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Because So Whats A Typical Day Look Like

for you a typical day. It’s all very random. I wake up probably around 11 or 12 take a dump take a dump wake up check my twitter Facebook emails answer emails grab some lunch or make something more of the same. I mean all throughout the day sounds like a good day. Anything that starts off with the dump is yeah to me.

So Im Curious About One Thing, So I

had dinner with you once. I had the pleasure of having dinner with you once at a random Mexican restaurant in the very middle of the night and we were interrupted so many times by your fans by people who recognize you so how often does this happen and honestly does it ever get really annoying it can be annoying when I’m eating, especially like what you witnessed because you. know I just want to spend time with friends and just hang out and be able to talk without you know someone coming up and kind of just like or sometimes in the middle of eating. I’m like taking a bite of something. I’m like and they’re like Hey David I was like I’m like you know let me just finish this but at the same time I’d rather have them come up than to sit at a table over here and stare at me so okay so here’s another thing.

Im Really Curious About You Being David Choi

being you know famous musician does that get you a lot of dates. One would think that you get a bunch of girls and stuff, but it’s not the case. It’s not the case. I think it’s it’s tough. It’s tough for everybody isn’t it even for David Choi Yeah.

I Think So I Mean At

the same time not like the type of guy who goes out and I’m trying to get in the girl’s pants and stuff right you know I would rather have a girl approach me. I know it sounds like a wussy thing to say, But I don’t really like approaching that much. I just kind of like the more natural like meet somebody they just say hi and then we meet we talk and then we get to know each other and then I’ll be like you know hey let’s hang out, but for the most for the most part, I don’t really go up to girls and I don’t usually initiate. See that’s interesting to me because I mean you know you’ve written your share of romantic songs and girls they swoon. over you so I mean wouldn’t that be really intimidating for them to come up to you now if they did come up to you if they did come up to you and they’re like Oh my God You’re David Choi love you I love your songs can we go on a date is that somebody that you would go on a date with if they knew you like that it’d be pretty ballsy of a girl to do that to any guy.

I Think Yeah Right Yeah So

if they asked. Maybe maybe that’s a yes yeah, so you heard it first on NmR with David Choi. If you see David Choi and you love him go ask him on a date immediately, he will say yes that’s a promise. Oh here’s your shout out let’s move into touring So you’ve done a lot of touring a lot a lot of touring in the last two years. What are some of the things that you’ve learned from performing on stage so much.

I Can Hear Everything And I

see everything too you see all these faces and something that’s that’s really interesting is when people yawn and things like that I actually while I’m singing I’ll be looking in this direction. I see like a mouth open just like Oh and I look over here. I’m like Oh dang he’s yawning and then I just focus my attention elsewhere while trying to be in the moment in the moment of the music, but at the same time. I know that my music sometimes people listen to when they go to sleep so um it makes sense so I’m not offended. well that’s crazy so you actually do notice individual reactions.

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You Can Hear Everything When I Hear

like when I’m singing a song and I hear like I’m like immediately directed to that that that noise and it’s probably the same with all the other you know performers. They notice that stuff so but you don’t let it get to you like how I see people reacting it doesn’t change your set list or anything like that right not really right um you just kind of deal with it and you kind of convince yourself that it’s natural and they’re not bored even if they are so I noticed that you know before when you were booked for concerts. It was always it was mostly acoustic. They were all acoustic performances but lately when you have these concerts you’ve been you. ‘ve toured with a fuller band a full band yeah.

Now Why Is That Change There

When you have a bunch of musicians on stage with you you’re allowed to screw up and nobody can tell good cobra. It’s just more enjoyable to perform your songs with with a full band and I think it gets across a different message as well Mm-Hmm ammonia is a household cleaner would you like to try some of this poison. I’m thinking you like this cyanide a big part of your audience is Asian. I think undeniably big part of your audience is Asian? Why do you think that is why do you think you appeal to an Asian audience? I think I appeal to an Asian audience because I’m Asian simply but this whole Youtube thing came about and it revolutionized so many things in this world. Asian kids around the world or Asian-Asian-Americans in general would be able to.

Entertainment, I Guess Of People That Look Like

themselves Do you ever think about that do you ever say Oh I need to reach beyond this main fan base. Somehow is that ever something that you think about at the shows. I would say it’s predominantly Asian, but online it’s it’s not well. It’s still predominantly Asian, but there’s a large percentage. A very very large percentage that are not Asian that are watching through Youtube music has no color or barrier.

Its Just For Everybody If It If

the song and the message touches you in some way, then you know it’s it’s done its job. Do these things ever feel restrictive to these labels like being a Youtube musician you know or being an Asian performer. Because these are labels they are labels Yeah and I do come from Youtube and I am Asian does it affect. Me personally not really everyone needs to put a label on something when you think of someone’s music You describe it as like Oh it’s kind of like Justin Timberlake meets you know French Sinatra. I don’t know something like that you know people put labels on it So I guess it’s a way for just humans to define it.

So As An Asian American Is There Any

specific element in your music that you can say. Oh this affected that this changed that I don’t think being Asian has anything to do with you know I I don’t I don’t really talk about Asian struggles or anything because I didn’t really have too many of those it’s just just human interactions. I have a lot of songs about death people don’t know this but um it sounds it sounds like it’s not about death, but it actually is I. Think someday I’ll probably just when I’m done I’m just like all right. This is what it really means I know it made you happy, but it’s actually you know about killing yourself when I wake up in the morning you too when you started off on Youtube, like a lot of other artist musicians you know you did covers do you think that that’s a good path to take do you think that’s the model path to take for artists who are wanting to be discovered on Youtube or to grow.

Its A Great Way To Get

a new fan base of people who are looking for that song and they find your rendition of it. The goal is for me personally at least is to direct them to my original music and have them listen to that it’s a tough balancing act because you don’t want to be. known as like a cover artist. I guess that’s one label that I wouldn’t want to be called this cover artist What can we look forward to you from the near future 2013. I’m gonna focus back on my Youtube channel, which I’ve neglected for the past couple years no touring this year, but I will be doing some like little shows here and there like I’m going to Hawaii next week.

In February March, Im Gonna Go

to Malaysia and Singapore, , Korea and Japan in the summer time and hit Europe for the first time so you will be I wouldn’t you’re not touring yeah well yeah so I would a tour for me is like you know the grind just like city after city after city for a long period of time. So now why have you decided to start focusing back on your Youtube channel again. Whereas before it had been neglected. I’m inspired now The last six months of 2012 was a time for me to feel very confused about myself. I think what I was looking for was a creative spark.

I Never Thought It.

I didn’t think it would come back but luckily it did I kind of understand myself a little better. Now it’s just about growth. I think I think everyone needs to be growing in all parts of their lives to be able to feel like you’re in one piece. Hey this is David Choi thank you for checking out my interview.

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David Choi has a typical day that starts off with the dump . Choi says he would rather have a girl approach him than to sit at a table over here and stare at him . Choi: “I just kind of like the more natural like meet somebody they just say hi and then we meet we talk and then get to know each other and then I’ll be like you know hey let’s hang out, but for the most for t’s sake I don’t really like approaching that much.& I think it’s it’s tough for everybody isn’t it even for David Choi Yeah. I think so I mean at the same time not like the type of guy who goes out and I’m trying to get in the girl’s pants and stuff right you know I’d rather have them come up, but it’s not the case. But I would rather to have a girls approach me. It’s tough. I just want to say hello and then talk and say hi to each other, but I would like to hang out…. Click here to read more and watch the full video