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Cnn Has Some Breaking News For You China Lied

about their coronavirus numbers who would have thought certainly not us and more Democrat lawmakers are caught breaking their own lockdown rules and Al Sharpton tries to call out President Trump and his quote cronies about their crimes, but apparently forgot about his own tax history. We’ve got all that much more coming up and it starts right now Hey there welcome to the news and why it matters. I’m Hillary Kennedy filling in for Sarah Gonzalez while she is out on maternity leave with me today Mr. Glenn Beck host of the Glenn Brack program thanks for being here and of course rob eno our blaze Tv media critic thank you for being here all right so China lied the Communist I can’t even believe that I am really I mean this is crazy crazy what they did I I. I didn’t even think I could go on after I read this I’ve had so much faith in China all these years, but apparently CnN has uncovered something huge.

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They Found A Trove Of Leaked Internal

documents from China that just moved just now just now Yes this is just two weeks ago. They found this yesterday right just now. They reported on this yesterday that China did under report their coveted numbers. Here is a clip we have some breaking news for you in our world lead. CnN has obtained leaked documents from inside China documents that reveal the missteps and the chaos of the Chinese government’s early response to the coronavirus pandemic.

The Documents Are From Hubei Province

home to the city of Wan, where the pandemic is thought to have started. They show authorities released misleading public data on the number of deaths and the number of cases they took on average three weeks to diagnose a new case and much more okay so that’s not even all oh, but wait. May I just comment on this part for those of us who said that was bigger than what China was saying and that they were silencing people remember we were banned so you were fact-checking yeah we were factual and there was a little thing that was put over your face that said that’s right this might be false information do you still want to read it correct but it turns out we were the ones that were right can’t trust a country that has killed 90 million of their own people that’s hard to believe isn’t it well. In this report they describe how these leaked documents provide key. About China under reporting We’ll listen to that the documents provide a number of key revelations about the province of Hubei home to the epicenter city of Wan.

Firstly, Some Of The Death Tolls

were off the worst day in these reports is February the 17th where they say 196 people who were confirmed cases died, but that day they only announced 93. what China was also circulating internally bigger more detailed totals for new cases in Hubei for one day in February recording internally nearly 6 000 new cases. Some diagnosed by tests others clinically by doctors and some suspected because of symptoms and contacts but all pretty serious yet publicly. That day China reported nationwide about 2500 new confirmed cases. The rest were downplayed back in April, President Trump said You know I, we believe that they are their numbers seem to be a little bit on the.

Light Side And Im Being Very

nice when I say that may I manner up because I just was handed some breaking news from CnN. Apparently Hitler did kill a lot of Jews It’s amazing I didn’t know that this is just handed to me. It’s on some leaked information. Oh my gosh yeah. I mean that’s that’s how crazy this is they they are they are I swear to you.

It Is Like We Live In

a parallel universe and somehow or another. We all remember what the truth is. We all remember what normal is these guys. Don’t remember that at all they don’t they and they they do it with a straight face all the time now that this is coming out. Oh and have you heard the New York times not making this up The New York Times the Daily just went on and said you.

Know We Havent Really Talked About The

economy it seems in years, and we thought we’d take a look at the economy. It’s surprisingly doing well that was like five days after the election, and they said it without any self-awareness and gee. I wonder why it’s been maybe four years since you’ve talked about the economy completely insane. We can believe the CnN guy now because he’s British right so as long as somebody British is talking. We can’t believe the numbers it’s nice and soothing it’s it’s smarter, but I mean the fact that the China‘s like you said if you said anything about China lying if you said we can’t believe their numbers if you said whatever you said you’d either lack context yeah that’s one of their favorite ones.

Theyre Like Its Partly True You

are an anti-china conspiracy theorist and you just don’t know what. About if you use common sense at all the media paints you to be a liar and they have for well only if you’re a conservative, a libertarian or a Republican. If you’re somebody else they don’t and I mean it’s just amazing to me China like puts people in camps now right they put people in actual concentration camps yet we’re supposed to believe everything they say well they put them they put they they use these these uyghurs for labor and they they teach them new skills like making Nike tennis shoes which Nike doesn’t have a problem with Nike is actually fighting against the anti–ugur slavery laws here in America that that there’s going through bipartisan support. Hey let’s not buy things made by slaves here’s this oh so pious and and really wide awake company of Nike saying well let’s slow down with that I mean. know when you say no products made by slaves? You don’t really mean like tennis shoes do you Oh my gosh have you have you been to Western China glenn it’s pretty desolate.

Theyre Just Trying To Make It A Better

place that’s all they’re trying to do well. I will say that some people did finally call Cnn out on this Donald Trump Jr said CnN finally realizes China lied 10 months later someone else exclusive China lies CnN shocked that was from Team Trump. Social media. They come out with this now is because it’s not about Donald Trump. This was important for them to take the line for China because the opposite would have been that I agree with Donald Trump now that there’s no Donald Trump that’s going to stand in their way.

Now Theyre Like Oh You Know Lets Look

into that again it’s been. The it’s been the entire entirety of 2020 Right. We had the the study comes out last week that oh hydroxychloroquine with zinc and yeah azithromycin and a little bit of vitamin D well. It did save people’s lives Yeah like that just comes out all of a sudden right after the election Fauci yesterday, saying you know there’s some really good compelling arguments maybe we should put our kids back into schools really wow that’s that’s a vaccine three days. I remember I’m old enough to remember that when Donald Trump said we will have a vaccine this year it will be approved.

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Within Weeks.

We should be able to distribute it within weeks and like eight weeks is weeks. There were fact checks that said that he claimed that without evidence he’s the president of the United States that has been talking to these companies and his team. has been talking to these companies give him the benefit of the doubt my friends keep saying there’s 25 000 Donald Trump lies twenty-four thousand, nine hundred of them were somebody’s opinions right you know what I mean they were fact check it’s ridiculous the the thing with with the Pfizer. I I think Pfizer.

I Think Thats Criminal What They Did.

I really do think that’s criminal they knew it they held it they let biden know before they let the press or anybody else know I mean we should check to see if the bidens made a an investment in Pfizer the night before they announced it. But here’s the president he’s talking to Pfizer. He knows he he knows exactly what’s going on They intentionally hold it back to sway the election it is criminal just criminal it is it’s awful do you think that anybody’s. Going to look at this report from CnN and think that it’s actual breaking news.

Oh, I Think Theres A Lot

of people did you talk about the Jews and Hitler that I just announced I mean that’s breaking news too. There’s a lot of people in this country that only believe what the media tells them and believed what China said because they just only believe what the media tells them. It’s a problem, but I think that there will be some people. I mean I don’t know if it’s a large amount have you seen the ratings of CnN They haven’t been great lately they’re in the toilet. They’re in the toilet um and they’re going to be sold.

They Will Be Sold Theres No Way

that at t They own it now right 18 right around the corner Yeah I I can’t I can’t imagine that at t is looking at that investment and going well that’s going well well. They bought warner media for HBo for all for all of those things for the the mortar catalog for DC comics for all of that they did not buy it for CnN right which means they can also peel it away and sell it for scrap right. I mean it’s it’s television news is going down crapper and CnN is not long thank goodness for us Yeah all right so while we’re talking about China there’s a Chinese sociologist Dr Lee Yi. He recently delivered some remarks where he declared that it’s only a matter of time before China overtakes the United States and effectively puts an end. To it, he said the Us will not survive will drive the U.

S To Its Death.

We’re going to overtake the United States. In 2027. he said God created Kova 19 and spread it to every country in the world. It’s bad for Europe and America, but it’s beneficial for North Korea and China.

Now Here Theres Something Interesting.

He said we have 4 000 dead right but if 4 000 Chinese die versus 220 000 in the United States we haven’t really lost a single person have we well other than the 4 000 has he read the leaked documents from CnN. Apparently he’s missed that because he thinks that China only lost 4 000 people, and also believes that North Korea hasn’t had a single case of corona virus. I mean this is the thing that that strikes me about the media and about where we are as a country and about my my leftist friends. They don’t think China is a big problem.

My Libertarian Friends Too Want To Keep

trading with them. But they don’t think that this is a problem. We have a man that we know his son flew on a plane.


CNN has some breaking news for you . China lied about their coronavirus numbers who would have thought certainly not us . Democrat lawmakers are caught breaking their own lockdown rules . Al Sharpton tries to call out President Trump and his quote cronies about their crimes, but apparently forgot about his own tax history . Glenn Beck host of the Glenn Brack program thanks for being here and of course rob eno our blaze Tv media critic. We’ve got all that much more coming up and it starts right now. Hey there welcome to the news and why it matters.& I’m Hillary Kennedy filling in for Sarah Gonzalez while she is out on maternity leave with me today and I’ll fill in for her today and we have some more of our world lead. Back to the page you can read our full interview with CNN . Back to Mail Online home to the bottom of the page:….. Click here to read more and watch the full video