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Ladies And Gentlemen Please Welcome John Anderson, Well Jordan

and Dave thank you so much for giving us your time. John Anderson net is basically dedicated to something that is very very dear to me as someone who is very worried about our country and where we’re going and it’s that you can it cannot get good public policy without a good public debate and it seems now we don’t have debates anymore. We just have abusive emotional mudslinging so that’s the sort of the background theme. But then we come to this incredible opportunity today to engage with these two gentlemen and I wanted to get the ball rolling by talking about a number of issues. Firstly personal responsibility.

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Then Id Like To Move On

to freedom. What is it because it’s not licensed it’s not what so many people think it is today and how do we make. It work? I then want to talk about courage because we’re going to need a lot of it going forward and you’re going to hear a lot. I would see demonstrated some real courage. I think here and what we’re going to talk about in what you’re going to hear what you’re going to witness.

Then A Bit About Social Media And

how we make it all work and then it’s over to you. We live in an age when it seems that there’s a crisis of trust in our culture. It seems that we are very uncertain of our institutions and the people who make them up and what their motivations might be, and indeed the research backs that up the Australian National University has been tracking Australia‘s confidence in their politicians and the political process Now for many decades we are in uncharted waters record numbers of Australians. No longer have con in the system record numbers of Australians now distrust the political process and the players in it just more recently, We’ve had the latest of a series of royal commissions of inquiry into various institutions. This times banking and the financial services and we learnt that we couldn’t trust bankers Now there are many trustworthy bankers in cases are any here but plainly people were deeply concerned by what emerged and you stop and think about this when people are in relationships of trust.

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Harmony And Progress Can Be Made.

When it breaks down harmony and progress are impaired and people flee for safety. If you don’t feel safe with someone else. You look for the rule book and you look for policing and you’ll look for protection. So it’s a good thing.

Weve Had The Royal Commission Of Inquiry

so we know what’s been going. On it’s a good thing? We’ve got the rest 78 recommendations new laws everywhere new surveillance new policing, but it’s a tragedy. It was necessary in the first place that people have not been doing what they’ve should have been doing without coercion. So now we’ve got a great big battle as to how to resolve these things you see the law based approach but Jordan you’ve said something quite different in the midst of all of us. What you have said is that the redemption of the world is not political.

It Happens At The Level Of The Individual

that’s not what we hear in the mirror Every night there’s a new scandal. It’s we need more rules. We need more policing we need more surveillance. We need a different party in power. You’re not saying that you’re saying it comes back to the individual.

The First Question Is.

Do you want that? I mean? Do you want a more a state with more regulatory power? Do you want a state with more surveillance? I mean first of all, Why would you think that that would be trustworthy when all the evidence suggests in the past that as a state expands its surveillance power it actually becomes less trustworthy rather than more and why would you want you might think well ice certainly want someone looking into your affairs, But I don’t want anybody looking into mine well good luck with that because you know to the degree that I have someone elect someone to look into your affairs. Their bloody well going to be looking into mine as well and that just doesn’t strike me as a particularly positive development and practically because I don’t believe it’ll work. I don’t think surveillance states do make people more honest. I think all the evidence is the opposite and then I would say from the individual perspective it’s like I believe that the the fundamental what we got fundamentally right in the West because there is a number of things we got fundamentally right.

Even Though We Dont Like To Admit That

anymore is that the ultimate moral responsibility for the state relies on you. It relies on your moral integrity and you know you can it’s not that hard to think that through it’s like well first of all you have the right and the responsibility to vote and we could say well that’s not exactly given to you by the state. It’s it’s something that exists in some in some sense outside and before the state it’s part and parcel of your intrinsic value okay, so that’s a decision that we’ve made in the West that each person. Regardless of their flaws is characterized by a value, an intrinsic value that’s so deep and so profound that the very regulation of the state itself rests on their shoulders and that’s really something that’s that’s why you have the right to vote and that’s worth thinking about the first question is well. Do you think that’s a good idea or not.

I Do You Believe That We

are in fact sovereign individuals and then well let’s assume that you believe that we are because the alternative is some sort of autocracy right it’s some sort of tyranny it’s it’s the it’s the parsing off of that sovereignty to a bureaucracy or to some arbitrary form of leadership and maybe you can believe in that and you’d like a strong leader and fine, but you you want to think that through because if if it’s not that then you well. Then it’s if it’s you and you have to make sure that the ship of state is sailing properly. Then the first thing you might want to ask yourself is what makes you think you’re any more trustworthy than the people that you’re that you’re despising or criticizing. I mean if you are well more power to you, but it isn’t self-evident that you are and my suspicions are that it’s not even self-evident to you that you are because it’s a very rare person that you come across. If you talk to them with any degree of seriousness.

You Know Theyre Able To Lay Out

a whole litany of ways They fall short of their own value their own values not values that other people are putting on them certainly that as well and they can name innumerable ways that not only are they not doing what they shouldn’t. So they’re falling short of the mark in that way, but they’re doing all sorts of things that they definitely shouldn’t be doing and they know it it’s like well. We’re gonna put that right or not and my sense is you know I wrote a rule in my book put your house in perfect order before you complain about the world before you criticize the world what’s the idea it’s like well you’re the sovereign man. If the states. If the ship of state is listing and sinking that’s you that’s your problem it’s your fault you’re not doing it right you’re not educated enough you’re not awake enough.

Youre Not Articulated And A Target Articulate Enough

you don’t know enough about history you’re not taking on enough responsibility. You’re looking for other people to blame because it’s convenient and and and that’s kind of understandable because it’s the dispersal of responsibilities who wants all that responsibility, but there’s a huge price to be paid for it. The the first price that you pay for it is well there. Goes the adventure of your life? It’s like you could get yourself together and be the bedrock of the state right that’d be hard that call on everything that you have that would be your adventure. You’re gonna pass that off to someone else and then then what do you do you’ve got nothing left in your life a triviality and you can’t live.

I Dont Believe That People Can Live Ethically

trivially that’s why I think the pursuit of the idea that life is for happiness is wrong because life is too difficult for that to be the case. Our lives are too profound to characterized by suffering and malevolence. The world is too characterized by trouble at every level for happiness to be the proper solution. The solution is something like a heavy burden of ethical responsibility the kind that sets the state straight and then in that. You find the purpose of your life and so not only if you want the external monitoring and the surveillance state.

Not Only Do You Sacrifice Your

privacy and invite all that invasive attention and lose your impulsive freedom. You lose everything that’s profound about your life and someone takes it from you. They take your destiny from you and that’s no way to live that’s just that’s the tyranny that we’ve struggled against in the West successfully for I would say in one way or another for for for a number of thousands of years and with a substantial amount of success to draw dive into this we met in UK a couple of years ago over breakfast Dave you’re a great defender of culture too now when we met it was very interesting. You set out the reasons in a way for me to think he’s a card-carrying. You know you tell me where you came from and what do you believe in what you didn’t and then you said and I’m gay married man and then he went on to say and I thank God Every day I live in Christian America and I thought that’s a surprise turn in the conversation and we had a fantastic breakfast talking about it.

Youre A Defender Of Culture Now Or Of

our cultural roots at a time when the West seems to be its own worst enemy and doesn’t believe in its cultural roots can you elaborate yeah of course well you know first off as you guys. I’m sure know Jordan I just left the Sydney Opera House a few minutes ago and we’ve done about a hundred and twenty some odd shows opened for Jordan and it just struck me in the last two minutes that having. To follow you is much less fun but having to go before you that’s easy. I’m usually just setting them up and you’re knocking them out of the park but Ok.

Ill Try Well Just Quickly On What Jordan

said about the individual because it links exactly to that you know people ask me all the time in the UK and in our meet and greets what what is going on why is it that people are following this psychologist talking about lobsters all over the country and and actually that question is what I believe is the answer. There is there has been a complete obliteration for young people to understand what being an individual. It is what being a person that owns your own mind that decides to get out there and live the life they’re supposed to live that doesn’t want to take from somebody and give. to somebody else or just take for themselves and that has really been lost and what’s been?


John Anderson net is dedicated to something that is very very dear to me as someone who is very worried about our country and where we’re going and it’s that you can it cannot get good public policy without a good public debate and it seems now we don’t have debates anymore.& We just have abusive emotional mudslinging so that’s the sort of the background theme. But then we come to this incredible opportunity today to engage with these two gentlemen and I wanted to get the ball rolling by talking about a number of issues. I then want to talk about courage . Then I’d like to move on to freedom. Then a bit about social media and how we make it all work and then it’s over to you. I think here and what you’re going to hear what you’ll see what you’ve gone to see what I’m going to see. I would see demonstrated some real courage.& Then a little bit about the social media. And then a lot of it all…. Click here to read more and watch the full video