Dems Pursue Another FUTILE IMPEACHMENT Stunt as Trump Approval Rating SOARS


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The Democrats Pursue Another Feudal Impeachment Stunt As President

Trump’s approval rating soars in this video, We’re going to take a look at the latest absurdities to come from Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer. How President Trump‘s approval numbers have actually gone up from last week and why it is that our nation is looking more and more like it’s made up of two completely opposite worlds. You’re not going to want to miss this greetings. Everyone dr steve here with you wonderful to be with you as always we are here to give you conservative hope in the midst of turbulent and trying times by analyzing current events in light of conservative trends. So you can think better and feel better so if you haven’t redone so you know to do make sure to smack that bell and subscribe but we’d love to have you as a regular part.

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click on the link in the description below and sign up for a free 30-day. Virtual shield VPN today or again let’s dive right in here The Democrats are stepping into the impeachment Fiasco again it’s pretty astonishing given what a disaster it was for them last time they tried this now This was precipitated Shall we say by the Pelosi’s and Schumer’s call for vice President Pence to invoke the 25th Amendment against President Trump. The 25th amendment of course involves the allowance for the vice President. The majority of the President’s cabinet to declare President Trump and well any president unable to perform his duties in light of the degeneration of the president. ‘s physical or mental cognitive abilities to successfully execute the office they could basically take over for him and while there was so much banter.

According Anonymous Sources, That Pence Was Seriously

considering that most agree this is patently absurd Even CnN is admitting as much Mike Pence and Trump’s administration. are simply not going to invoke the 25th Amendment against the president they never would, and certainly not in the last week of his presidency and so now the house has resorted to hastily drafting articles of impeachment against the president, which by itself is very telling because my namesake Jonathan Turley, professor of law George Washington University. He pointed out that the fact that Schumer and Pelosi are calling for trump’s removal either under impeachment or under the 25th Amendment is very telling and that’s because they’re completely different standards that address completely different issues. One impeachment involves high crimes and misdemeanors which Trump objectively did not even come close to doing the other involves physical or cognitive disability again, which Trump doesn’t qualify for so not only are impeachment. The 25th Amendment being treated as interchangeable, which legally they are not but neither happens to apply to trump.

So As Turley Points Out This Is Just

a clear case of the remedy rather than the legal standard being the focus here. In other words, the laws being objectively weaponized by the Democrats. In order to bring about a desired end it’s a kangaroo court nothing more and in addition to that a number of pundits and attorneys are coming out and they’re saying quite openly that this is nothing more than a colossal waste of time. Alan Dershowitz. He’s noted that this impeachment is dead on arrival in the Senate.

In Fact He Argues Its Not Even

going to make it to the Senate, and even if it were taken up it would have no chance of passing. Since the Senate requires a two-thirds vote to convict and no there’s no impeachment trial for a president after he’s left office. So The whole thing is pure absurdity and very dangerous for the future again returning to my namesake here Jonathan Turley is making a very good argument that a snap impeachment is a constitutional contradiction. Impeachment was designed to be a deliberative not impulsive act and the Democrats are setting the precedent of an easy impeachment that will obviously be used against them. When the Republicans take back control of the house, which will most likely happen as soon as the next midterm election in 2022 campaigning for which starts just a few months from now and Turley isn’t alone on this Breitbart’s reporting that one unnamed Democrat is stating the rather obvious that this is a stupid move that’s going to come back to bite the Democrats.

Its Not A Matter Of If Its

a matter of when the very weaponized standard they’re using against trump is going to be. used against them so what the hell are Pelosi and Schumer pulling off here well. One argument that Pelosi is giving is that she wants to make sure that President Trump can never ever run for office again. She wants a conviction so that he’s effectively barred from ever seeking elected office, but of course the key there as Pelosi readily admits the key is that Trump has to be convicted that’s simply not going to happen not in a million years. It’s simply not going to happen.

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So Shes Living In A Fairyland.

She’s a larp at this point for Evans and she’s pretending that she’s doing something really really really important when all she’s doing is what she’s always done just wasting taxpayer money as well as further divide the country and that’s exactly what House minority leader Kevin Mccarthy is saying impeaching the president for the second. time with only days left in his term that has no absolutely no chance of succeeding is purely provocative. It’s nothing more than a provocative act on the part of Pelosi and Schumer and will only continue to divide our country all the more now speaking of the division of our country. If you can believe it and I know you can, but as all of this is going on.

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President Trumps Approval Rating Has Actually

surged even as the Democrats are demanding pence invoke the 25th Amendment and threatening another impeachment vote. Newsmax reporting that harassment poll found that approval for President Trump actually rose after last Wednesday’s protest to 48 percent. In fact, Newsmax reported that Trump’s approval soared to 51 on Thursday night as part of a rolling survey. As of today Monday. The 11th President Trump’s approval remains a solid 48 percent and pundits are predicting.

That Were Democrats To Go Through With Passing

another meaningless impeachment resolution that would just have the effect of only hardening President Trump’s support so what’s going on here? Why do we have what seems to be pretty obviously too fundamentally opposite and polarized world here within our nation well before we answer that we are currently setting up a number of different alt tech sites so that we never ever lose touch with each other and we would love to share with you all the different sites that we’re on and that you can find out by simply clicking on the link below and signing up for our alternative media directory. Now this is a directory going. It’s going to make sure that you can find precisely the alt text site that we’re on that’s just right for you and best of all you’ll learn how to think better. and feel better but without the threat of censorship, It’s absolutely free, so make sure to click on that link below and sign up for our Turley talks. Alternative media directory today all right so what’s at the heart of this massively increasing polarization going on here in the United States well at the heart of this clash between two different visions of reality and I think that’s really what it is right it’s it’s a difference of reality at the heart of it is a a massive transition.

A Tectonic Transition Away From 20Th-Century Politics, Which

centered on ideology where either you were a capitalist or a communist or republican and a democrat. It was highly ideological and economic as well in terms of politics. We’re moving from a politics 20th-century politics that was ideological to a 21st-century politics which centers an identity on the re-awakening. The central importance of nature, culture, custom and tradition to that identity. This was originally argued by Sam Huntington of Harvard University recognized back in the early 1990s that we were moving from an ideologically based politics to an identity.

-Based Politics And The Problem That Were Facing

right now as we speak is that our political class okay so the political economic you know big tech media, Hollywood elite or collective political class is still stuck in the old politics. They’re still stuck in a world where politics revolves around ideology and the ideology that they are pushing is of course liberal globalist ideology. The ideology that reimagines the human person as a sovereign individual devoid of any national or familial or traditional religious allegiances. A sovereign individual that is redefined solely in relation to one size fits all globalist political and economic system made up of western liberalism corporate. lifestyle values and human rights However, scholars such as Matthew Goodwin have recognized that the new politics, the politics of identity, the politics of nation, culture, custom and tradition that indeed has taken root and is indeed growing by the day in the midst of what we simply call the people the populace and this growing rift between the people in the political class between the old ideological politics and the new identity politics is precisely what’s animating and growing the massive populist revolt that we’re seeing all over the world so.

This Is Why At Least In

part. This is why our globalist elites in the mainstream media and the Democrats and the rhino Republicans the political class. This is why they see the world so radically differently than we do? They operate according to a world that’s defined by their values. Their concerns their interests that increasingly have nothing to do with the values concerns and interests of a wider swath of the people and so the alienation between these two groups, the political class and the people the rulers and the rule. The Oligarchs and the ordinary American continues to widen and the more it widens the more the people turn away from the political class and the more the people turn away from the political class.

The More They Will Turn To People

like Donald Trump, who will more and more be representing the new politics of the 21st century that promise yes they promised most assuredly that the old politics of the political class will inevitably and thankfully be left behind now before you. Go make sure to like this video comment down below and subscribe to my channel and you’ll definitely want to check out my latest video. I just uploaded it on how Twitter stock plummeted today as what many are calling the big tech coup ends up backfiring you’re not going to want to miss it so make sure to click on the link and I will see you over there God bless.


The Democrats pursue another feudal impeachment stunt as President Trump’s approval rating soars in this video . The Democrats are stepping into the impeachment Fiasco again it’s pretty astonishing given what a disaster it was for them last time they tried this now . This was precipitated by the Pelosi’s and Schumer’s call for vice President Pence to invoke the 25th Amendment against Pre-Presidents . This is a limited time offer to sign up for a free 30-day VPN today or again let’s dive right in here . If you’re not using a VPN or virtual private network on your desktop tablet or mobile device while browsing the internet, then you’ve really exposing yourself to a lot of potential danger but protecting yourself online . Do not wait for the 50 off all VPN plans and all premium add-ons so do not wait. Click on the link in the description below and sign up to the offer to buy a free VPN today for a Free 30-Day.& Virtual Shield VPN today and again ….. Click here to read more and watch the full video