go into that later but I just want to show you this is oh grab the wrong book whoops if you show me like just show me any random book James I’ll be here I gotta grab I gotta grab the actual look. I have look at all the books that I have look D D d look at all my books and look at the pile of papers Yikes how embarrassing this is this is the book right here you have to have this book so if you don’t have facebook it’s time for you to buy it because they were selling they’re. selling this this book monumental myths of the modern medical mafia and the mainstream media and the multitude of lying liars that manufacture them while it’s.

Oh Its By Ty Bollinger, Who Is

one of the founders. I guess or he was hosting he was hosting Yeah He’s the man so it’s called monument to myth. Let me let me pop this into my amazon right now you don’t want to get on amazon. You want to get it right get it on goodreads or get it on the website There right here Mythbusters miss myth shoot I’m not good at this camera thing Mythbustersbook. com Okay yeah that’s where you want to go good that’s Mythbustersbook.

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Com Okay Im Here Im Here So The

craziest thing is my wife already she’s had this book since it was like originally printed and um and that’s what’s so wild is that we did. She had it just in her stash and I somehow was asking about I don’t even remember, but I was I was talking about all the conspiracy theories that are probably in here. There’s a lot of stuff in here and she’s like you got to read this book. So I so I bust out this book and then I think I started following ty and then on instagram and then I think he got deleted or censored but um but then another one of my patients was like are you going to the truth about cancer in tennessee like and she was like I’m going the craziest thing is that they ended up not going but I ended up. I ended up they didn’t go so um that’s how I ended up there and I had no idea.

I Just Knew It Was Going To

be really like amazing. And especially since Tai has covered all these topics in this book that I was always intrigued by or like totally interested in and also afraid of I’m a freedom fighter. If you know what that means you know like I’m sure everybody and get your American flag There okay patriots. I mean there was a ton of patriots. There too it was like it was like Yeah.

It Was Like A Trifecta Or Whatever It

was It really was it felt like a patriot festival I was just like I forgot the reason why we were there at times I’d be like Oh it’s like medical freedom right right it’s like you hear the truth. You hear the truth about cancer. You think oh this is going to be a very cancer-focused convention um but it really wasn’t it was just about people like yeah medical freedom basically like. Know this was October so everyone’s kind of you know the the jab is sort of top of mind and it was. This was one of the few events that you could go to that You didn’t need a vax being from New York.

I Was Excited To Go Be

part of something that you didn’t need to show proof of vacs to be let in the door so that was good that’s so neat so did you actually speak with ty bollinger It was tough. I went up to him right in the beginning. . I think when they were kind of getting things sorted, but I chatted with him a little bit shook his hand. Got a photo and I was pretty stoked and chatting with Charlene and I met a lot of people.

I Mean Im Sure You Did Too.

I mean I’m like everyone in. The media room and I got interviewed by a couple other I guess channels and I I thoroughly enjoyed it and all my people were there. It was like my people. You know.

I Dont Know Yeah, It Felt That

way to me too like Oh. These are my people right so this is truth about cancer. Oh my God. I kind of like missed it already it was fun. I I really wanted to get all the like free samples and stuff.

It Was Just Great People.

They’re talking about like exciting supplements and I know a lot of you are gonna hear this and be like this sounds like bleep like I just I know what a lot of you guys are thinking you’re like Oh is this like astrology. It’s like no. I think what happened was like either Charlene or ty like half of. Their family just like died from cancer and it got them very intrigued about the whole thing like causes prevention treatments and like in this country.

I Know For Sure Like The Default

like my mom had brain cancer and like the default is really just like yeah, We send you to get chemo that’s the deal they kind of really they kind of discourage you from pursuing any other path and most people end up just dying from the treatment. I think yeah it’s all it’s actually all in here you just open that chapter on I think it’s on chemotherapy I don’t know if that’s so we can find it but that’s that’s a and there’s also a book called the truth about cancer which I also have, which is really dense. It’s super dense like all right. My favorite chapter is chapter five, which is about chemtrails.

Yes, How Did You Get Intrigued By

Chemtrails well the first I’d say first of all. I I love sunsets and in beautiful landscapes. I go to tahoe all the time, but also you can just drive up a hill or drive to the beach and you see a beautiful sunset but in 2020 you know all everything shut down and I was still going to work. Though I didn’t shut down.


I’m like essential worker so I kept going and I kept doing it what’s your work exactly you are What would you call yourself a detox detox man Yes do you do neurological tweaks Yes I do okay. I’ll explain that so basically. I like to keep it simple.

I Call Myself More Of A

holistic doctor and I treat the body as a as like like it’s like a car so if you think about your. Car it’s got physical parts so that’s the muscles joints, ligaments, tissue, skin, fascia, bone, so I and I can treat every joint in the body. So I have a background all of that stuff so it’s like physical therapy chiropractic acupuncture, all of that all mixed into one.


The Mirror podcast is on itunes Youtube, Spotify and Soundcloud and if you’re listening to itunes right now please leave a five-star review . I got a bunch of dates coming up comedy dates and they are scrolling below me here . I’ll be in Atlantic City, New Jersey. April 22nd and 23rd will be Anthony Cooney’s birthday shows so everyone’s gonna get pretty blacked out get your tickets now . On May 14th, he’ll be headlining Tiff’s in Morris Plains New Jersey, then on September 8th, in Austin, Texas. September 14th will be in philly pa.& I will have them on my website, but without further Ado I am so excited to have this guy on he’s an immune an autoimmune expert, a detox expert. I even feel awkward calling you a doctor because I look I look at you and I go.& We’re the same I mean other than the Asian thing I go we’re probably the same…. Click here to read more and watch the full video