Demon Girl 50K a week selling farts and 10 reasons women ruined dating


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is joker with a face for radio and a voice for print today. I’m gonna I got three or four stories. I’m gonna do them long form per usual on locals. I’ll chop them up here for Youtube first one I want to talk about is again you know I come out with these about every six months and it’s just another example of why is anyone surprised that men are not dating. Why is anyone shocked that men are are seeing more and more options or lack thereof and are deciding not to date anymore.

Whether Its The Green Hair, The Pink Hair,

the blue hair, the shaved head, the i’m Bi i’m pants, I’m, I’m all these different acronyms and nouns and everything else and the other thing is that I honestly believe women are cheapening themselves to the point where they’re making themselves undesirable and so this first one. I I love this thumbnail. The first story is about this but I actually have a couple really good stories. This is like three stories that I want to go over um that really illustrate the the example even better, so the first one women branded as demon after getting her eyeballs tattooed. This is just from like what a week ago and you can see she’s got the whites of her eyeballs inked black she’s got.

I Dont Know If I Dont Know If

they’re braces or this isn’t really good at adjusting. Photos here um let me see if I can go back to my title. I don’t know if those are braces Don’t see any string yes enjoy this woman’s gaping mouth. I don’t see any string these just look like butterflies and oops. I scrolled it too far these just look like butterflies and fangs and facial tattoos and you know um and I think she doesn’t have the split tongue.

At First.

I thought she did that’s just her bottom lip. She doesn’t have the split tongue at least but look when when you do this to yourself guy girl anybody first thing. I’ll always say you do you but but keep in mind you are limiting you are limiting what you do for jobs dating how other people of society are going to look at you you’re definitely pushing putting yourself you know in the the freak category. And if you guys are like this again go for it, but I gotta be honest if I see you, I’ll be nice to you.

Ill Be Polite To You.

I will treat you like an adult, but somewhere in the back my mind is gonna be wow. I’m just saying this and honestly if somebody like this. They would have labeled her like the lizard girl or the the tattooed Weirdo that’s in the carnival shows like she would be a freak in a carnival show just I think maybe in 30 years ago 40 years ago, say Kirsten Milligan has no plan stop looking to get the other side of her face. Inked in January so she’s going to get the other side of her face.

I Guess To Match This One Good On

you. A woman who has spent thousands on extreme body modifications have revealed that. People call her a demon and strangers come up to her in the street and say they hate her tattoos, but she wants even more now first good on you for hey if you love them then love them, but why is this a story? I got a buddy of mine and we’ll call him Mike. Since I don’t want to out him, but I’ve talked about him before big red beard bald like I am except he’s like six two and probably bigger than 250 pounds like 280 pounds. I mean he’s a big boy tats on his neck and his knuckles in the back of his hands.

I Think He Said The Only

place he has left to do a tattoo is his face his head and like his his brush zone and he’s not going to get that but other than that like he’s got. I don’t. Know 40 or 50 like he’s almost head to toe. He doesn’t care he does not care what people think about him so if she’s the same way great, but then why is the story being written about her and not my buddy Mike? Because they go forward seeking attention seeking validation and journalists today have 150 000 worth of school debt and they really have nothing else to do so they have to come up with some sort of story to sell to rags to try to make an income so anybody will write about anything apparently, but there is a point to all this just bear with me Earlier this year, 22 Kirsten Milligan from Houston, Texas decided to add collection of body art by having her eyeballs tattooed. There are people that have gone blind from that the dancer who earns a fortune on only fans where’s.

My Button I Am Shocked Shocked Well

not that shock Oh there you go now again the I did not. I read this first paragraph. I have not read past year again it’s always so I can give a a genuine response, so we’re both we’re both reading this for the first time together. So I did not know she had an only fans yup so she’s a dancer only fans became interested in body modifications at age 14 and got inked a year later at 2014. that’s 15 years old, she got inked and in Houston Texas.

Im Pretty Sure Under The Age Of 18.

Here in the United States, you must get parental okay to to have any mods or any but then again. You can also be a boy and turn into a girl and a girl into a boy without parents permission so who knows at. This point, in addition to tattoos She’s also spent around 15 grand on fang and breastical imp plants as well as piercings in the the nip zone tongue, both nostrils and bridge of her nose. Now.

I Probably Could Say That Word,

but I always find it fun to try to come up with a new word for something so I know a lot of guys. I know a lot of guys really like the the the the nippers getting um some a little bit of metal in them not a bad look. I I gotta admit. I always want to know um I always knew I wanted to look like this. I’ve had this vision in my head since I was young and finally fulfilled it who has over 690 thousand thousand followers on Tick Tock.

I Said It Again.

I’ve said it before I’ll say it again Tick. Tock is cancer if you are dating somebody and they’re like Oh yeah hold on I gotta do a tick tock video or I gotta post this on my instagram constantly like I mean if you take a pretty picture of the scenic background and wanna post it on instagram. I get it I do that myself, but if you need to get that validation constantly I hey, but you know what at least I’m punching up since she’s literally got almost three times the amount of followers that I do um and and if you ever wonder why if why I say women have easy mode is because I I feel like I work pretty hard for you guys to get views and apparently all you have to all she has to do is show her her nip, Barbells and um and be nice and she can get 690. 000 followers and probably makes a lot more money at it than I do.

She Says The Way I Looked

before compared to now I feel so much happier now let me pause here and say okay. I’m all right with her doing this. I’m glad that she feels happier, but if it takes body modification and tattoos and drastically altering your appearance to be happy or feel better about yourself. There is a very deep underlying issue that’s my opinion on it now I’m no I’m no psychologist, psychiatrist or or anything. I’m just some idiot who likes to talk a lot, but there’s part of me that says hey you know what maybe there’s something she should look into a little bit here because for me I would think she’s a pretty girl except for everything now me personally and her like her right arm is jet like.

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Jet Blue Black, Which Is Basically Black

after it fades um from her inking I just for me you’ve you’ve definitely put yourself in a place in society. She might be extremely intelligent, questionable, but she could be, but if she becomes a lawyer would you hire her if she were your doctor or your nurse would you hire her no probably not and yes yes you may say it is unfair to judge people based on their tattoos like this. I mean I know the Maori in New Zealand have facial tattoos um and but there is a cultural and significant historical background to that for me, though um I don’t know maybe it’s wrong of me. Maybe this is old man joker with the the not feeling like this would be okay to have this person as your attorney or your doctor or something where really like your freedom and or your health might be in jeopardy now you guys let me know I mean if I’m off track. I’ll.

Ill You Know I Wont Say That Im

not necessarily incorrect in in the way. I feel about things but I don’t know you guys let me know thumbs up if you agree with me comment down below if you disagree me with me before I had no self-love or even understood who I was now. I feel I understand myself the most and have the most self–love and confidence okay so maybe she did this as a healing moment. She said when some people see my eyes they stare and point and say nothing others. Ugly looks and some will straight up get my face and say they hate it now.

I Doubt People Are Going Up

nose to nose with her and saying they hate it But um hey, you know that’s the risk you take now have I had people make fun of me because of my height yep have I had people make fun of me because of my baldness yep all that kind of stuff happens the difference is I didn’t choose those things they were chosen for me genetically. When you make this choice, you are going to get some snapback. I mean that’s just the way it is, but she seems to be okay that she seems to be okay with it and for that I is fine. But the point is here again that this is starting to become the selection that men have there’s more and more.

Mental Issues With Women Theres More

and more challenges. She’s an only fans girl Let’s take the tattoos aside let’s say because I I find some tattoos attractive across the face and the butterflies and the shaved eyebrows and the you know the the bull ring nose and the vampire fangs no that’s a bit too much for me gotta say but some of you guys might be into that whatever but let’s take that aside she’s got an only fans She’s got tick tock with 700 followers 700 000 followers. You know she’s doing it for attention you.

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Joker says women are cheapening themselves to the point where they’re making themselves undesirable . He says men are seeing more and more options or lack thereof and are deciding not to date anymore . Women branded as demon after getting her eyeballs tattooed . Joker: “Why is anyone surprised that men are not dating anymore. Why is anyone shocked that men … see more options and are choosing not to dated anymore. It’s just another example of why is anyone surprising that men aren’t dating.& I’ll always say you do you but but but keep in mind you are limiting what you do for jobs dating how you do it. How do you date how you want to date how do you want you to date. How I want you dating how I like to date what you want. How you want me to date when I want me. I’m not dating. I don’t date how I want it to date my way back to date again. How it’s not your way back…. Click here to read more and watch the full video