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Pat I Dont Know If You Listen

to the Megan Kelly show um yesterday Stu did you. I did hear a good chunk of it. Yeah Yeah I listened to all of it this morning When I I got up it is incredible. It is the story of the guy that Don Lemon assaulted in a Hamptons bar Oh wow and you know I I think I’ve read something about this but not a lot. It’s been around for several months and or several years.

Actually It Happened Years Ago

but you’re not hearing anything when you heard anything about Fox It was everywhere it was everywhere. But this guy’s protected and UK is protecting him and I want you to hear the accusation and there are several witnesses of it. So we know this did happen and it’s true this guy walks in his name is Dustin Heiss. He walks into this bar in the Hamptons. He’s a bartender.

He Has The Night Off His Boss

is with him. They go into this bar. He seized on Lemon. They’re walking by and he’s like Hey Don let me buy you a couple of drinks how about some lemon drops and Don Lemon said hey man I’m just trying to be left alone and he’s like cool sorry and walks away. He’s standing at the bar a few minutes later.

Like 15 Or 30 Minutes Later, Don Lemon

walks up to him in the bar and I’m gonna let him describe what happened. So I walk around the bar and about five minutes goes by and he walks and he comes around the bar and comes up to me and he says pardon my language, but he says do you like me is that why you’re with. me and I said No I just wanted to say what’s up and I was just like what’s this guy’s problem and um I looked at my boss and in that moment he puts his hand down his pants and starts aggressively. Can you start that over and you’re talking about Don go ahead yes so after he says are you do you like me Is that why you’re effing with me and I said No just wanted to say what’s up man and I look at my boss and I look back and he has his hand in his pants rubbing himself aggressively and he shoves his two fingers up underneath my mustache thrusts my head back and says do you like push your dick. He said it like two or three times after that and I just said what the hell man and I just ran out the back door so forgive my indelicate question, But when you say he put his hands down his his pants.

What Kind Of Pants Was He

wearing and how do you know what he was doing in there well he was wearing shorts and I mean it was pretty obvious to everybody that saw him what he did he was just rubbing himself and you know with impunity just pushed his hands up under my face enough to thrust my head back okay stop so this guy runs out of the bar. He doesn’t do anything except leaves the bar. He leaves with his boss and they’re just standing outside and he’s like I’m just like shocked. He said and it’s reminded me of me when we. had an incident wasn’t sexual in nature, but it was a violent incident and I when it happened.

I Said Exactly What He Did Did

did that just happen right Yeah I was hit by a guy and I’m like was I just hit by an adult that’s what I said to Pat um the same thing that’s what he said he’s like did this just happen and he’s like yeah and he’s like should I go back in and say something or do something he’s like no man leave it alone right so well and as he points out in the interview, what is it what happens to that story if he goes back in and punches him in the face. Oh He’s right he’s a homophobe racist racist. All these things he’s going they’re going to lose in the intersectionality battle there Yeah, so he just leaves and. He then the next day he’s at his bar because he’s a bartender and Jimmy. Fallon is at the bar and they’re.

You Know Jimmy Is Apparently A Very Nice

guy and knows everybody and and he was talking to him and one of the guys said hey did you hear what happened to Dustin with Don Lemon I Last night. He’s like no and they start telling him the story and Fallon looks at him and goes Geez why would he what I’m sorry that happened that’s interesting because in theory he would be able to testify that that story was told in the next the next day. Yeah and this is by the way the Hamptons, so you know lots of rich people, lots of celebrities, celebrities and they’re all protecting themselves. Seems like a bizarre situation where like Don Lemon’s in a bar one night and Jimmy. Fallon’s in the next night, but that’s somewhat regular in that area and and it is a very tight Community.

One Guy Spoke Out In His Defense

and his employer found out about it and they fired him. He was a private Chef for some celebrity and they heard that he had spoken out against on Lemon and fired him for it. Jesus this guy. He said at first I didn’t know what to do I just kind of laughed about it. He said, but as the summer went on I’ve became the laughing stock of the community said every bar I walked into there like hey how about a couple of lemon drops and he was constantly mocked about it and I don’t know if it was necessarily mocking like making fun of him, but eating up a bad incident in her life want to be known as that.

Guy And And Also He Talks

about it. He said you know I felt you know afterwards. I felt like my manhood was challenged and as somebody who is a a lifetime weenie. I can tell you that I don’t have the ability to punch back. I mean if somebody was like doing that to me.

I It Wouldnt Even Occur To Me To

punch back because or to punch because I don’t. I don’t even know how to I think I would hurt my hand. This is why I would carry a gun right. It is it’s what I would throw a punch and I know I would be like ow and everybody who witnessed it would go that’s how you throw a punch okay we’ve seen you throw a ball yeah, what we said to you about that okay so it’s really bad and as somebody who has. You know? Doesn’t have a lot of masculinity in the first place because of things like that and made fun of as a kid that would really bother me walking out and then not doing it and then everybody going like you know you’re the lemon drop.

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It Would Have Bothered Me That I

didn’t do anything well. He said he was trying to get past it until he heard Don Lemon give this monologue. There is no standard way survivors talk about sexual assault. It isn’t always a police phone call and a rape kit or a report filed with UK. Sometimes they don’t talk at all for years even decades.

Sometimes A Little Comes Out In

a conversation with a friend, a partner or a doctor and sometimes it comes out all at once. Why is it so hard to talk about well part of it is fear. And part of it is doubt Will I be believed will I be blamed? Will I have evidence do I have to relive what happened. Will everyone judge me and if I speak out will it even matter. People are tricky characters innocent until proven guilty must remain the law of the land.

But At The Same Time Some

guilty people do cloak themselves in innocence. Remember after all Bill Cosby was America‘s dad not so long ago are we interested in truth are we interested in healing or is there is there always seems to be these days a political game being played with people’s lives okay. So he said I could incredible I couldn’t do it. Oh yeah he’s like this guy is making him he said he had to move away from the Hamptons. He moved back to Florida.

Hes Like I Couldnt Take It

anymore, and I just wanted to start my life over again and so he moved back and he said then that monologue happened and he’s like this guy is holding himself up as being the pillar of virtue and the metoo movement against sexual harassment and that’s what he did to me and he’s and so his lawyers came up with a hundred sorry 1.5 million dollars to sue him civilly and he said in it it’s not about the money because she said is there anything you would settle for and he said it would have to start with an apology and an admission of guilt. He said that’s all I want is that I did that and it was wrong and I apologize and that’s the one thing Lemon’s not willing to do UK is smearing. Dustin yeah and I just I. Just I think this is a really important story for a couple of reasons.

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It’s a horrible story for for Dustin Heiss, and it’s an important story that these people can’t sweep these celebrities. What’s the difference between this and and what’s his name The guy in Hollywood that did it for all those years and everybody knew Harvey Harvey Weinstein well no no no no I know I know on the levels, but sure their responsibility they know this guy. They know Don Lemon has done this and they’re protecting him because he’s part of their group Okay it’s the same thing when people see things and they’re in their group. They don’t say anything so me too means nothing.

The Second Thing Is This Is

UK protecting Don Lemon Cuomo and Jeffrey Tubin. It is becoming a a sick sexual Club. It does seem to be the. I don’t know if it’s the price to get in Maybe it’s like one of those situations it’s it’s pretty creepy I have one other quick detail here. Glenn I don’t know if Pat if you heard this either.

He Said That Don Lemon Has Already

offered him five hundred thousand dollars for this to go away wow so like that was really compelling evidence that this did happen Oh yeah we know what’s going on it did happen You know it’s such a weird and sick thing to do to somebody that you know he didn’t start with that that didn’t just that wasn’t the first time it happened. He said anybody that acts like that in public within without any fear of what it might do to somebody or the consequences it might have that’s a pattern yep he’s done it before he’s done something similar we’re talking. about arrogance Yeah the arrogance the arrogance of Cuomo on night after night after night talking as a hero and a champion of women when he has sexual harassed a a boss. As soon as she wasn’t his boss she he harassed her um.


Don Lemon allegedly assaulted Dustin Heiss in a Hamptons bar . Heiss says Don Lemon put his hand down his pants and started aggressively . The bartender says Lemon asked him to buy him a couple of drinks and he said he was just trying to be left alone . He says Lemon said hey man I’m just trying to leave alone and he’s like cool sorry and walks away . Pat I don’t know if you listen to the Megan Kelly show um yesterday Stu did you? Stu says he listened to all of it this morning and it’s incredible. It’s been around for several months and or several years. But this guy’s protected and UK is protecting him and I want you to hear the accusation and there are several witnesses of it. It was everywhere it was everywhere. It is incredible. I want to hear what he said. Don Lemon said. He said it happened. He says it happened years ago. I’m not hearing anything when you heard anything about Fox…. Click here to read more and watch the full video