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Stop Trying So Hard To Be Someone

you’re not don’t let anybody else try to bring you down or make you second-guess yourself. There is not one person on the face of the planet who can replace you in honor of International Women’s. Day UK launched the hashtag Dear Me campaign where female Youtubers made videos giving their younger selves advice wait. They went back in time to give their videos to younger versions of themselves. No that’s impossible oh right yeah yeah.

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Of Course They Just Sent Videos

back in time. I’m Jamie putito and I’m about to show you the best deer meat clips on Youtube Welcome to hashtag news. We have the top female UK contributors posted videos that will undoubtedly be wonderful learning experiences for their younger viewers. Lilly reminding us that being normal isn’t important but being yourself is if I could go back. I’d.

Embrace All Those Differences And I

think as as you grow you realize that those differences make people awesome stop worrying about being normal. Lacey are you making us all feel better about our insecurities. Girls feel so much pressure related to their looks and every teenage girl that you know right now is going through the same thing that you are the pressure to measure up but take it from me. The old are you but you are good enough you always have been and there’s so much in store for you in the future. Rebecca Black yeah that Rebecca Black but you know let’s just pretend it’s not telling us that we shouldn’t sweat the small stuff first things first stop being somewhere in yourself that one bad hair day or failed test isn’t going to matter in a week or a month or even years The girls.

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That Turned On You Or The Rejection Youre

pasting from that one boy will be soon forgotten and it’s for the best if you’re looking for other great dear me videos Youtube release this highlight okay Dear Lindsay dear Lily beard bunny from long long ago did me hey I’m a female Youtuber. I should give this a try dear me just be yourself don’t let what other people say get you down also when you go to prom with Kyle and senior year try your best to hold in that fart that’s going to walk or it’s a condition. I think the lesson we can all learn from these videos is that the difficult times will pass and even if you don’t think so now your life can turn out really great and that’s it for hashtag news thank you so much for watching this video and go ahead. and subscribe if you loved it and you want to see more videos that I love doing for you check out our Dear me article on new media Rockstars, calm for more coverage and check out the links in the description for those full Dear me videos guys.


In honor of International Women’s.& Day UK, female Youtubers made videos giving their younger selves advice . They went back in time to give their videos to younger versions of themselves . The hashtag Dear Me campaign was launched by the top female UK contributors of the Youtuber community . The videos were uploaded to YouTube in honor of the International Women’s Day UK campaign . The campaign is part of the #DearMe campaign to raise awareness of women’s rights and gender equality in the U.S. and around the world . To see more videos from the campaign click here: Dear Me. Day UK and #DearMyDay . For more from the and @Youtububers please visit and @MyDayUK and @OurDayUK. For more videos, please visit our profile page/ and/ ….. Click here to read more and watch the full video