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Today, The Biden Administration Advocates For Hormone Treatments For

trans kids while rolling out gender neutral passports if that isn’t crazy enough. Uncle Joe also plans to tap into the oil reserves to deal with higher gas prices. It’s almost I don’t know it’s almost like there’s something else that we could be doing that we’re not doing that the administration is not letting us do but what do I know I’m not a gas expert. We’ve got all that and more coming up and it all starts right now welcome to the news and why it matters. I am Sarah Gonzalez and I am joined by the dynamic duo.

It Is Supergear Host Of Stu Does

America and Pat Gray, host of Patrey unleashed. Both of these people you should be listening to you should be subscribed to on audio podcasts as well as Youtube and it’s been a while since you guys have been on together it’s been it’s about time it’s about time people are demanding it did you did you riot. We did. There was that we did hold a antifa type rally burned down three stores but it was mostly peaceful mostly mostly peaceful Yeah. We didn’t burn down a thousand stores right there’s still stores standing today Yeah in this general area um okay, so i this is a really good day for you guys to be on.

I Want To Get Into Theres I

feel like every day the trans stuff gets worse and worse and worse that we have to deal with and um. There’s a lot of it today. So the White house has come out. advocating for early trans surgeries and saying that hormones are crucial for kids and teens who identify as trans. This was a messaging released today and the White House actually flagged a resource from the office of the Assistant Secretary for Health on Transgender day of visibility which I don’t do do We know is like how many years this has been going on.

Im Not Particularly Sure The Transgender Day Of

visibility. I feel like that’s a relatively new day probably next year it will be a holiday. We might get the week off for it. I don’t know if you don’t take the week off you’re a hate monger you’re a transfer transphobic yeah that’s what I hear which you know I’m just saying I agree with that I would actually take a week off for this holiday. I don’t know what it is or what it means.

But I Will Take A Week Off For

it. I don’t know what it is. I don’t know what it means. I don’t support it. I will take a week off for it.

This Is They Say Intended To Quote

inform parents and guardians, educators and other persons supporting children and adolescents with information on what is gender affirming care and why it is important to transgender non-binary and other gender expansive young people’s well-being, which is always important so let me let’s show the the chart that they have here so affirming care. They have social affirmation at any stage when is it used at any age or stage Puberty. Blockers are used during puberty hormone therapy. They say is you it should be used early adolescence onward and they say it’s partially reversible and then to gender affirming surgeries top surgery bottom surgery and the like and when. used it says typically used in adulthood or case by case in adolescence.

They Do At Least Notate That That

one is not reversible um So this is like they’re going all in when it comes to this um I want I think just a little bit. I want to give you. I want to give you one other story here so the binding administration is also while this is going on they are rolling out gender-neutral passports so in April, U. s citizens can choose x as their gender on their passport instead of either male or female. Are you are you going to make the change as soon as it happens.

I Mean Ive Been Incredibly Disturbed

over here since I’ve tried to get an ex passport and they wouldn’t give it to me really. But now finally I’m being freed yeah I’ve been trying to get an Xx. Xy because the chromosomes I thought were significant here weird I’m like there should be another X right that’s how we’re a why it’s supposed to work um If this works like Zielinski’s spelling it should be an yeah. It’s a fascinating thing to watch as it as it happens though I incredible I was there was that article that came out it was last week from Usa today. That said scientists have no idea how to tell what a woman is they they can’t come to a conclusion um you just didn’t see that you didn’t see this they had this big thing where like after the katanji Brown Jackson question happened.

Usa Today Wrote A Whole Column About

how scientists agree there’s no way to tell what a woman is um that’s true Oh my god so you of all people of all people how do you not. Know about this? This is the greatest article of all time. This would be easy hour for both of you on the show just reading it and going through it because it’s incredible and they try to walk you through and of course, so instead of just doing what we always do right. You know we’re conservative shows we’re saying, hey like let’s look at the obvious here. We know what a man and a woman is like for us.

Its Pretty Obvious Right Like I

have a new puppy. I know that puppy is a girl. How do I know she told you no I didn’t she didn’t bark out a gender. I just knew and we know how this works. But I that you know most of the time.

I Feel Like I Stopped There.

You know it’s like okay that’s enough of their their point is so. Dumb but I decided to look into it and in this article they explain the six ways six different ways to tell what gender someone might be and a lot of them are the things that you’ll be shocked to hear. We bring up all the time like you know birth gender and you know chromosomes and things like this and there’s a couple in there that are just sort of like you know innocuous, but again would be things we’d probably accept largely the last one though is secondary sexual characteristics and I’m like this is what where we’re going here right yeah like this is what they’re doing they’re saying you know you can only tell if it’s a woman well. You know this person might have all the other five things would be the traditional version of a woman, but the sixth one is secondary sexual characteristics.

What Could Be Anything So I Decided

to look up what those were long lists of them of course and you’ll be here here’s what they are it’s stuff like men have broad shoulders right like men are taller and stronger have large women have larger breasts than men Wow. This is all this is all news to me. I had no idea but like all of them. When you looked at even that category and then you look at leah Thomas, which one are you going to say she is you’d still say she’s a man yeah right I mean so even in their like convoluted way of trying to figure this out the the same determination comes to the to the forefront and we in there they they quote expert after expert after expert and none of them seem to be able to figure this out not the gender studies experts none of these like highfalutin academics have any idea with the exception of the biologist who’s basically like yeah in the law like you have to deal with sex man man woman like basically agreed with our analysis, but it did strike me as one of the problems we’re going to have with this going forward is no conservative in their right mind would go. Through an entire career in school and work their way up to be a gender studies expert that’s insane right and what is happening is dumb Journalists get in there and they have to get a quote from a gender studies expert and they go to them and they’re all crazy liberals.

Theres Not One Conservative In The Field.

I guess maybe deborah, so you have like no she’s not even a conservative, but like there’s nobody out there for them to quote except these evil people who get banned from amazon so they just keep churning this out and it winds up feeding itself over and over and over again, and this is how you get documents like this that are somehow approved by your government. It’s so crazy pat let me just let me let me add in a few other quotes that they said it’s to me. It’s like so egregious what they’re what they’re trying to advocate for the children they said for transgender and non–binary children and adolescents. Early gender affirming care is crucial to overall health and well-being as it allows the child or adolescent to focus on social transitions and can increase their confidence while navigating the health care system transgender surgeries, hormones and affirmations are important because these procedures have been shown to increase positive outcomes for transgender and non–binary children and adolescents.

Weve Come So Far So Fast That

you can’t even get your head around this stuff anymore. We are three years removed from the World Health Organization considering transgenderism a mental disorder three years ago they stopped how old were you. In 2019, I think I was four um I. It has happened with such rapidity that I I could you couldn’t have guessed that we’d be in this. Ten years ago and I I don’t know why necessarily I I guess we’ve gone from point seven percent of the population being trans to about 87 percent of the population and so you know we got to accommodate them now that’s a lot of surgery.

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This Was Something That Was Illegal.

Nobody did it Just years ago you had to go to holland or something to get a a sex surgery and now you can do it at 7-eleven. I think we have trans surgeons at 7-eleven now Yeah. I think you can stop in for a big gulp and sex changes. You get a free slurpee yeah that’s a great deal yeah.

If You Fill Your Gas Enough

times you will give a punch it is it has happened really really fast unreal and to the extent that it’s you know I one thing. I think is mildly. of this is and maybe it’s because it’s gone so fast. Maybe this is a positive thing in this in this way just because yes all the crazy pressures are there.

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Yes People Are Getting Banned And

all these terrible things. But I do think this has hit people as obviously incorrect right where some of these issues some of these issues I think wind up being these they turn into this like you know we were talking about this a little bit before we went on the air because we’re cool people We were talking about abortion and it’s just become a political issue. People don’t even think about it anymore.


Stu does America and Patrey unleashed are joined by the dynamic duo of supergear and Pat Gray . The dynamic duo discuss the White House’s transgender policy and why it matters . Hear how the administration plans to use the oil reserves to deal with higher gas prices . Patrey says it’s almost like there’s something else that we could be doing that we’re not doing that the administration is not letting us do but what do I know I’m not a gas expert.& We did hold a antifa type rally burned down three stores but it was mostly peaceful mostly mostly peaceful. We didn’t burn down a thousand stores right there’s still stores standing today.& I don’t know how many years this has been going on. I feel like the trans stuff gets worse and worse and and worse that we have to Deal with and um. It’s about time people are demanding it did you did you riot. We’re not going to burn down any more than you should be doing it….. Click here to read more and watch the full video