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Daredevil has been born again in the MCu with a new green best friend and fresh new red and yellow digs. I love it. I love the original look, but what if I told you that the title born again isn’t just a reference to Matt Murdock’s Catholic roots. What if I told you that the netflix daredevil was reborn into the Mcu how would that make you feel. This is rogue theory the show where we pitch the wildest theories for the Nerdy titles that we love my name is Mt and going rogue with me Today is the wit without fear It’s Whitney Van Landingham what’s going on with me hi I’m good not a lot going on what’s up with you guys we just hanging out.

We Gotta Go Um And The Jewel Of

new rockstars our very own private. Investigator, it’s off-screen producer Brandon Hello Brandon, How do you do that? Hello Mt And were you insinuating that Frogman and Daredevil are best friends, um I would say she-hulk but yes I thought the green the green person you were referring to was Frogman. I know this was mine. I totally thought it was Frogman too. I did not know you know Frogman and Daredevil will fight it’ll be a very bloody fight in at the very end of the she-hulk season so looking forward to that one confirmed confirmed and finally it’s the fist of the dragon himself, the immortal Tom Michelson everybody.

Hey Everybody Let Me Show You My Shout

out tattoo hold on a sec again thanks for having me. I know I just any chance I can to just take my shirt off. I do it but these guys are on to me so sorry. The last eight times Tom you know I’m like you’re starting to pick up on your trip exactly how was the flight from Kunlun Oh that was a nice safe place. It’s great yeah They had drinks.

They Dont Serve Meals Anymore, Which Sucks

but you know we got pretzels and little snacks so great otherwise you’re right on a dragon Yeah Yeah exactly yes I’ve never had a story the whole time. I’m just like yeah riding the whole way here Yeah exactly I freaking love Falcore yeah wait did he die no falco didn’t die did Falcor die He’s dead to me anyway he’s dead to me. He knows what he did but all right guys let’s talk about our first topic of today daredevil because I think I think that the netflix daredevil swap places with the Mcu Matt Murdock during the snap and the blip era. And here’s why I think that I think that because that Marvel Studios now has the rights to these Marvel and to these Marvel Netflix characters like your Daredevils, your your iron fists your Jessica Jones, your luke cages. I think that since they have legally taken them out of Netflix and taken bringing them to the MCu.

I Think That Theyre Also Going To Symbolically

do that within the MCu itself with the snap. I think that the actual MCu versions of Matt Murdock and Jessica Jones used to exist in the MCu and then they got snapped away and then were replaced by the Netflix universe versions of those characters when they came back during the blip and so I think that this is why the title Daredevil born again is born again in the MCu and why the Jessica Jones on disney plus got changed to aka. Jessica Jones, it’s like not they changed the title to aka Jessica Jones um to sort of like insinuate that like this is also Jessica Jones, but not actual like Mcu. Jessica Jones because like they switch places and there’s a different universe like it’s it’s weird um so yeah. This is what I think I think that this netflix daredevil is just filling in for his Mcu counterpart because thanos messed things up and Hulk did some weird things during the snap Hulk snapped he’s all like everyone back Don’t change anything and also the Netflix shows Snap She’s like awesome UK oh man, What do you guys think about this you guys think it’s Rogues.

I Dont Know What Do You Guys Think

so you think there were so there was in the MCu okay it’s it’s it’s 20 2018 MCu. There’s a matt Murdock walking around not necessarily Charlie Cox could be could look completely different well. Let’s say he looks like exactly but does he have powers or is this a guy named Matt Murdock and he’s like unpowered either way it could be powered or unpowered. I think that a matt Murdock existed in the MCu and was replaced by a variant who okay is the Netflix Daredevil that has the same experiences as the Netflix show so like either way like I think that would be great if like the Daredevil was running around but like it doesn’t seem like the people are all that familiar with Daredevil, Yeah Yeah Yeah and we haven’t heard any anything of Daredevil. Yet um so like it just seems like he’s new so I feel like this Matt Murdock was probably just chilling as a lawyer regular guy and then he was blipped away and then here comes Daredevil just like a regular dog yeah He came to work on Monday.

Its Like Mad Are You Blind What

happened dude and it’s like well it’s like oh yeah, I don’t know something something weird happened. I’ve been blind all my life you’re not a lawyer. We clean sewers for a living oh baby What are you doing Oh my goodness. What do you guys think about this like you think it’s too weird because like I feel like because the mcu is going towards this multiverse route. We know that this is the multiverse saga we in it baby it’s all about kang and all the timelines and everything so like.

I Feel Like Variants Are Going To.

I have to factor into like a title like born again Yeah I mean it it does make sense. I I I mean I’m still really really holding out that we’re just gonna get a super Christian version. I’m just really hoping that we’re gonna put the Christ back in Christmas Baby Christ back in Christmas with Matt Murdock this year that’s what I’m hoping Oh my goodness. He came back from the blip and now he believes let’s have a daredevil Christmas episode where it’s just heavily Christian Christmas Cameron and Yeah Matt Murdock’s just like visiting Starbucks being like why does it say Christmas on your cups UK yeah He’s checking out the nativity scenes and he’s like the wise man didn’t show up for three years get him out of here.

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Hes Like Super Buy The Book

he wants everything. Right where’s my black Jesus, Oh man, I’m just gonna say I really like a lot of what you’re saying Mt Because um you know I hadn’t really thought of it that way, but having having it be a variant type situation would be the most perfect out for them because then they could have Charlie Cox who everyone loves his daredevil and then maybe sorry Finn Jones if they want a new iron fist, they don’t have to you know they don’t have they’re not committed to bringing him back nice Guy. I’m sure the show that way we’re not committed to the Netflix verse but we can have the best parts if we want like we can have you know Mike Coulter if we wanted we could have you know Charlie Cox and of course Vincent D’onofrio and then you know maybe even Jessica Jones and then that. We can have um you know purple men back. I don’t know you could pick and choose what you want I I kind of like that There’s some good there’s some good parts to that actually.

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I Really Liked How They Could Explain

away Some of these things yeah. I actually do think that Kingpin himself was brought back from the snap from the Netflix universe and he just got them both I thought that things were different and like I I don’t really know what’s going on my variant lived a different life and I guess I’m not doing too well. So I got to work my way back up to the top um and so. I don’t know it just feels if it doesn’t feel like it’s right. Then it was definitely the Morby verse where through Doctor Strange, some people ended up in our universe for some reason like these two for oh it’s just like Oh my God, The whole Mcu is now the Morbius plants that would be hilarious We’re just living in it it’s moving time all the time it’s morbid time all the time all the freaking time.

Oh I Was Going To Say

empty. I do like this idea of like the switch happening during the blip and like maybe some of them but not all of them like if you know daredevil is like he seeks out Jessica Jones and she also got switched and they’re like yeah yeah, I know you I know you but they go and find like Luke cage and he’s like I don’t know how you people at all how did you know about my brother. It’s like that kind of thing like maybe our the mcu’s Luke Cage is like really in hiding or something and it’s like really afraid and they come and find him he’s like I don’t know you guys so it’s like not the whole defender’s gun right over just like so I’m like I would love it. I like that idea yeah it’d be really fun and like yo. If the fcu is gonna cast a new lou cage we should go Laz Alonso from the boys I’m just saying he’s great he’s really really cool like phenomenal um but no my culture was fantastic as well.

But Like Yeah No I Would

love for like a little a mishmash of like all right Netflix like the best of Netflix and like you know maybe some new new Luke Cage or a new iron fist like that’d be really cool. because we don’t want to see origin stories again necessarily, especially if Disney has the rights to these shows now which are all origin stories right Yes they I’m going to call them all origin stories because they even if it’s in flashback. In later episodes they’re origin stories Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah you can just go watch those you don’t need to restart I don’t need to see baby Matt Murdock get splashed with chemicals again. I get it we get it it’s done Daredevil got his powers.

He Went Into That Spaceship Got

hit by Cosmic rays. Yeah shop was blind Oh My God machine. I think you can’t that’s what he wanted that’s what he wanted that’s how he made it it’s his wish actually we’re. This sort of is within Matt Murdock’s character in the comments because one time he what Moon Dragon made him.

Unblind And Then He Asked Her To

make him blind again because he’s like I’m not as good of a fighter because I can see he’s fair yeah. His powers are like 10 billion times better because wait would he have supersite if he no. I guess not because you are undocumented because of the his other sentences are augmented because he’s blind, but if he got his sight back, he has super sight like X-ray vision heat vision I.


Daredevil has been born again in the MCu with a new green best friend and fresh new red and yellow digs . The title born again isn’t just a reference to Matt Murdock’s Catholic roots, but what if I told you that the netflix daredevil was reborn into the Mcu how would that make you feel? This is rogue theory the show where we pitch the wildest theories for the Nerdy titles that we love my name is Mt and going rogue with me today is the wit without fear . And finally it’s the fist of the dragon himself, the immortal Tom Michelson everybody. Tom is just like you’re starting to pick up on your trip exactly how was the flight from Kunlun on the flight . Tom is like he’s never had a story the whole time.& The last eight times Tom you know I’m like you know … I’m just like … I’m like you’re starting to read the last 8 times. And it’s…. Click here to read more and watch the full video