Democrats are PANICKING Over FLORIDA Weve Got to STOP the BLEEDING


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Weve Got To Stop The Bleeding Thats What Democrats

are saying as they’re absolutely panicking over the early voting results coming from Florida. In this video, we’re going to take a look at some of the more honest assessments of what’s actually going on with the early voting how the gop is currently leading in counties that Hillary won by 30 points and why President Trump is outperforming in every single county throughout the state. You are not going to want to miss this welcome everyone Dr Steve here with you ready to bring you our latest episode celebrating the inevitable collapse of left-wing globalism and the unstoppable rise of a new conservative age. If you haven’t already done so you know what to do make sure to smack that bell and subscribe button. It’d be an absolute privilege to have you as a regular part of this channel where we focus each and every day on optimism and encouragement.

In The Midst Of All The Defeat

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Here In The Midst Of All Of

the absurd coverage of this election or what counts as coverage from the Watergate media right the biden crime family cover-up media you could still find flashes of honesty and indeed, panicked realization that this election is not going the way the Democrats had hoped or the way the Watergate media is actively deliberately trying to spin it and politico broke the monopolistic coverage of what red Eagle politics likes to call the election Mafia They actually broke through that monopolistic coverage with a rather honest story of what’s really happening out there check out this headline we’ve got to stop the bleeding Democrats sound alarm in Miami and the article goes on to detail how the Democrats are only now realizing they’re only now realizing that they’re losing Florida and they’re losing Florida because of ridiculously low turnout among their key constituent. In Miami-dade County, which is the most populous county in Florida Again. This is from politico check this out. No Democrat can win Florida without a huge turnout and big winning margins here to offset losses elsewhere in the state, but Democrats are turning out at lower rates than Republicans and at lower rates than at this point. In 2016 when Hillary Clinton won by 29 percentage points here and still lost the state to Donald Trump and here’s the real reason why the Democrats are panicked over this and there’s a lot.

Theyre Not Telling You Which Ill

tell you if they don’t win Miami-dade by a massive 30–point you know margin they don’t win Florida and the winner of Florida has gone on to win the last six presidential elections and in fact in every presidential election since 1972. For the exception of 1992 when he had a spoiler candidate Ross Perot in every other election over the last 40 years he who won Florida won the general election. What seems to happen is that the Florida winner goes on to win the rust belt States like Wisconsin, Iowa, Michigan and Pennsylvania. It’s very interesting and so make no mistake. The Democrats are panicked and they’re only realizing now.

To Stop The Bleeding In Miami,-Dade

or their shot now I have to say I find it utterly astonishing that they’re only now waking up to this, you know Jordan Peterson in his 12 rules for life. He often remarked that he thought the number one rule was the living in truth right you’ve got to live in truth that was the most important one because and truth is that which corresponds to reality and when you have a watergate media telling you every day that you’re winning by a billion points that you’re going to win the election with a hundred million electoral votes because everyone hates the orange man and the white off the oval office. The white house. I mean that can radically skew your perspective on reality and it looks like that’s precisely what’s been happening with the biden campaign. This may be a central point.

The Post-Mortem After The Election As We Analyze

what was behind the biden fallout because if you’ve been a regular to this channel and if not make sure to smack that bone subscribe button, but if you’ve been a regular to this channel. You’ll know that the trump campaign has been absolutely killing it in Florida over the last two weeks most especially in Miami-dade County, right now in Miami-dade County, where Clinton beat Trump 64 to 34 Okay. It’s one of the most Democrat counties in Florida. Right now the gop is leading the Democrats 38 to 36 percent Dens led early voting 44 to 30 in Miami-dade back in 2016. the Republicans simply they now they haven’t simply negated that lead the Republicans are actually leading they’re actually beating the Democrats in Miami-dade.

The Republicans Are Beating The Democrats In One

of the most democrat dense regions in. Hillary Clinton beat Donald Trump by 30 points and the Democrats are only now realizing this it’s a tad bit late. You know the elections on Tuesday right now of course that they watch this channel, which I have no idea why a Democrat would, but if they did they would have known that Trump had taken the lead days ago and it’s not just Miami-dade in Palm Beach, where Clinton beat Trump 57 to 41. The gop is beating the Democrats 39 to 37 percent. I mean with Hillary they got 57 of the vote today.

As We Speak They Have 37

percent that’s a 20 point differential. From 2016. the Democrats are 20 points behind their 2016 vote pace and it’s even worse in Miami-dade like we just saw in Miami-dade they’re down 30 points. The Democrats are 30 points behind their 26 vote pace they got 64. vote in 2016 in Miami-dade.

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At Present Theyre At 36 28 Points Behind

their 26 pacing and one of the 2016 pacing and one of the reasons for this is because of trump’s amazing success with the Latino vote, particularly the Cuban vote. We talked about this in yesterday’s video but look at this from Telemundo absolutely amazing. Biden currently has a near five-point lead with Florida Latinos okay let that hit you biden leads trump among Latinos by five points gang gang Booby Clinton won Florida Latinos you ready this for this Clinton won fl Florida Latinos by 30 freaking points and biden is leading by five then you look at trump’s support among Cubans wow 71 of Cubans are voting for Trump only 23 are voting for biden 71 of Cubans support Trump now make no mistake what this means biden simply cannot win Florida with these numbers. stand biden simply can’t win Florida, and this is especially the case given the fact that the Republicans are outperforming their 2016 voting levels in every single county in Florida even in Broward County right where Clinton won by 36 points 67 to 31 percent. Even in Broward County, the single most liberal county in Florida biden is leading trump by only 20 points 48 to 28.

Again By Comparison Early Vote Tally Was

Democrats 55 percent of Gop‘s 22 in 2016. the Republicans are up performing even in the most democrat regions in Florida Republicans are coming out and voting in mass. The gop is outperforming the 2016 numbers in every single county in Florida absolutely stunning. Moreover, the Republicans have passed their 2016 threshold to win Florida Democrats led with 88 000 votes. Okay there’s some discrepancy or ambiguity on that number, but it may be a few.

Thousand Off But Regardless In 2016,

the Democrats led with 88 000 votes on election day November 8th. Okay 2016. Trump ended up winning the day at the end with a hundred and thirteen thousand extra votes, which means that in the end on November 8th, there was a net gain of the Republicans of 201 000 votes right so the 88 000 plus 133 000. They had to make up that 88 000 deficit that the Democrats had the lead that they had at the beginning of the day November 8th, which they did and then they ended up with 113 000 extra votes, so that’s a net total of 201 000 votes for the gop on election day 2016 and so if you apply those numbers to today, all you got to do is subtract 201 000 from the current lead that the Democrats have if the Republicans. are under that number, then they have more ground to cover than they did in 2016.

Theyre Gonna Have To Win More Votes, But

if they’re past that number right they’ve won. The gop has won and and they’ve already passed that number two to three days ago. Right now as we speak. As of the making of this video, the Democrats lead by only about 150 000 votes, and we still have two more days of early voting. So there are some analysts that are basically saying Florida’s done trump won Florida.

Its Just A Matter Of Now By How

much at this point so to make matters even worse for the Democrats. A majority of Democrats have claimed to have already cast their vote 53 percent abide in supporters have already voted as opposed to only 25 percent of trump voters and that’s the tsunami the red tsunami. that we’re going to be seeing in the voting in person early and the voting in mass on election day as I’ll be doing so what’s happening in Florida is absolutely astonishing and so yes. It is certainly panic time for the Democrats while Politico is reporting that they’re Panicked over the bleeding in Miami,-dade and and in Palm Beach.

The Reality Is That Whats Happening

in Miami in Palm Beach is happening all across the state of Florida and indeed in many respects all across the battlegrounds. The electorate certainly is bleeding bleeding red all across the electoral map now before you go make sure to like this video comment down below and subscribe to my channel and you’ll definitely want to check out my latest video. I just uploaded on how Nancy Pelosi is really starting to panic because the gop is within striking.

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We’ve got to stop the bleeding that’s what Democrats are saying as they’re panicking over the early voting results coming from Florida . In this video, we’re going to take a look at some of the more honest assessments of what’s actually going on with early voting how the gop is currently leading in counties that Hillary won by 30 points and why President Trump is outperforming in every single county throughout the state . In the midst of all the defeat is fake news nonsense spewed out by the mainstream media before we get into it. We’re extending the special discount price until midnight tonight. We want so many of you to join us and as many as possible to join the special pricing until tonight. Click on that link below and sign up for the conference again. It’s this Saturday and you’ll be able to enjoy the entire conference in the comfort of your own home. The best way for you to stick it to big tech is to click on that Link below and take advantage of the conference…. Click here to read more and watch the full video