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So Hey Everybody My Name Is Frankie With Donald

your list of the sim cast with Chrissy Meyer. A few moments later, hey everyone it’s me Frankie McDonald. Somebody photoshopped the my face onto the crab. It’s totally false altogether. I’m not a crab liar You just had to push it didn’t you just had to keep asking questions.

Im A Real Person.

We are the crab people and somebody photoshopped my face on a crab. It’s not true at all it’s totally fake all together UK yeah now Lynn you’re really jumping in the deep end here tonight first timer and also co-chair of this event like what are you feeling right now how are you how are you feeling I I’m really excited you know I I agreed to co-chair one because I think it’s so important to support the met. So I Think we left in a burp by accident there um hello wow look at us everyone is here everyone is queer um it’s sending a happy mother’s day to everybody generally, but I guess specifically to the moms on this show. Lauren and Laurie are you a mom No bleep them all right yeah all right everyone else out of here.

This Is The Thing Southern Day Southern

day at my gym class. I was handed a mother’s day coupon for like a bleep you know yoga type brand and I was like does this count if I swallowed them can I still use it and she said yes so hooray we’re here um hello Britney Venti Hi Brittany is my poc delegate here Youtuber and she has a new Youtube channel called Saturday Supermodel which if you’re not subscribed what are you waiting for yeah idiots Yeah idiots get. On it get on it um we have popping her sim cast Cherry Today She is a triple threat, a futurist, a space and a science reporter Yes Her book I Human is available on Amazon Laurie Harfinis Hello, Hi am I lagging a little bit okay. I’m about to lose my mind. We’ve got crazy like background feedback boys.

I Thought That Is In My

mind but chat are saying it too I I literally just plugged this thing in I’ll get I’ll hop back on okay well. I guess we know who’s responsible Oh okay actually I don’t know if it was her I’m still hearing it. There’s like a it’s basically going to be like survivor. Everyone mute their mic like one at a time Ashton Oh it’s Ashton. I knew it why’d you know it why would it be Ashton I’m like why am I muting.

Myself I Always Have The Worst

mic issues. Oh, I’m sorry I’m on the road No comment well now that you’re bumped up into the next slot you may have seen her on content House. She has a new Youtube channel called Ashton the Slytherin Ashton Bertie Hello and welcome hi guys Yes you’re in a little corner. You’re like in a little bad girl corner. I’m I know I am I’m on the road right now we’re on a road trip so like I’m in a hotel right now it’s kind of sketchy there’s like this guy down the hallway from me and i’m I’m pretty sure he’s like having bleep fights in his room so animal or a body part either one.

I Dont Know Im Loving It Um What

kind of hotel are you in um it’s just like like a like a motel like it’s. Kind of like a trashy like because it’s just like a one night time of thing and we’re kind of like on the road. We’re trying to get to where we’re going so we’re driving all the way up the coast. I feel you. I I one time stood in an extended stay America and I learned like okay.

I Know I Dont Always Have To

stay in the cheapest hotel that I find yeah, I’m all for l I mean it’s better to live within your means Yeah sorry to bleep on your hotel first thing. I’m sure oh no please do because I’m pretty again. There’s some guy having a bleep fight telling two doors, please like blink twice if you’ve been kidnapped Yeah I like the whole like kidnapped vibe going on there my Mic is too low okay Oh my gosh. I’m loving the kidnapped aesthetic. yes happy mother’s day to our soul mother in the group author filmmaker Lauren Southern Welcome back and Bimbo now right absolutely what a day this morning with my son then at a spa day and now simp cast does it get any better.

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Of Course Its A Bad Day.

Oh my goodness that’s all the perks of being a mom that’s all the perks of not just swallowing all of my children Chrissy maybe you know maybe I’ll spit a couple back out a sad day sounds pretty good also someone in the chat someone in the chat said that I blamed Ashton because I think she’s dumb that’s not true there’s two reasons that the audio is her issue one she’s got one of those headphones where all you can hear is all the neck movement and like whatever bra you’re wearing you can hear everything with. Those headphones and two Ashton’s way too hot to understand technology like so much wow for putting in an a-plus for ever. I mean everybody’s short is great um lauren, so you what did you have done to you today A massage a face, you know massage got the nails done that whole ordeal they’re not Normally I’d get like long ones, but I’m trying to do Oh no it’s not going to focus is it come on camera I have a sperm Oh There we go just a little sparkle sparkle yeah, Oh and Star wars girls nails mine are really bad. I’m not going to show them.

Oh No Its Okay Just Show

us your feet. No I’m just kidding just kidding um viewership doubled so happy to have you here again and of course last but not least artist Youtuber sweater wearing hottie and a star wars. It’s cold hello and recent blue check mark. Of course, I didn’t even think you would show up. I thought you would be invited to some blue check Mark party or something I joined you know Lauren over here with the blue check marks recently on Star Wars day was it was it because you published or like what was the reason they finally went through with you.


It is there’s an echo is that me dude. It’s a dream full of women. No one understands how to set up their audio. It’s a disaster of this like all the tech issues and random woman moments.

We Have Yeah I Have An Excuse.

I’ve been traveling. So I literally just like unpacked my bleep like a couple hours ago. Your audio is actually fine it’s just you’re lagging it’s like you can only get one of three right. or two of three Should I I should try to fix it right and come back.

I Hate Lagging.

I don’t know we don’t think it’s you but I also don’t know who it is. This is gonna be like a game of clue. You know I’ve got it sorted out listen I’ve got all my cards sorted out. Ashton is the audio issues.

Im Lagging Rorys Lagging That Star Wars

girl is slightly out of focus. I’m not I’m coming back Oh my camera’s inside it’s never going to be crispy you’re actually doing okay you you passed this time. Oh now I’m out of focus why don’t I pass I just said you’re insane. I love you in a good way but you pass you pass on the tech tech stuff somehow. I don’t know how did you do that I have a um guy to be fair.

If I Needed Assistance, So She Has A

man She has a man helping her um start Anna were you like immediately Are you immediately given access to Chrissy Teigen, What is it like to be a blue check mark was there who’s Chrissy Teigen, Oh my God. I love you you’re you’re so lucky you don’t know she’s awful. She’s just a dumb famous bleep she’s so dumb. Why is she famous so okay she can’t take a joke like if you say like an obvious piece no I think she blocked me like years ago. Oh bleep because I remember somebody was fighting with her about something and I couldn’t see who it was so it’s funny because like she gets mad at like things that are obvious jokes and that’s why she came after me a few years ago and she just like Oh.

This Is The You The Dis You

went to Disneyland Yeah right on you Okay. I made a joke about about a planned parenthood tweet and then Chrissy. Teigen thought I was being serious about wanting a mag of Disney Princess and she like went off on it and like she’s The reason I went viral actually with that tweet so but she’s Christy shout out to Chrissy Teigen thanks Chrissy. I want to get to a couple of old old super chats um. These are from let’s see the last live premiere It’s okay we’ll figure it out um if she just has her camera turned off like that’ll because we only really need to hear her maybe the lag will catch up after a while okay wait.

I Do Want To Know Anna

why did you like how did you did you get published was it the whole. Thing no no no so I mean they did in that article about Lizzo, but um I went to go log into Twitter and it was like this on Twitter and Instagram. Instagram wouldn’t let me log in until I gave them my birthdate, which on Instagram. I’m 437 years old and then on Twitter. It at it said I had to fill out the verification thing and so I just did it so I could log in and then three days later.

I Got The Little Check Mark

but it’s. I didn’t put any articles all I had to do was link my Youtube channel and then I put the about section because it has to have like a link to your Twitter and then I just typed in my Google trends which I didn’t know was a thing and then it approved me so that’s all you have. to do now thanks Elon yeah thanks Elon um a couple of old super chats. I want to get to from Gabriel Knight Chrissy please do a show in Indy Cincy Louisville or Nashville You’re one of the best comedians around keep up the good work well.

I Guess Gabriel Hasnt Been Out Much No

I’m kidding thank you Gabriel from as a thoth so nice to have lila tonight Brittler seems kind of down maybe she’s pmsing or something oh none of that accusing woman of pmsing because there’s pms even we’re just crazy all the time shut the bleep up honestly more adventure Super chat train Choo Choo and from orange red. He just wrote Beanies, which is cryptic but thank you so much drowning Clowns a super sticker of a yellow man with maracas and I bless the reins down in Africa you ladies sound lovely okay. I think we were singing that song at some point, um I want to shout out a couple of dates.


Frankie McDonald says he’s not a crab liar . Britney Venti is a Youtuber and Brittany is my poc delegate here . Laurie Harfinis is a futurist, a space and a science reporter . Brittany Venti has a new Youtube channel called Saturday Supermodel which if you’re not subscribed what are you waiting for yeah idiots get on it.& Lauren and Laurie are you a mom No bleep them all right yeah all right everyone else out of here.& I’m about to lose my mind. I literally just plugged this thing in I’ll get I’ll hop back on okay well.& So I Think we left in a burp by accident there there um hello wow look at us everyone is here everyone is Queer and it’s sending a happy mother’s day to everybody generally, but I guess specifically to the moms on this show.& We’ve got crazy like background feedback boys. No bleeping them all … I thought that is in my mind…. Click here to read more and watch the full video