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So Theres Theres Something Interesting Thats Happening With

the Johnny Depp Amber heard case they both have appeal so let me first start by asking a question to all of you out there why did Johnny Depp appeal the verdict right most people say well he won he won why would he appeal and I want to make it very clear why he appealed so we’re going to talk about the why he appealed and why it makes sense and all that type of stuff. So I want to I want to definitely get into that let’s talk about the appeal. So Johnny Depp filed a notice of appointment. Amber heard filed a notice of appeal. So let’s start with a quick recap.

Johnny Depp Sued Amber Heard For Defamation

and Amber heard then sue Johnny Depp for defamation in what’s known as a counter suit now after the six-week. We all know what happened right? Depp was awarded 10. 35 million dollars in damages. Amber Heard was awarded two million dollars in damages. Now that’s important Amber heard did win two million dollars for her defamation claim and Johnny Depp won 10 million dollars for his defamation.

Claim Now Amber Heard And Her

lawyers have been saying they were going to appeal right after judgment came down they were out there saying we’re going to appeal. We’re going to appeal. We’re going to appeal and then they filed the notice of appeal now that wasn’t the actual appeal, but it was just saying hey we are going to appeal and we’re giving the court notice that we’re going to appeal and Johnny Depp’s side we’re going to appeal. Here’s the official notice and that appeals obviously that notice for appeal is to overturn the 10. 35 million judgment.

Johnny Depps Judgment.

Now during the appeals process. Now this is where everyone’s getting confused I’m going to try to break it down. I know there’s some lawyers saying one thing. Some lawyers saying another thing this is what it is.

I Dont Care What Anybody Else Is Telling

you. This is what it is so during the appeals process. Right amber heard is going to appeal and she’s and during that process of her appealing, Johnny Depp can execute his 10. 35 million dollar judgment that means he can go and start collecting on that money which owed to him the way Virginia. Does it is that they don’t allow somebody to just sit back and wait during the appeals process.

Because If I Won The Trial Right

let’s let’s think about this trial. It’s been about two years for Johnny depp to get to trial and this after a six-week trial you’ve. If someone could just appeal and hold your money up for another two years that wouldn’t be fair to you right that wouldn’t be fair to you. So Virginia says okay well listen if you appeal you got to give that money up right you we’re not you you can’t just now keep holding it up because like 90 of appeals. Don’t even work anyway? So why are we gonna hold his money up for an appeal that likely is not going to win? So Virginia says okay if you don’t want the person to collect put up an appeal bond put up what’s known as well what’s known as suspension bond so essentially if Amber wants to stop Johnny Depp from collecting that 10.

35 Million She Can Do It By Posting Whats

known as a suspension bond and suspension bond is essentially what it says you’re asking for the court to suspend Johnny from being able to collect that money now to do this right to stop Johnny from being able to collect. During the appeals process, Amber would have to put up the full 10. 35 million dollars plus six percent interest, and she’s got to give that to the court and the court’s going to hold that and when the court holds that money it’s essentially whoever wins that appeal gets that cash and Johnny would not be able to then you know do all this execute the judgment on Amber because the money’s already there now Amber’s attorney’s already said she don’t got that money so i don’t think she’s putting up an appeal bond but a lot of people were saying in commentary that Amber and I want to be very clear. A lot of people were conflating this thing that Amber heard needed to post the 10. 35 million dollars to be able to appeal and that’s not the case.

Shes Able To Appeal Whether Or Not She

posts that. 10. 35 million dollars, but whether Johnny Depp is able to collect that money from her execute that judgment against her that’s what the appeal bond is that I think was the amount of confusion that was going on out there now I want to be very clear. Amber does not have to pay that 10. 35 million dollars to the court for the appeal.

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She Only Has To Post That Amount

to stop Johnny from collecting on judgment, but now a lot of the commentators for this issue have forgotten one thing. Amber has a two million dollar judgment against Johnny Depp so she’s she’s got two million. She’s got a judgment too and this leads us back to the question that I kind of posed. At the beginning of this conversation is that why did Johnny Depp appeal well that’s because Amber has a 2 million judgment against him and there is a chance. Even though I think it’s a small chance.

I Dont Think Its Really Going To Happen

that there is a small chance. Amber heard can win her appeal unless they get a new trial or get it overturned and if that happens let’s say that was to happen. If Amber heard won her appeal. Then you could have a scenario where Amber heard gets a new trial and Johnny’s 10. 35 million dollar judgment is gone.

But In This Scenario If Johnny Doesnt

appeal her judgment her 2. million judgment, then she would still be good. She would still have the two million dollar judgment, so his 10. 3 would be gone and then she could start collecting on her judgment right and if you don’t appeal within a certain time you wave that right so Johnny essentially had no choice but to appeal the two million dollars because if she wins, then she would be able to collect the two million dollars from him and his 10 million dollars would be gone so strategically. He had to appeal her two million dollar judgment as soon as she put the notice in to appeal his judgment.

So Depps Lawyers Filed Their Notice Of

appeal. The day after Amberstein filed her notice of appeal. They did it the next day and that makes sense right it’s like you’re doing on day one the next day. I’m filing mine too because. I don’t want to be left holding the bag the strength of the appeals are interesting.

I Think Johnny Depps Appeal Is Stronger Than

Amber heard’s appeal for two reasons Number one. I think Amber heard’s appeals they’re they’re essentially first amendment appeals right first amendment First Amendment First amendment First Amendment, which are good but I think a lot of those have been reconciled with this with the Virginia Supreme Court. So I think her appeal is a little weak in that sense and obviously, she’s going to throw in the jewelry stuff and we’ve seen a little bit of her appeal in her post-trial emotions because that’s essentially what that was that was her appeal that was her first shot at the appeal with the judge and now she’s going to go up the second one. The second part. I want to talk about is Johnny Depp‘s appeal.

Think His Appeal Has A Little

have better legs to it and the reason why I think is because Johnny Depp’s appeal is about whether he can be held liable for an independent contractor.’s words so essentially the jury said Johnny Depp is being held liable for what Adam Waldman said and Adam Waldman‘s independent contractor. So that attachment of Johnny Depp’s liability to someone else making a statement about him that I think is a live issue now the appeals court may say hey you know it’s jury is done it’s done it’s done, but I think that’s a relevant legal issue that I think Johnny could win, but on the back side. I think Amber’s appeal is weak but again appeals generally are for losers, so I wouldn’t be surprised if both sides lost but we’ll see just imagine the irony If Johnny Depp wins and Amber heard. loses the appeal that would be interesting or the reverse? So this case is kind of far from over until the appeals court speaks and you’re going to have about another year with that and let’s let’s think about this too what about the insurance company do you think the insurance company because now the insurance company is like yeah we want to get out of this right.

We Dont Want To Pay Nothing Right

she lost you got travelers. She’s already out eight million dollars then you have the other insurance company, New York Marine who got she got a million dollar policy with but they’re saying well she willfully did that she did that intentionally so why should we be in the hook for that you know and then let’s not forget you got to pay for lawyers though you got to pay court fees you got to. pay for those transcripts which are probably going to be between 50 and 100 000, so there’s a lot of money involved in this appeal right on both sides another question I’d like to ask you guys Do you think Johnny should post the bond the 2 million bond or should he not because Don’t forget Amber can still collect her two million dollars from Johnny Does Johnny post the bond with the six percent Who knows right would you now that’s interesting right it’s interesting because she owes you ten you owe her two and she can kind of separately collect on your two and you’re trying to collect on her. It’s like it’s a weird situation but that’s Virginia law and We’ve got some more stuff coming out about this case. Let me let me let you guys listen to this Kate Moss piece so yesterday Kate Moss.

Did A Radio Interview With Bbc

and she was talking about why essentially she testified on behalf of Johnny Depp and her testimony was like quick right. They didn’t even ask me questions what happened and she was there to dispel the rumor that Johnny Depp threw her down the stairs because amber heard put it out there that oh. I heard Kate Moss and the stairs and automatically my sister would you know protect my sister from being thrown down the stairs, so that’s why they bought Kate Monson because they were like you know she she made the inference that Johnny Depp had thrown Kate Moss down the stairs and then Kate Moss had to come and say well no that that there was no rumor that any that absolutely didn’t happen. I don’t even know where she’s got that from so let me play Kate Moss’s interview.

History Supported You At The Time And Youve

done the same for them. In 2011 you backed your friend John Gagliano after he was found guilty of racist abuse. You also testified on behalf of your former partner Johnny Depp. In his recent libel trial.

Those Gestures Could Have Backfired On You

and what made you come out on their behalf. I believe in the truth and I believe in fairness and justice. I know that John Galliano is not a bad.


Johnny Depp sued Amber Heard for defamation . Depp was awarded 10.&35 million dollars in damages . Amber Heard was awarded two million dollars for her defamation claim and Depp won 10 million dollars . Both Depp and Heard have appealed the verdict . The actor’s lawyers have been saying they were going to appeal right after judgment came down they were out there saying we’re going to . appeal and then they filed the . notice of appeal . The notice for appeal is to overturn the 10.35 million . judgment. Amber Heard did win two million . dollars and Johnny depp’s side has been saying it was to appeal . Amber heard and her lawyers said they were . going to appealing right after judgement came down. They were saying we . were to appeal. They said it was just saying hey we are going to appealed and then that wasn’t the actual appeal, but it was simply saying hey they are to appeal and Johnny Deppel’s side we’re to appeal to the court ….. Click here to read more and watch the full video