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Hello People Of Podcast Land Welcome Back

my guest Today is none other than Derek Siver’s writer, entrepreneur, programmer Fascinating human. He is one of the best guests I’ve ever heard on Tim Ferrissí show so I’m very fortunate to have got ahold of him and sit him down on the big stage obviously modern wisdom. So yeah had a long list of questions to go through today, including what have you been working on recently get to find out where Derek’s been spending his time when are you going to Finally release the now three books that he’s been sat on excellence in life and how he perceives it. Why nuance is where truth lies rather than in as simple and succinct answer values and how they can both guide and restrict the way that we operate why it doesn’t matter that we only live for a short period. of time and in 50 years no one may even remember our names.

Oh It Was So Good Derek

man thank you so much for coming on it was phenomenal. I already want to do another one in other news. If you are new here, Don’t forget to hit the subscribe button you will receive one episode every Monday and every Thursday with the world’s most fascinating humans delivered directly to your listening device of choice but for now please welcome the wise and wonderful Derek Siver’s Derek Siver’s in the building. How are you man any particular building will do yes I am in a building you are in the building you’re in our building today that’s true. I mean you’re our audio building thank you for having me to your audio home thank you very much for joining us so as a man who says no to a lot very glad that he said Yes to coming on this podcast.

Its Been A While Since Ive Heard You

put out an audio podcast. I’m very honored to be the guy that we’ve re-entered 2012 with well. It’s a 2012 Adam 12 2020. You can see it’s been a long day. Yeah I really really like what you’re doing with modern wisdom and I really like your topics of conversations So these days when somebody asks me to do an interview.

You Know Ive Got Nothing Im Promoting Or

pitching, so it’s all about the quality of conversation and you sent me some really interesting topics of conversation thank you yeah. It’s um. There’s two two types of guests. I found during the podcast one guests who do the due diligence and then jump in and then there’s another type who like to really go deep before we begin about what we’re gonna be talking about and both of them. I find to have their have their merits but yeah It’s I’m really looking forward to today to the the listeners.

Ive Been Going Back With Derek Since November

time before I went to Bali before I went to Greece and I’ve. been thinking about all of these different questions, so we’ve We’ve got a big breadcrumb trail of stuff that we’ve been thinking about but the first question that I’ve got for you is what have you been working on recently if you were to update your now page today, What is say Ah I have been programming um up until Christmas I was working maniacally on my next book, which is called how to live which I’m so bleep excited about and I was seriously doing like 15 hour days of writing, which I think you’re not supposed to do for health reasons, but I would just get out of bed. At 6 a. m. and I would just write and write and write and write and write.

You Know Had Stopped For Lunch And I

just write until I would drop at midnight and I was doing that for months. On end and I was so into it, but then around Christmastime My assistant reminded me that some other things having to do with my first and second book are on hold because they’re waiting for me to program some things for the translators and the store so ever Since Christmas I paused I said what would it be now March something so two and a half months for two and a half months. I’ve been doing nothing but programming every day probably again programming the the store where I’m gonna sell the books directly from my site programming a translation system to manage all the translations of my books and stuff like that. I’ve just been in programmer head which is one that’s cool I am I had Stephen Wolfram on the podcast awhile ago you know Stephen. I met him when he was a teenager and I was.

A Little Kid I My Dads A

particle physicist. We were living here in Abington, England and Stephen Wolfram. My dad tells me I don’t remember this but when I was five. I had dinner with Stephen haven’t seen him since then you should reach out to him. Stephen for the people for the people who don’t know who he is go back and listen to the episode just search Stephen Wolfram in the modern wisdom page.

But That Is A Man Who

has really really optimized the ability to code as much as possible. You know he’s got a special laptop harness, where he can go for a walk. While he’s still while he’s still coding, which just looks like the maddest thing you got this guy with essentially a baby stroller attached to him, but instead of it being a child. This is just like some Python. Or some Wolfram Mathematica or from hunger whatever it is? But you know? I did a five-day long walk in the forests of New Zealand and I had so many thoughts.

During That Time.

I for one I just enjoyed it so much just walking walking walking through a gorgeous forest felt like yeah. This is how life should be like if you can get away with it. This is a great way to live to spend most of your time walking through a gorgeous forest and I but then I have other aspirations in life. You know I there’s a lot of things.

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I Want To Write And There Things

I want to read so reading while walking. I think we’ve solved that pretty well with audiobooks, but writing while walking in I can’t do that yet I’d like to that would be maybe like a skill that one. Practice, you know the way that you decide like okay? I’m gonna start speaking Portuguese or you know learning to play the sitar. You would start at the very beginning, and you would understand that you’re not expected to know how to do this thing today, but yeah something like this idea of writing through voice and like recording your voice instead of having to write down visually you know and typewriter and see it in front of you that would be just a very different skill to to learn, but it seems like it’d be really useful like I think we have between the voice recording and voice recognition dictation software. I think we have the tools where it’d be really really viable to do this as your main method of writing is to just do it orally.

Its Very Appealing Um How Much

of it is the. Being outside and how much of is it is the movement because you could get you could quite easily get a treadmill desk. You could get a true runner desk, which is one of those sounds powered Yeah. I think it’s it’s the combination. It’s a bucket because I mean you could also say if it was just the outside.

You Could Say Okay.

We’ll set up your laptop on a picnic bench outside. So now I think it’s it’s the bullets it’s the walking outside too forced cut I’ve never I think I’ve tried to treadmill once in my life and it just felt like the saddest thing and we we use them as a as a negative metaphor. Don’t we like you know how’s work it’s just you know the treadmill yeah you are right it’s badly branded they should rebrand so that’s what you’ve been working on. Recently you’ve been programming and writing Am I right in thinking that your how to live book is that a descendant of the directives that you wrote Yes child, the love child of the directives Yes and if you have read the book by David Eagleman called some s um it’s.

Its An Homage To That Book.

Some is probably my single favorite book. If there’s a page on my website where I collect my notes from every book. I’ve read since 2007 it’s silver stork slash book and I think there’s 300 something books There now that I’ve read and so I take detailed notes whenever I’m reading something and so some is the number one book at the top of that list. Because I have it sorted with my top recommendations up top and I wish everybody would read that book I just think it’s one of the most brilliant creative think piece books.

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Its Its Like 40 Little Short Stories Just

two to three pages long, each each one answering the question what happens when you die and so it’s it’s it’s a recent reimagining. So it’s 40 different answers to that one question okay and I just love that format so much where you know. Chapter 3 will say when you die you’re you know you awaken in the Great Hall it’s just empty and you find out that God is a creator. He’s not a manager you know he tipped over the first Domino billions of years ago and he’s on to other things. He doesn’t even know we exist you know chapter 6 when you die you find.

Out That What You Knew As Your

life was actually just an artificial intelligence program. You are an artificial intelligence program and so I just like this. This idea of 40 answers to one question. Each one two really disagreeing with the previous chapter because it’s just a reimagining of the different answer and so my book. How to live is an homage to some it’s using that exact same format to answer the question how to live it seems like your approach to writing your approach to content production in general at the moment based on if anyone goes to civets dog you can see it’s lean is how I get describe it that’s a diplomatic way of putting it it’s lean right there’s there’s very very little fluff and the directives that you came up with I think her list of 120 essentially instructions we have a series.

On This Podcast Called Life Hacks And That

is essentially directives for Gen X, who have an UK in the pocket and probably thirty quid to spend and yeah it’s it’s seems to be very very lean very no fluff I wonder if that’s something that you’ve developed recently or whether that’s something that you’ve always liked to do what you’ve always liked it kind of remove the fluff Hmm if you when people come visit my house. I’m living here in Oxford now when they come to my house the first question. Most people who come in ask is do you live here because it’s just empty yeah to me I feel quite settled. I mean look I have a couch that’s that’s kind of big for me.

You Know A Couch So Yeah.

I think the minimalism goes through all aspects of my life, but when it comes. To writing, I think it’s just considerate, I think the more you say the less people hear or.


Tim Ferrissí is one of the best guests I’ve ever heard on his show . Derek Siver is a writer, entrepreneur, programmer, programmer and author . He has been sat on three books on excellence in life and how he perceives it . Why nuance is where truth lies rather than in as simple and succinct answer values and how they can both guide and restrict the way that we operate why it doesn’t matter that we only live for a short period. of time and in 50 years no one may even remember our names. In 50 years we may not even remember us names. We’re here to talk about our experiences and why it’s a 2012 Adam 12 2020. I really really like what you’re doing with modern wisdom. So as a man who says no to a lot very glad that he said Yes to coming on this podcast. I’m very honored to be the guy that we’ve re-entered 2012 with well. And it’s the guy who says yes to…. Click here to read more and watch the full video