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Today More Details Unravel About The Texas

school shooter and Obama links the shooting to the anniversary of the death of George Floyd. We’ve got all of that and more coming up and it all starts right now welcome to the news and why it matters I’m Sarah Gonzalez today joined by Blaze Tv contributor Jacob Bullions, host of the bottom line also pat Gray host of Pat Gray unleashed which you can of course find right here on Blaze Tv as well. So obviously yesterday spent a lot of time kind of unpacking the details as we knew them yesterday about what happened in Uvalde Texas. There has been more of course that has come out on what exactly happened where the breakdown was how this guy got in the school to begin with and we’re learning today that police stood by for upward of 40 minutes after the gunman stormed into the elementary school in New Valley, Texas and killed of course, 19 children and two teachers and they actually were holding parents back right so the parents waiting waiting waiting and finally one of the one of the parents has the idea hey let’s just rush in because the cops aren’t doing anything like they’re supposed to he by the way says he lost his fourth grade daughter Jacqueline, he says more could have been done they were unprepared. The first report of the armed man approaching the elementary school came around 11 30 a.

M And The Gunman Was Killed Roughly

90 minutes later. Between 40 minutes and an hour passed between him shooting at the school security officer and him being shot and killed by a tactical border patrol unit and you know as we as we heard on that. On the same day it was a lone border patrol agent who came in and shot him but um I saw video. I don’t know if you guys saw the video there’s video of the parents trying to get past the police trying to get over there and the police not letting them um look it’s it’s hard to imagine giving your like we’re supposed to disarm says the left right we’re supposed to not not purchase firearms. These firearms should not be in the hands of us.

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It Should Only Be In The Hands Of

trained law enforcement. It’s hard to imagine giving your guns to the trained law enforcement officials who. stand by and don’t do anything and maybe I’m being too hard on them because maybe that wasn’t part of their training. All I know is that if that’s my job and I have made an oath to protect and serve my community. I don’t give a flying you know what if that is something that I’ve trained for I’m going in there to try to save these children am I am I being is that is that too harsh nope Sarah absolutely not and there’s zero excuse.

Active Shooter Is A Training That Has Reverberated

through this country. Active shooter training means first on site remember school shooting waited for the cop. The security guard on site couldn’t move because wait for the police and since that shooting a number of years ago active shooters said first one on site go in go stop for police pd now I. want to say this? You know we do a lot of work on the border. We have a case in my company right now where a border patrol agent ran one of my staffers over with a car because they they’re defending the wrong people the illegals coming across.

I Will Tell You This Crime

begets crime, lawlessness, begets lawlessness you’ve got no border The police There are scared stiff they won’t move they can’t frisk they can’t search any illegals now They’re standing by while children are being mowed down gunned down for 40 minutes. Sheriff Weibo said in this chair and he told you active shooter situation normally is 90 seconds. It’s 90 seconds is what the police have to make a decision. 40 minutes. It’s half a football game right it’s insane it really is it’s because there’s no law on the border.

I Blame My Yorkas.

I blame Abbott not for the shooting, but for the lawlessness on our border and Yuvaldi is riddled with cartels. I’ve been in Uvaldi. Cartel is all over the place and then comes all the questions well. It’s a very exorbitantly expensive truck.

The Guys Driving Where Is That Coming

from the the guns. He had five thousand dollars a piece and now the conspiracy just runs amok because you go well did the cartel hire him or not but it all comes down to this. There’s lawlessness on our border ranchers can’t get out of their homes. Their fences get cut their cattle is stolen and some kid walks into a building. While the police holds the parents back.

Ill Tell You This They Would Have

to shoot me yeah that’s exactly what I was thinking you would not stop me. I was thinking too going to my children. Right yeah! It’s horrifying yeah Yeah! I don’t think they would shoot you. I mean I would hope not, but they were actually it looked to us when we watched the video this morning like they were holding parents down on the ground yes and they’re screaming the parents, which is about what you have to do to me Yeah because I’m I don’t understand it. I don’t understand why they’re hanging out for 40 minutes while the guy’s inside killing children.

I Dont Understand It And Why Bortek The

the border elite group had to had to finally come and get there they got somebody with a key. They didn’t. They couldn’t even kick the door down for whatever reason they couldn’t get the door open, but you have like a door hammer. It’s called the door hammer. We use door hammers when we rescue children you blow any.

Door Open With The Door Hammer So Finally

somebody comes with a key opens it up border agent goes in and kills the key. Let’s get a key somebody. While this guy shoots children right you could have gotten a key and drove the truck through the wall. No kidding yeah well you know it’s just it’s so difficult I want to get into you know yesterday. We talked about how the left is obviously using this to push for more gun control more gun control.

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Its Just So Frustrating To Hear Because

it’s like in this and so many other of these particularly school shootings. Parkland included like you don’t need more there’s no law that would have prevented this it’s actually the bureaucracy of the laws that are currently on the books that are already failing that’s causing all of this so why in the world would you. need more gun laws like you already have all of these law enforcement officials. All of these bureaucrats who are already failing doing their due diligence. What in the world is making it more difficult for us to be able to defend ourselves going to do I want to play for you.

Joe Biden, Who Of Course Wants To

tell us now that the second amendment you guys realize is not actually absolute. According to Joe Biden watch. I spent my career as chairman of the Judiciary Committee and as vice president working for common sense gun reforms as I said as a senator the vice president. While they clearly will not prevent every tragedy we know certain ones will have significant impact and have no negative impact On the second amendment. Second amendment is not absolute when it was passed you couldn’t own a he loves that and he.

Loves The Deer And Kevlar Running Through The

forest so Asinine Yeah, I mean the deer and Kevlar thing it’s just so stupid because it’s not about hunting right doofus. It’s not about hunting and then the the lie that you couldn’t order cannon when yes of course they could and they did private citizens did own cannons there was nothing wrong with it no. I mean I I don’t know you probably own a cannon today Yeah you can I well. I mean also you can own a tank yeah also like the actually the second amendment. I would argue is one of the amendments that actually is very very very absolute very absolute very clear there’s really shall not be infringed.

Theres No Great Area.

The gray area is if the eyeballs you’re reading it through says you’re above the law or the lands you’re observing our constitution. Through that you think well, it’s a piece of paper that you can amend right and this is what they think of our country um I just I’m sorry. I just got to say one more thing about it. There’s.

I Want People To Pause And Think

for a second anybody that did not vote Conservative Anybody that thinks the borders was hyperbole were over inflating the stuff now will you pay attention now will you listen it’s not when you have an open border. It’s not just that the border is open. It’s a policy It’s a mindset. We’re standing at the border migrants are coming over I’m asking DPs or CBP will you interview them. We can’t touch them.

We Cant Interview Him.

What if there’s venting on the back We can’t now you got them saying we can’t go in the building the moms are hearing gunshots. Inside can you imagine no I can’t I will knock. I will knock a police officer unconscious. I got to tell you and I’m coming there with my firearm and I’m saying stop me, but it’s their superiors.

Sarah Im Telling You The Mandate Down

from the white house all the way down Mallorcas all the way down they’ve got these police officers the the highway patrol guys is patrolling the border for crying about they’ve got them scared stiff they’re under trained they’re under qualified heck we were with some of them and they didn’t have ammo. They didn’t even have ammo on the border Yeah. This is what what’s happening on our border at the moment, so somebody needs to be held accountable upstream upstream. Some of the leadership saying why is the first response not active shooter training, which is I don’t care if you’re a janitor. Right first guy on scene eliminate the threat Yeah eliminate the shooter yeah um so I want to I want to go to we talked yesterday on the program about just the this lovely Robert Francis O’rourke, which in honor of him.

It Is Why Im Wearing This Shirt Today

and which those of you who are listening on audio says Don’t bet oh my Texas just the probably the most disgusting egregious nasty act of political grandstanding. I think possibly ever I don’t know certainly that I can remember in my lifetime dancing on 19 dead children whose bodies aren’t even cold yet we showed it of course yesterday well. We all knew this but it’s nice to hear from sources like CBs news who came out after he staged his little you know scolding of Greg Abbott and see even CBs news. The CBs news reporter was like.

Yeah, I Was On The Third

row, and this was definitely staged because he had like placeholders so he could waltz in and come look like the hero for the fringe left watch. I did see what happened just before the press conference started. I was in the third third Aisle third row on the Isle rather and there were two people across the aisle from me and a moment before the press conference started.


Today more details unravel about the Texas school shooter . Obama links the shooting to the anniversary of the death of George Floyd . Police stood by for upward of 40 minutes after the gunman stormed into the elementary school in New Valley, Texas and killed of course, 19 children and two teachers . The first report of the armed man approaching the school came around 11 30 a.&m and the gunman was killed roughly 90 minutes later . On the same day it was a lone border patrol agent who came in and shot him but um I saw video. It’s hard to imagine giving your like we’re supposed to disarm says the left right . We’re not allowed to purchase firearms. We are supposed to not not purchase firearms, it’s hard for us to disarm. We’re trying to find a reason why it matters. We don’t want to disarm ourselves. We want to know why it’s not to disarm yourself. We need to find out why it doesn’t matter. We’ve got all the answers….. Click here to read more and watch the full video