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Alright There Everyone Democrats Are Admitting That

President Trump has won his battle with Occasio Cortez and Ilhan Omer and that he is nothing less than politically brilliant that’s would be talking about on today’s video We’ll also be looking at what many commentators are missing that adds even more to Trump’s political genius but first as you know we are always incurably optimistic on this channel, but optimism is never an excuse for failing to prepare in case of emergencies. You never know in a disaster like a hurricane can strike or a mass power outage, and that is no time to rush out to the store only to be greeted by chaos and empty shells. So one of the coolest investments that I’ve recently made is getting a two-week emergency food supply from a good friend of this channel and that’s my Patriots apply my Patriot supplies some. The best long-term breakfast, lunch and dinner storages and getting it was so easy. This ship the emergency food supply right to my door and the best part is if you go to my special website.

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off the regular price, so don’t wait till it’s too late get prepared by clicking on the link below and get your 2-week emergency food supply today All right this has not been a very good week for the Democrats. In fact it’s not been a very good month Did did you even know there’s another round of Democratic presidential debates next week. Did you know that if you didn’t you’re not alone because nobody’s talking about it Nobody cares. I mean literally literally nobody care well. Nobody really cared about the last one.

The First Round Of Debates Either But But

now with the second round nobody. Nobody’s talking about it and nobody’s talking about it Because once again President Donald Trump is dictating the headlines. He’s dictating the news coverage. He is a master of the old adage Either you give the media something to talk about or they’ll find something on you. President Trump masterfully dominated what both the Democrats talked about this week and what the mainstream media talked about this week.

Everyone Was Talking About The So-Called Squad

or what Trump has renamed You know the four horsemen before we should have the Metallica tune playing every time. We mention them right horse minute drawing near us sorry this model my Ol heavy-metal days they’re coming back here. Four horsemen being of course Alexandria Okay, Zo Cortez, Ilhan, Omar, Rashidah, Talib and a Jana Presley Okay now these are for admittedly I mean again this is coming from even left-wing circles. These are. Extreme leftist who make even Democrats nervous? I mean these are the true Marxist Diehard believers remember just to give you a sense of how insanely radical Someone like Occasi Cortez is this is a woman who once questioned whether it was legitimate for human beings to still have children because of climate change okay we did a video on it.

She Actually Argued That It Was

a legitimate question as to whether it’s okay to still have children to which we respond yes by all means a UK by means we’ve always abort all leftist liberals to stop having children which by the way they’re doing on their own right that’s. One of the reasons why leftist liberalism is doomed. Leftist liberals have stopped having kids all the while Conservatives are the ones who are still having relatively big families so if demographics is destiny you do the math. Right bye-bye Libby’s but I digress the four horsemen are the squad as they refer to themselves. Are the most radical wing of the Democratic Party and they are an embarrassment okay let’s just be I me again.

Even Mainstream Media Folks Admit This They

are an utter and complete embarrassment for Nancy Pelosi, the Speaker of the House and so she’s been doing everything she can to marginalize them and keep them quiet and out of sight, especially among swing voters who are obviously very very turned off by their radical extremist rhetoric so it must have been things short of a nightmare. A living nightmare for Pelosi” target=”_blank” rel=”noreferrer noopener”>Pelosi to wake up what was a Saturday morning Sunday morning to this tweet firestorm from Trump for grounding. These four radical anti–american Congress women saying you know they all need to leave the country and go back to the countries of. All political and economic catastrophes stop being so anti-american go back that kind of stuff Can you imagine her panic when she discovered on Monday that Trump was doubling and tripling down on those comments during his press conference where he just over and over again hammered their names in their radical political positions and what they’ve said and what they’ve done over no that’s the brilliance of Trump right he even brought up questions at one point about Omar’s marriage to her own brother I mean Trump went full animal on them and can you imagine Pelosi’s torment when she found that the four horsemen held their own press conference for all the world to see where they kept denouncing Trump as this racist oath and he needs to be impeached and then the cable news channels were talking about this 24/7 Blah Blah Blah and by the way. You know there was a Democratic presidential debate Next week you get the point right now We provided analysis on earlier videos and precisely what Trump was doing and now I am delighted to report from none other than Jake Tapper’s Twitter feed Jake Tapper UK of all places.

Im Delighted To Report That Now.

There are a number of Democrats admitting that Trump came out of all this the clear winner and the exact words of one Democrat, who Tapper leaves unnamed Trump clearly quote won this one. He said what the president dot has done is politically brilliant. Pelosi tried to marginalize these people and the president has now identified them with the entire Democratic Party. Another Democrat again off the record said that what Trump did was he effectively stripped the Democrats from all the issues that got them elected.

In 2018 Other Democrats Recognize The Catch-22.

Having to defend these Congress women against President Trump’s what they consider verbal assaults on the one hand, but also trying not to defend what these congressmen actually say and stand for it’s it’s seemingly impossible to ask and it gets even better. Jake Tapper again again. This is UK folks Jake Tapper sources tell him that these four horsemen are all getting primary challengers. In 2020.

The Democratic Party Is Doing Everything They Can

to get rid of them because of course, they are political poison. A recent poll that was conducted by Democrats themselves by Democrats. They’re the ones who did the poll of registered voters in swing states found that the vast majority that knew who orNK] Cortez and Ilhan Omar were and they were really disgusted by them okay. Their negatives are through the roof. Remember Omar has only a nine percent favorability rating nine.

Nine Percent Just Keep That A Mark Nine

on your forehead Whenever you see her right and look The Democratic leadership Pelosi in particular have been doing everything they can to distance themselves from these four Congresswoman and what this Trump do matter of just a few days. What does he do? He makes the four horsemen the official face of the Democratic Party, but even though many commentators are waking up to this political genius as 3d chess Trump is playing here. Remember remember the mainstream media didn’t buy different. They all thought that Trump was just being a careless oh. You know he was just letting his rabid racism get the best of them that’s how they first covered the story.

When The Tweets First Came Out It

took them a few days to even yeah. These are Democrats to actually figure out what he was doing okay. But even among those who recognize finally his political brilliance and all this they continue to miss an essential dimension of his strategy. What they miss is that the poll that was taken by Democrats. A swing voters to find out what they really thought of a was see in OMar that poll was specifically of white voters with little to no college education.

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It Was White Voters With Two Years

or less of college. Now the reason why that’s so important because analysts have found that white voters without college degrees voted for Trump overwhelmingly in those 16-white non-college voters comprised 2/3 of trumps base in the primaries and three-fifths in the general election. Now we made the argument in our first video after Trump’s press conference where he doubled down and triple down on all this we made the argument that Trump was looking not just. Make a UK and Omar the new faces of the Democratic Party. He was also looking at the same time to fire up his base, which means that he was looking to get white voters without college degrees fired up and nothing fires them up like for grounding the blatant double standard of racism and racial denunciation in this nation by liberals that’s what so many of our pundits and commentators are missing you’re allergic because they buy into the double standard Trump is not just trying to discredit Democrats by making Aoc no more the new face of democratic parties doing that and for sure but he’s also firing up his base.

Were Sick And Tired Of The Left-Wing

lunatic UK double standards when it comes to racism and racial denunciation that why Trump’s poll numbers actually went up this week and one poll his numbers went up by. much as five points Trump is firing up his base while at the same time sending the Democrats into a death spiral as one commentator put it if Trump isn’t this clever. Then he has got to be the luckiest president in history as always please like comment and subscribe check out some more awesome accessories that celebrate all things Nationals populist and traditionalists at the links below and of course please click on either our patron subscribe star or Pay Pal links below and consider becoming a monthly or one-time supporter of this channel and help us to continue to analyze current events in light of super awesome genius conservative trends so that you can live in the present in light of even better thing to come God bless.


Democrats admit that President Trump has won his battle with Occasio Cortez and Ilhan Omer and that he is nothing less than politically brilliant that’s what’s would be talking about on today’s video . We’ll also be looking at what many commentators are missing that adds even more to Trump’s political genius . Don’t wait till it’s too late get prepared by clicking on the link below and get your 2-week emergency food supply today and getting it was so easy. The best long-term breakfast, lunch and dinner storages are available at Patriot supplies some. You can actually save over $60 off the regular price, so don’t wait until it’s not too late for you to get it . Click here to read the full video of the Democratic presidential debates next week. Click here for all the latest from CNN Back to the page you came from The Daily Mail Online – Show us your political news from iReport . Back to The Wall Street View…. Click here to read more and watch the full video