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This Is About To Be Red Head

overload. I hope you’re prepared guys because I usually it’s just me the lone ginger on this show because I don’t know if you guys can handle more than one ginger so hopefully some of you have been listening for a couple years. You’ve done your stretches. Maybe you have a drink nearby. I don’t know if you can handle this show but we’re gonna see we have to do it .

I Have Been A Fan Of This

girl for so so long she is the ultimate ginger. She has received so many awards. She’s been nominated for so many awards all over the place from Avian to Xbiz to Xrco Initials of things that you guys haven’t even heard of she’s everywhere she’s. best she’s an adult film star She’s gorgeous Lauren Phillips welcome to the show. This is a ginger overload Hey Oh it’s because you still have sunlight where you are yeah, I’m in los I guess okay Oh yes Vegas is the best I love Vegas my sister lives there.

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It Always Feels Like A Vacation In

Vegas do you ever feel like you get sick of it because sometimes people are like Oh two three days in vegas that’s enough I’m done well I live here so it’s it’s definitely different when you live somewhere, but I don’t usually go out onto the strip too much. I you know I’m a jersey girl so I like more of greener pastures so like I kind of stay where it’s not as busy. I guess you would say or congested or anything like that but you know it’s it’s the city. of sin so obviously I like to have some fun it’s fun it is and I love that you’re from Jersey did you and I want to get a little bit of your origin story for those who don’t know you you actually started on Chatterbait as just a cam model. Your fans were loving you they couldn’t get enough did they actually convince you to get into the adult industry.

No No This Is A Poorly Written

bio okay good so um I actually was a professional dancer. I went to a college Rutgers_University” target=”_blank” rel=”noreferrer noopener”>Rutgers University in New Jersey. Violence at Rutgers yeah that’s a good school and I was a performing art major. So I was a dance major and I went there and I was a professional dancer for five years and I started losing the love for my art because I was watching a lot what are. You doing modern dance and jazz? So I was part of two modern companies.

On Top Of I Was A Backup

dancer, a backup dancer for a Tina Turner impersonator, Wow My mom was obsessed with Tina Turner, so I like I know all the songs when it comes to Tina Turner like like the back of my hands. I love that boomers love Tina Turner. I mean everyone should love Tina Turner who doesn’t love Tina Turner um so what happened was I was working a lot because I was also a dance teacher and that’s kind of how you do it on top of being a nanny like. I you have to work multiple jobs to stay like afloat and I just started losing the love and one of my dancer friends was like Lauren you’d be great as a porn star. I was like h I never.

Thought Of That Like Youre Just Like

Oh could I it’s it’s amazing that’s that’s actually like the thought I had was. Oh, I never thought of it because I never thought of myself as someone’s fantasy , but I was always open sexually like a lot of my friends like would come to me for to talk about their sex life because they it was a non–judgment zone for me and so I did some research and like to make a long story short when I figured out that I could have sex in front of people. I packed up my car right on the new year’s day drove the 16 hours to Florida. Not knowing where the bleep I was going to live. Am.

I Allowed To Curse Sorry Yes

go for it. They say I learned I learned with Youtube like after the first 10 minutes. Don’t care as much okay we’re almost there so um I actually did three amateur pro-pro videos or scenes whatever you want to call them and um. The two were released the second one. The third one wasn’t thank God and that’s When I decided I was like well.

How Am I Gonna Stand Out All These

girls. How oh, How am I gonna stand out, but how many redheads are there really I mean you already stand out at that time. There was like several like that maybe not like maybe like a handful you know we had like penny pack you had kendra James see. I think Siri was in at that time like there was a handful and I was like well. How am I going to stand out like and also redheads being a ginger is a very specific niche, so I need to make.

Sure That What Am I Going To

do to make? Even though I’m a specific niche that people are going to want to see me. So I decided to start camping when I was in Florida and I did that for two and a half years. I was just gonna build up my fan base until I saved up enough money and was like you know what I’m ready to move to la and that’s kind of how I did it is that I saved up enough money and I was like h. I think I’m ready for la and I just what what drew you to Florida Initially um well. I knew that they shot porn there okay so and also I like you know I’m from New Jersey.

So Im Dealing With So Many

of us. These coasters end up in Florida at some point yeah yeah I. Actually love Florida. I lived in the Tampa area and I actually I love it There. I love it so much that I bought a house there this year so that I can go there thank you.

I Was Just In Tampa Like What Is

it April Yeah. I think I was there in march um to Tampa hung out with some friends in orlando But yeah I did the side splitters in Tampa so yeah Florida’s great um my dad lives down there and other things that are fun to do so that’s so neat yeah. I know that the swinging community is very pop in there so yes yes lauren yes. There were like 10 swingers at my show in Tampa and I was just like it was kind of hilarious and awesome because I love finding patterns within a crowd. You know if there’s anybody who has.

Anything In Common, Its So Much Fun To

play with, but I was like Oh just just clap if you met your significant other at a sex party and like all these people were clapping, they’re a freaky crowd. It’s a freaky town. I’m all about it though I think that’s great because I think it’s just it’s so easy. You have to keep the conversation of sex afloat even if you’ve been with somebody a long time even if you’re married the second that shuts off things get stale people get resentful people start looking around and it’s a I don’t know do you.


Chrissy Bayer has a couple of stand up dates to shout out this weekend April 22nd and 23rd . He’ll be with the comedians of the compound in Atlantic City come hang out with us get tickets at you’ll see myself Anthony Cumia, Gino, Bisconti, Aaron Berg, Pat Dixon, Don Jameson . I’ll be headlining in Jersey May 14th at Tiff‘s L house aka the dojo of comedy for tickets to that show go to my website got tons more dates coming up this fall, so I just can’t wait to continue making lulls all around the country . If you haven’t got my album yet check it out it’s still available on itunes and Amazon live from January 6.& I’ve been told it’s pretty funny but now a quick word from our sponsor guys. Check out my album here . We’ve all known at least one person who has made crazy money from Krypto…. Click here to read more and watch the full video