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with a face for radio and a voice for print. You know sometimes stories write themselves. I could just read a story and go there. You go told you that’s how it works, but that wouldn’t be any fun and I have to earn my earn my fun time here on UK so I’ve got a good story where a girl decides to dump two nice Guys now granted neither one was perfect for her, but she still dated them at the same time instead of dating one and saying not right for me and then dating the other and saying not right for me. She dates them both at the same time and then dumps them for the bad boy and then there’s a twist.

I Wont I Wont Say I Wont

give away the twist I almost just did I’m. not gonna give away the twist yet stay tuned in to find out all right here We go I dumped two nice guys so I could date a jerk. It’s not because Nice guys finish last says the woman that made the nice guys finish last. I’ve heard a lot of guys complain that a woman never go that women never go for a nice guy and that they’re attracted to a-holes who mistreat them usually the guys who complain about this aren’t legit Nice guys but just jerks who think they are but that’s beside the point I won’t get that into that here yeah you know the thing about Nice guys saying this actually happened to a friend of mine female friend of mine, where she was texting a guy. He seemed reasonably Nice they went on one date it didn’t work out she said you know I.

A Good Time But I Just Dont Think

we’re a good match and he text bombed her into oblivion with messages and hateful hateful things to her so yes sometimes Nice guys aren’t so nice Other times Nice guys are nice but apparently not the one she met. I’ve been on the other side of that complaint. I’ve been the girl who dumped a nice guy, so I could go for the bad guy instead. In fact I’ve done worse than that I dumped two nice guy at once for a bad boy, which means she had a date. Two guys at once.

Youre A Good Person Arent You But Its

not because I get turned off my nice guys or because I can’t resist that Alpha jerk yes. The real reason is more complicated than that no it isn’t that time I flip-flopped between two nice guys I met. At a party through some mutual friends. He flirted with me and because this was before smartphones were a thing. I gave my email address instead of her phone number.

We Got To Know Each Other Online.

He invited me to a party at someone’s apartment instead of staying with a crowd. We spent the entire not an entire night on the roof. Talking before the night ended. He gave me an awkward hug and then said more to the air than me f it I’m just gonna go for it and it gave me an awkward kiss.

This Is How I Found Myself

with him well. It seemed easy let’s see that’s Cody okay Cody was nice and I appreciated that but after a while it was clear there wasn’t much else happening between us. He never showed me a whole lot of interest in me. In fact I. Was the one who had to initiate all the physical contact between us.

For The Most Part We Were Friendly.

We talked a lot. We had a hard time feeling like I was actually dating him. I almost got the impression. Cody wanted to have a girlfriend more than he wanted me to be his girlfriend that happens so she broke up with him.

Oh No Wait No She Didnt

she kept dating him Soon after meeting Cody. Todd took an interest in me. Todd was really attractive his cute farm boy who lived out of town, but I’d see him on the weekends because he liked to hang out and party with some of my friends. I had to remind myself that Cody was still interested in me at least in theory with Todd. There was no question He was very physical with me.

He We Couldnt Keep Our Hands

off each other. So I broke up with Cody. No no she didn’t she just kept fooling around with Todd. NK] was with Todd wasn’t amazing, but it was the best I’d had at that point still there was one big obstacle that kept me from committing to him. He didn’t have much of an interesting of an interest in getting to know me on a deeper level okay so let’s sum this up she meets Cody good intellectually bad physically she meets Todd good physic well.

Actually She Said It Wasnt Amazing,

but it was the best night head up to that point that point that day that point that week that month the relationship. relationship your lifetime who knows? But she stayed with both one for the talking and one for the doing if we were ever alone with her close on things would get awkward. Sometimes I think we just fooled around so we didn’t have to sit in awkward silence. Cody and Todd were both nice guys interested in me and I kind of tried them both out I flip-flopped between the two you’re a what a great person you are the jerk. I have to change some of these words thanks UK the jerk I fell for I met James at work.

We Spend A Lot Of Time

talking turned into flirting. The flirting turned into him inviting me over to his place. He didn’t have to ask me twice he was almost everything I was looking for in a guy you’re so hard to get he seemed intelligent and in. He showed interest in me both physically and as a person I. He had tattoos and the kind of quasi hipster look.

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I Went Nuts For Theres Only One

thing missing. He wasn’t a nice guy now remember nice guy means boring that’s really code for boring does she’s not fired up. She’s not interested you don’t make all the exciting parts tingle and she gets bored and so she moves on. He seems sensitive and sweet at times, but there was always a darker edge to him and that’s why she liked him he could be controlling even though we had barely started a relationship. He already tried to restrict my ready for it ready for it my illicit substance abuse and my drinking shocking.

I Cant Believe She Would Have

issues like that what with all her great history with dating guys yeah so again she could be. controlling even though we barely started a relationship, so she says well that’s a warning sign and she leaves right nope He played with my emotions a lot. He would accuse me of cheating without any evidence that I had there was none because I stayed faithful to him. Unlike Todd and Cody or whatever his name was Chad, he would pout wine to the point where I would apologize and reassure him that even though I really had no reason to the worst was his manipulation where I wouldn’t give in what wouldn’t give him the kind of intimacy. He wanted he would either go cold on me or accuse me of withholding it big Oh.

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He Would Either Accuse Me Or

withholding it because I didn’t love him. He’d keep it up until I’d given only to brush those tactics off again as soon as I showed reluctance. This is called being a manipulative narcissist but again narcissists can be. It can be challenging I’ve fallen for a narcissist. Once myself they can they can fool you.

They Can Be Pretty Good.

They do a lot of hot and cold and it kind of messes with you through through a throughout at all. I still liked him. So even though he was the worst of the batch. He was the most exciting of the batch and the most interesting and the push and the pull and the cold and hot and so it kept her You know I’ve said it before it’s like taking a string if you take a string and throw it on a cat it just it’ll mess with it for a second that it’s bored if you swing it up in the air.

The Cattle Look At It But Its

bored you got to. keep it just out of reach and that’s what that’s what this guy did what was his name again. I don’t even remember we have already burned through three three names. So Cody was. It was was a very respected nice to talk to there was no passion.

Todd Was Nice And Bought Brought The

heat, but he didn’t really show any interest in getting to know me on a personal level. I left them for James there’s Jamie because James gave me both those things. There was a lot of passion between us, but he also seemed generally genuinely interested in getting to know who I was and having a more personal connection as he manipulated me and messed with my head. She didn’t write that part I dumped two nice guys so I could date a bad boy instead it’s not because I don’t find nice guys appealing. Or that I don’t have so much or I have some attraction to jerks I didn’t find the controlling manipulative and abusive side of James Hot or appealing.

I Stayed With Him Despite Those Qualities Not

because of them right and I didn’t lose interest in Cody Todd because there were nice guys blah blah blah so let’s see how did everything wrap up for her a few months after I ended things with James I met a guy named Jake Austin. We connected on a personal level. We made it out like we were on a third date for months or we made out like we were on a third date for months. We had crazy awesome intimacy almost constantly and best of all he treated me with complete and total respect. I had finally met a nice Guy I had real chemistry with I it wasn’t I wasn’t.

About To Leave Him For Some

bad boy Nope I locked that s down took his last name and never looked back and there it is a happy ending maybe happy ending right so K. She tried the nice guy Nope she tried the other nice Guy Nope. At the same time she dates James James’s bad boy she spent some time with him, but he wasn’t quite right first so then she meets Jake Austin and she gets married. She is now married to him. She took his last name and as of July 25th 2019 last year.

This Is Written By Emma Austin.

Now let’s rewind just a little bit or let’s fast forward just a little bit in time. This is sometimes why I don’t always jump on the newest and the newest articles out there because you can find some juicy little tidbits let’s fast-forward to. April let’s see what April 3rd Nope Nope that’s not it.

These Are All Her Stories And

I zipped through this real quick let me see if I can find some of these I’m gonna have to blur this out. Some of these are pretty risky, risque and let’s see yeah here it is Boop how to tell your partner. You want a threesome with a friend from June 12th and it doesn’t have a year following it so.


Joker has been on the other side of that complaint: ‘I’ve been the girl who dumped a nice guy, so I could go for the bad guy instead.& In fact I’ve done worse than that I dumped two nice guys at once for a bad boy, which means she had a date. Stay tuned in to find out all right here. Joker: “It’s not because Nice guys finish last says the woman that made the nice guy finish last.& I’ve heard a lot of guys complain that a woman never go that women never go for a Nice guy and that they’re attracted to a-holes who mistreat them usually the guys who complain about this aren’t legit Nice guys but just jerks who think they are” Joker: I’m. Not gonna give away the twist yet stay tuned in. I’m not gonna give it away. I won’t say the twist I almost just did I’m going to give away. It’s not the twist. I’ve been…. Click here to read more and watch the full video