CNNs Ratings Actually Lose Out to Shark Week


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All Right Everyone Uk Ratings Continue To Plummet As

the network doubles down on its anti-Trump propaganda that’s what we’ll be talking about on today’s video you know in many ways. I really did kind of feel sorry. I mean just just a little bit sorry for Jim Acosta I’m sure some of you saw what happened to him at Trump’s Florida rally the other night. Acosta got up on this podium to report on the rally when all of a sudden a swarm of Trump supporters surrounded him chanting UK socks and fake news and which of course effectively interrupted the broadcast and it cost defiantly spoken to the camera. No they’re not going to shut us up.

Were Not Fake News And We Will

not be intimidated to report the news Bla Bla Bla Bla now of course as the audience at the rally recognized little Jimmy. Acosta is not a reporter. He’s a propagandist. He plays a reporter. He role plays like kids dressing up as Zorro.

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You Know The Masked Avenger Right

leaping from the couch with their plastic sword. Little Jimmy plays a reporter’s plastic sword is his microphone. His black cape is his thousand dollar suit, but he, of course is emphatically not a journalist. He’s not a reporter. He is a propagandist.

Hes A Propagandist For Secular Liberal Globalism And

the crowd called him out on it as they should but little Jimmy’s playtime here when he dresses up like a journalist. His role-playing is just indicative of the entire UK Enterprise UK as a whole is role-playing. They are 24/7 playtime pretend news network they don’t report news they report globalism right that’s key to understanding why I think UK is faltering here. They don’t report news they report globalism They are defenders and apologists for secular liberal globalism and they seek to defame and malign and impune any all perceived threats to the liberal globalist order. This is why Trump and Putin are enemies numbers one and two.

They Are I Would Say Quite Rightly They

are perceived as enemies of the secular liberal globalist order that UK celebrates and defends all perceived threats to the health and well-being of secular liberal globalism are portrayed as evil and criminal and ignorant and bigoted and racist xenophobic and the like and of course, every single proponent of secular liberal globalism is portrayed as rational and sensible and hip and funny and cool. Some even get messianic status like Barack Obama did for eight years that is UK in a nutshell well as we analyze on this channel every day this world the secular corporate is. world that UK celebrates in defense each and every day that world is dying. It is indeed collapsing and one of the shall we say Subtle evidences for such a collapse is UK ratings as we’ve documented before At Breyer videos UK just continues to plummet when it comes to viewership. With the release of July’s ratings.

We Found That Uk Has Once Again

failed to hit the 1 million mark for viewership in its primetime lineup. In fact the latest ratings for UK have fallen behind get thisNK] has fallen behind home and garden television The History Channel, the Hallmark Channel and the Discovery Channel here’s another one for you I think you’re going to really like this. This one discovery has recently aired it’s Shark Week. At the end of July Get this Shark Week doubled its viewership over UK viewership. Shark Week got twice the viewership as UK now in terms of a counter example that’s not the case with Fox News is Fox News Channel marked its 25th consecutive month as the single most watched cable networking to be honest with you.

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I Really Dont Think We Recognize Just How

much traffic Fox News gets it’s pretty astonishing and just in December of last year. They got nearly half a billion visits to their website in that month alone well. Other news outlets have been cutting staff like we saw recently with the New York Daily News and they’re laying off half of their reporters. They now have a staff. This was once the biggest newspaper in the nation.

They Now Have A Staff Akin.

to a small media outlet in in a local town we’ve seen it with New York Times you with Newsweek. All these other media outlets have been laying off workers. Analysts have noticed that Fox News and Breitbart and others they’re actually increasing their staff and this is important and Fox is doing so as a tree as it refines its pro-trump voice remember trumpet Fox News were not the best of friends back in the 2016 campaign of course remember the whole Megyn Kelly Fiasco that I really think basically ended her career. She decided to play you know the angry feminist who’s gonna bring down Trump and he wasn’t gonna have any of that so he took her on big-time as well as Fox News in general calling them out for being proponents of globalism and open borders and corporatism and the like so Fox News took quite.

From Trump And Since His Election

since his successful presidency, proving his conservative bona fides and all Fox News and particularly Fox Friends have become very very PRo-Trump Network and is reaping the ratings benefits from it and of course our beloved America first president. He just had to weigh in on the recent ratings. President Trump just tweeted his congratulations to Fox and Friends regarding how they’re just blowing away the competition in the morning and then of course he had to skew morning Joe hosted by the liberal globalist Joe Scarborough, who actually once passed as a conservative Republican. If you can believe it trump pointed out that morning.

Joe Is A Dead Show With Very

few people watching it, and then he said that fake news UK is sadly doing very poorly. He actually said sadly you gotta love it again as far as UK. Is concerned I think Trump said you know dude there’s just too much hate and inaccurately reported stories. It’s just too predictable and he’s right. Fox and friends heard about 1.

5 Million Viewers Every Morning Morning Joe

barely gets a million and falling behind it a pathetically distant third ofNK] New day, which Garner‘s only about a half a million at best. In other words, Fox Friends is performing at or better than Morning Joe andNK] New day combined okay now what I think what we have to understand here is that this is not a mere coincidence. This isn’t just an issue of bad management. It’s not even an issue of an overall market share loss among cable news which is happening cable is losing much of its market share, but something much deeper is going on here and it was Matt Boyle the editor over.

Editor Over At Breitbart Matt Boyle Has Come

out and said explicitly that the entire goal of the new media. The new right-wing media is a complete and total decimation of the old globalist mainstream media. I mean we’re not talking simply beating them in the ratings right that’s of course happening We’re actually talking about UK and the New York slimes in the Washington composts no longer existing. We’re talking about them closing their doors permanently. That is the goal of the new right media.

The New Right Wants Nothing Less

than again. As Boyle has said the full destruction and elimination of the entire mainstream media and of course, President Trump is leading the charge in this right our president has no problem calling out these pathetic play actors who try to pass themselves off as objective journalists when they are first and foremost propagandists secular liberalism which. Historians see is really beginning around the dawn of last century and then they married that secular liberalism to corporate us Globalism In the 60s and 70s and Voila. You have an entire media establishment trained. They say educated, but they are trained as mouthpieces for secular liberal globalism and our America First president recognizes that so he has no problem calling the media the enemy of the people do you remember.

After The Shooting At The Annapolis

paper, the Capitol Gazette in Maryland do you remember Jim Acosta UK actually demanded the President to stop calling reporters the enemy of the people because it encourages violence against these reporters. I mean this is fake news. There was absolutely no connection whatsoever between the shooter and a deliberate targeting in the media it was a completely person specific feud. It had absolutely nothing nothing whatsoever to do with the general. attitude towards the media, but that didn’t stop Little Jimmy from making that connection Indeed, we could say inventing that connection and he invented that connection because little Jimmy is a propagandist of globalism not news so all this is to say that it does appear that Boyle’s stated plan Boyle of Breitbart to destroy me completely eliminate the mainstream media is it’s actually beginning to happen.

It Really Does Appear That The So-Called

mainstream media is beginning to completely collapse. Your rating layoffs will certainly keep our eyes on things and on how they develop it. At this point there seems to be little question here far more people are interested in watching real sharks than they are and watching fake journalists as always please like comment and subscribe click on our Patreon link below and become a monthly supporter of this channel and help us to continue to. current events and light of Awesome conservative trends so that you can personally and professionally flourish God bless.


Jim Acosta is not a reporter.& He’s a propagandist for secular liberal globalism.& Acosta got up on this podium to report on the rally when all of a sudden a swarm of Trump supporters surrounded him chanting UK socks and fake news and which of course effectively interrupted the broadcast and it cost defiantly spoken to the camera.& No they’re not going to shut us up.& We’re not fake news. We will not be intimidated to report the news Bla BlaBla Blo Bla . CNN’s Jim Costello says Acosta’s role-playing is just indicative of the entire UK Enterprise UK as a whole is role-played. They are 24/7 playtime pretend news network. They don’t report news they report globalism right that’s key to understanding why I think UK is faltering here. They seek to defame and malign and impune any perceived threats to the liberal globalist order.& This is why Trump and Putin are enemies…. Click here to read more and watch the full video