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Today A New Cbo Report On The

federal minimum wage bill the Democrats move forward on trump’s impeachment trial and the wokest of the woke woking woke woke Super bowl. We’ve got a lot to get into and it starts right now happy Monday welcome to the news and why it matters I’m Sarah Gonzalez. It’s going to be an interesting one today because we are joined by Eric July Blaze Tv contributor. Also you can find him on Youtube at young Ripa59 and Elijah Shaffer host of slightly offensive here on Blaze Tv. You can also find him on Youtube.

Sometimes Sometimes You Can Find Him

on youtube. Sometimes he’s you can’t find them yes sometimes they hide them or delete them yeah, but for now you can sort of find Elijah shafer on Youtube as well. All right let’s get into the headlines today and I just want. to I just want to preface this with I actually am going to read the the CBo report. I’m going to read from my phone because I did not plan for it to be in the show, but I’m so annoyed by people on twitter that I have to get into it with you guys because I’m really it truly is mind-boggling how stupid some people can be on the federal minimum wage bill of course that was proposed by the Democrats is 15 federal minimum wage and the CBo.

The Congressional Budget Office Did A Report

as they often do which by the way if we’re looking at history history has proven that whatever the CBo says that something is going to cost it actually costs way more than that of course it’s never it never just is capped at whatever the CBo thinks that it’s going. cost so let me just put that out there? But they say that increasing the federal minimum wage to 15 an hour by 2025 from the current level, which is seven dollars and 25 cents an hour would cut employment by 1. 4 million, but it would reduce the number of Americans below the poverty line by 900 000 . So I’m not like a huge math person, but it seems to me lifting 900 000 people out of poverty, but then slashing 1. 4 million jobs and of course again.

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This Is From The Cbo So You

have to think this is on the conservative side of things not conservative, but they’re they’re guessing conservatively . You have to you have to believe that that’s going to be more again not a math person. Don’t see how that adds up to can we do a group count think tank. Yeah yeah please okay, so let’s think about this this is this is where we this is why we went to college, so you said that it’s going to. It has not gonna lift 900 000 people out of poverty, but it’s going to cost 1.

4 Million Jobs.

So theoretically it’s going to put 500 000 people out of work entirely so you’re basically just swapping over who you’re screwing right except one group had some money now a new group has no money right exactly okay. I can do this so we’re just flip-flopping who it is that’s going to live in poverty. Because you have to imagine the 1. 4 million who are losing their jobs not going to not going to be too happy about having to live but hey livable wages and all that um of course this has not stopped Ilan Omar and some others who.

Obviously In Support Of The Federal Minimum Wage

bill by tweeting out minor details being lost in their tweets, You know she tweeted out that this new report. Hey raising the federal minimum wage will lift 900 000 people out of poverty and then that was it that was that was that was the end of the tweet it didn’t she didn’t add on the the 1. 4 million jobs lost course minimum wage has always been this highly emotional topic. Economic it’s reeks of economic illiteracy. It always has because it operates under this moronic assumption that if you just increase the pay of certain people, businesses would just sit there and swallow the costs and you wouldn’t make any adjustments just lose money.

Its Effectively Lessering Their Their Profit Margin

and what have you though we know in reality that’s not how it exists see first I’ve always thought. that what CBo or really anybody does in which they try to predict this kind of thing is it’s anti–economic because you can’t really predict that stuff because you’ve got to look at economics in form of human action not just with numbers and dollars and cents They can’t possibly predict that which is why often they get it wrong On the opposite side. We know how minimum wage we’ve historically known considering how since really it’s inception how it’s been used to really price people out of the market that’s what it effectively does but the the leaders or the politicians they don’t have to lead with any sort of economic literacy. Hell AoC somehow graduated with an economics degree believe it or not which goes to show that yeah economics, but no it shows you there’s the keynesianism that they teach them in in school is quack it. anything because they could come out thinking like that? But it’s purely emotional and it operates under a false sort of economy that doesn’t really exist primarily one in which the market or rather the business owners or the people that are paying those particular wages would not make any adjustment and that would be the only way that it would make sense is if no business will make any sort of adjustment.

They Will Just Pay The People That Are

making at that particular wage double. If you go from 7-25 to 15 depending on where they’re at and they would just make no adjustment to that. I say this as someone that was in like the gym industry Before all of this, you know I became this political commentator and which when the Obama thing happened Obamacare thing in which yep you had the mandate and all. of that we were having to slice people’s hours or bringing more soul people from part time in the full time, eliminating the part-time guys because we were not going to sit there and pay for their their health care wouldn’t make any sense for us to do that that’s an adjustment that sucks because you have some decent workers who had no problem didn’t even want the damn health care in the first place, but that’s sort of the situation that we were dealing with back then so obviously we were making adjustments. Then people are going to make adjustments there and it’s so frustrating from anybody with any sort of economic sense to see them continue to pontificate with this whole entire minimum wage theory which doesn’t make any sense because if it did why would you ever stop at 15 if it meant boosting people out of.

Why Would You Stop At 15 Why

not 20 30 hell? Why not a hundred dollars an hour? If that’s how it works. I guess we can stop it like in in the words of our rest in peace, Dr Walter E e Williams If you know instead of giving these guys all this foreign aid that we give them we just need to tell them in Bangladesh to raise their minimum wage and then everybody will be out of poverty that’s how it works. I love that learning a lot today actually from think tanks to helping the Indians get out of poverty. This is a great day no and I I mean besides you pretty much hitting all the nails on the head. There the interesting thing that you have to see is the minimum wage is the great deception It’s like the the forbidden fruit in the garden of Eden.

It Seems Like Itll Give You

knowledge it’ll help you, but in reality it actually discourages business and what we’ve saw what we’ve seen during the pandemic is when we were shutting down businesses to save the economy. What we were doing was transferring wealth from small businesses and private equity into large and major corporations and into the elite class right. We saw a transfer of about 1. 7 to 1. 9 million trillion dollars.

I Should Say From The Middle Class And

small business into these large corporations like Amazon. Now of course. At the end of all this Jeff Bezos steps down as CeO my work is done for the global elites. I’ve already trashed small businesses. You know what seemed.

To Be For Our Protection And

to help Americans get by was really about a strategic move for the great reset and changing the way our economy worked taking power from the people. So when you look at something like this, it’s much less complicated and you go well. You’re helping 900 000 people while hurting an additional 1. 4 million. The simple math is there but that’s why the politicians don’t give you the simple math.

They Just Give You The Money

value and the amount of people that are helped by it to intentionally deceive you so people like Ilhan Omar are wicked. They are intentionally deceptive. They are working against the American people and it’s just like it’s just like a child predator who offers candy out of the white van it’s like the kid goes oh well. I want free ice cream and it’s like but the. Kid doesn’t realize what’s going to happen can ruin him for the rest of his life and what these politicians are doing to us is similar to that they are violating us.

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They Are Taking Advantage Of Us

and they are destroying us in a way that is intentional so that they can rebuild the country and the way they want it. I’m not fooled, but yeah well. Unfortunately, there are a lot of people who are and I think that you know I keep it drives me nuts, but I keep reading the term thrown around livable wage livable wage. I’m like whoever the hell came up with this term. It doesn’t mean anything it only means what you want like a livable wage to you whoever it is that’s saying that they deserve more money and they want to force companies or force have the government force companies.

To Pay Them More Since Theyre

not worth that much in the first place okay well if livable wage to you means you live by yourself. You don’t have a roommate. You want to drive a nice car that you want you want to go get your nails done you want to go out with your friends in the weekend like it’s like okay, but livable wage is just a made up stupid freaking term so that you can prioritize whatever the hell you want to do with your life and you don’t have to take responsibility for living within your means yeah no. That is a meaningless term much like the whole minimum wage and how it impacts or rather, how they utilize or how to pretend that that would work liberal ways the same exact way in that it is a meaningless term when it comes from them. Considering the fact that there’s no such thing as a livable wage? What’s the level of the we believable to me excuse me will not be livable.

Maybe To You.

People have kids people have a certain debt that they have piled up themselves. There’s no such thing.


A new CBo report on the federal minimum wage bill . The Democrats move forward on trump’s impeachment trial and the wokest of the woke woke woke woke Super Bowl . We are joined by Eric July and Elijah Shaffer host of slightly offensive here on Blaze Tv.& We’ve got a lot to get into and it starts right now happy Monday welcome to the news and why it matters I’m Sarah Gonzalez.& Also you can find him on Youtube at young Ripa59 and also you can also find Elijah shafer on Youtube as well. We’ll talk about the Super Bowl in New York City, New Jersey, Washington, New York and New Jersey . We’ll also feature a new iReporter for CNN, iReport: Newscores the best of the Please submit your questions to the top of the list of stories you’ve heard from your favorite….. Click here to read more and watch the full video