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This Is Amazing Virginia Which Was Recently Written Off

as solidly blue is poised to turn red. In this video we’re going to see how the Democrats are absolutely imploding in Virginia. We’re going to see how the Republican Glenn young in is surging into the final stretches of their gubernatorial election and stick with me to the very end of this video. When I’ll reveal how Virginia may indeed be a bellwether for Republican National sweep like never before you are not going to want to miss this greetings. Everyone doctor stevie great to be with you as always before we begin tonight is the night gang you can’t wait anymore.

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Youll Never Forget All Right Gang Lets Dive

right in here it does appear we’re on the cusp of an amazing victory for the gop in Virginia now as you know Virginia’s largely gone blue over the last few election cycles. But there are trends that are emerging that show that Virginia is indeed turning back towards the Republicans. We’ve got a lot to cover here First a new Fox Bulges came out yesterday that shows that the Democrat Terry Mcauliffe is utterly collapsing. According to this latest Fox news poll, the Republican Glenn Young has taken an eight point lead among likely voters in the gubernatorial race. He’s opened a near-double-digit lead and that’s amazing given that Fox tends to farm out their polling to a left-wing polling firm okay.

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We Saw With Their Ridiculous Trump Polls Last

year that were so far off the mark. So given that young can may indeed have a double digit lead. Now that Fox poll was corroborated by another polls. An internal poll commission by a Republican group. It’s called a coefficient poll and it found that Junkin is ahead by four points.

So Weve Got Two Back-To-Back Polls

that have found the Republican candidate Glenn Young basically breaking away. Here with just days before the gubernatorial election that’s next Tuesday now we seem to be seeing precisely why that is why the Republicans breaking away here there are a couple of different factors. First and foremost. We have to understand that Democrats have been slowly, but surely withering away in Virginia so take a look at this analysis from Richard Barros over the people’s Panda back in 2017 the last time we had a governor’s race in Virginia. Democrats were plus eight in registration today.

Theyre Plus Two Okay So Thats A

six-point decline in the last race. In 2017 the Republican Nick Lespie Red Goles i forget he he lost he barely carried independence whereas Junkin is running away with independence look at these crosstabs. Here young kids got plus 14 we’re parents we’re gonna get into that in a second he’s plus 11 on the economies. plus eight on education again We’ll get into that’s connected with parents he’s plus 12 on crime even plus one uncovered Now there’s a very very important group here that’s not represented that We’ll also get into in a moment. It’s a group that’s growing by the day and it’s overwhelmingly joining the Republican party.

The Trump-Based America First Gop Can You Guess

who that is all right so hold on to that all right let’s first talk about the phenomenon of parents overwhelmingly siding with younkin 56 percent of parents are voting for young the Republican. Now this is something new think about it when was the last time you saw a poll that asked the political preferences of parents. This is what’s so brilliant with these latest series of polls and of course this is because of the insanity in Virginia surrounding particularly Loudoun public schools in Loudoun. Not only did the school board there try to shove critical race theory down the throat to students against their parents expressed wishes. But then a shocking revelation came out that the school board actually covered up a rape in a girl’s bathroom by a supposedly transgender boy.

So The Whole Issue Surrounding The

insane of our public schools has become ground zero in Virginia and parents are overwhelmingly siding with patriots on this one with the traditionalist con conservative side, but call of obviously signed his own political death warrant when he came out against parental input on the curriculum that their children are taught in schools. He deferred to the credential class as the new lords and masters of education and parents should obviously have no say in that you’ll be comforted in knowing that the left-wing activist disguised as journalists over at the Washington post they agree. Mcauliffe I mean after all who are you country Bumpkins to interfere with our ideological brainwashing of your children F you As one president of a California school board would say all right and what’s so interesting Here is that this is just the beginning as the demographic discrepancy between rural Americans and cosmopolitan Americans continues to widen where rural folk are having kids and cosmopolitan liberals largely aren’t we’re going to find a new thoroughly Republican voting demographic grow larger and larger and larger and that is the patriot parent. In fact, Dick Morris is calling the political mobilization of parents. The New Tea Party movement right patriot parents are fast becoming the political energizers for 2021-2022 and a manner comparable to the way the Tea Party movement was in 2010 when the Republicans crushed the Democrats in the midterms and this is where Jenkins campaign I have to say has been so brilliant.

Hes Tapped Into An Issue That

a hundred percent of Republicans are passionate about as well as the vast majority of independence and boom You’ve got an overwhelming majority look at this from Marasmusa. 76 of adults are concerned that public schools may be promoting controversial beliefs and attitudes. 58 of them nearly 60 are very concerned Now is it any surprising Junkin is leaving the call of behind in the dust but here’s the real kicker you ready for this there’s a demographic and those of you who’ve been with this channel now for some time you. Who this is you’ll know the answer to this already? There’s a voting demographic that we’ve been tracking with for some time now and their massive movement towards the trump-based America first Gop Who am I talking about non–college graduates right Blue Collar non–college graduates. This is a voting demographic that is utterly crushing the democrats and it’s ironic because they were rely reliably democrat for decades they helped make Iowa, For example, one of the most reliably blue states in the Union no more that’s over at least since 2016 working class Non–college graduates have been moving in mass towards the new Trumpian Republican party look at these numbers that we’re seeing today as compared to the last Virginia gubernatorial race in 2017 the Republican candidate who lost to Ralph Blackface Northum Ed Gillespie there he is ed glassy.

He Won Whites Without College Degrees By 27

points today. Whites without college degree by 40 points nearly double. This is why the Democrats hate the rule working class So much it’s because the rural working class have abandoned them in droves and are bracing the new Mega base America First Republican Party and the reason why this is such horrific news for the Democrats is that only 36 of our population graduates from college only 36 percent and they tend to populate and condense centralized urban areas, whereas non–college graduates tend to spread out across the country and so the electoral college disproportionately favors a major Republican demographic. This is why analysts at CnN are admitting that not only the Democrats doomed in 2022, but president trump will most likely win re-election 2024 and when all is said and done it’s because this increasing political polarization between college grads are generally Democrat non–college grads who are becoming disproportionately Republican.

Growing Rural Populations Are Rising.

Urban populations are falling and it looks like Virginia may indeed be the bellwether for what the new political map is going to look like and it’s going to be very very red. Now to make this even sweeter you’ll definitely want to check out my latest video on the democrats Panicking over how the gop has already flipped a bunch of blue seats red it’s gonna absolutely make your day what a way to start off the weekend right so make sure to click on the link and i will see you over there God bless.


In this video we’re going to see how the Democrats are absolutely imploding in Virginia . We’re also going to reveal how Virginia may indeed be a bellwether for Republican National sweep like never before . Click on the link below right now to get 50 off your tickets, but that offer ends at midnight tonight . You literally have hours left to take advantage of our 50 discount on our upcoming patriot live event on November 12th and 13th, it’s a virtual event where all patrons should come to learn how to lead their.& families to freedom without sacrificing your beliefs, values and God-given rights . Click here for a virtual weekend at the event to go to to get real optimism know exactly what to say about politics to your aunt and I’ll see you for the virtual weekend. Click here to get a virtual Saturday night. You’ll never forget all right in here. Click the link to get your final chance to get the 50 off tickets and I’m looking forward to a virtual…. Click here to read more and watch the full video