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Elon Musk Is The News Whether Its Buying Or

not buying Twitter robots that move about like Joe Biden or trying to solve the Russia Ukraine War Musk is a news machine so is he right is he wrong should we listen to him. He’s coming on our show guess which side we’re on here hello there you six million Awakening wonders thank you for making it a nice round number. We appreciate you we love you thanks for following us. Here remember to subscribe remember to turn on the notification Bell and now join us every day on Rumble Not Bumble Pervert not Rubble, which will be what’s created. If these wars go ahead on Rumble streaming every day at this time in-depth looks at the stories that the mainstream media will not tell you New Perspectives brilliant experts Beyond left Beyond right let’s get into today’s news.

Elon Musk Did A Poll Presenting

a potential solution to the current conflict between Ukraine and Russia. Like all people my sympathies lie with those suffering as a result of this conflict, so that’s just my opinion so you know, but Elon Musk is presenting potential Solutions and is facing a backlash as a result. Not least from President Zielinski himself. Let’s have a look at this story in detail and ask ourselves a few fundamental questions. One Does.

Elon Musk Have The Right To Say

whatever he wants two should people be looking at potential diplomatic solutions to this current conflict and three What do we mean When we say we support Ukraine? Are we to assume that we mean support Ukraine up to and including a nuclear conflict. I’m not saying that we shouldn’t I’m saying that if we are going to then we should be aware that that’s. What we’re doing because there’s a difference between changing the picture in your bio putting a sticker in your window and living in a post–apocalyptic hellscape so I’m not saying Don’t do that some things are worth dying for some things are worth dying for but you should know that that’s what you’re doing on Monday Elon Musk prompted an online row with Ukraine’s president after he asked Twitter users to weigh in on his ideas to end Russia’s War now Some of you will say well what was Elon Musk who does he think he is and Musk” target=”_blank” rel=”noreferrer noopener”>Elon Musk is a unique figure in our culture past. Steve Jobs part Donald Trump part Richard Branson what is this guy. Elon Musk is a figure that could only exist now evidently a genius in a number of areas.

Hes Doubtless A Controversial And Polarizing Figure He

Garners affection and following. Other billionaires do why is that? But he also attracts criticism that no other corporate and potentially invisible powerful billionaire figures attract Why is that what is the meaning of Elon Musk in a tweet Musk suggested un supervised elections in four occupied regions that Moscow has falsely annexed after what it called referendums If you’re going to have an election make sure it’s properly run and that all the votes are correctly counted and there’s absolutely no skullduggery right kids. The votes were denounced by Kiev and Western governments as illegal and coercive Not only was it illegal. You forced people to do it. Russia leaves if that is the will of the people must grow okay seems like a sensible selection.

Im Certainly Not Claiming To Be

an expert on that complex geopolitical situation. We’ve done numerous videos about the history of the region UK escalation potential sabotage. We’ve done lots of videos on this subject and I just want to clarify again and again my sympathy lies with people that suffer as a result of War full stop the Tesla Chief Executive also suggested that Crimea, which Moscow seized in 2014 be formally recognized as Russia that water supply to Crimea be assured and that Ukraine remained neutral. He asked Twitter users to vote Yes or NO to his idea so far. It seems to me that a powerful figure is using his platform in order to provoke debate now.

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I Suppose.

This is up to this point how can you disagree with that do you want the Twitter sphere and the world of Instagram to be entirely limited to profanity and idiocy and inanity Oh Happy Meals football in space. I’m quite interested in that football in space and Happy Meals Ukraine present Vladimir Zielinski weighed. In on Twitter and asked with a poll which Elon Musk do like more one who supports Ukraine or one that supports Russia so obviously that he’s agitated by that response and what we’re being invited to do there. I would say is like you know for me.

Zielinski Seems Like A Heroic Figure Then He

used to be a comedian. Now he’s running a country. You can see why I’d be into that idea, but also with Zelenski If you look at what’s being asked there is for blind unquestioning support Now I don’t think blind unquestioning support is a good idea sort of ever. I mean even it was a member of your family or something like I’m gonna blindly and angry you might do that emotionally he might say I don’t even care if they murder someone I’m just going to love them till the end of. time but some people you would hope would remain objective and neutral in that situation.

Ultimately, Dont All Of Us Want

that war to end. Ultimately, Don’t all of us want a peaceful solution. Ultimately, Don’t all of us want the individuals of this world and the communities of this world to be free from suffering and for people to have the ability to run their own lives. I know that’s what I want let me know in the chat let me know in the comments now we are in a complex conflict that is becoming more conflict that doubtlessly involves certain Financial interests and imperialist interests on both sides of the argument. It seems from my perspective as an uninformed Observer that Putin does not respond well to escalation.

He Doesnt Behave Like An Ordinary Strategist Given

that he’s a Russian and they are famously great at chess. He. Don’t seem to be like a Casper of like figure that you do this but I do that He’s more like Ah I’ll bite my finger off like so when you’re dealing with someone like that you can say well. I’ve got principles. I’m going to carry on with my principles or you can say what’s likely to be best for the planet overall.

Now I Think Elon Musk Probably Has

such expertise, Excellence, Brilliance and Ingenuity in so many areas Oh people want cars to be like this do them like that people want rockets to be like this do them like that people want flamethrowers. People want you he’s gonna come up with so many ideas and people seem so interested in his opinions that It’s Perfectly Natural I imagine for him to say well how would you solve this conflict. I mean, Don’t all of us do it, but it seems what he’s proposing is a potential diplomatic solution that would put an end to the conflict. If it’s like well We, Don’t want to completely to a bully yeah well it’s in school. This is like a potential nuclear war, so I’m not saying Don’t support Ukraine up to an including nuclear Armageddon maybe that is your position if it is your position, Declare that I don’t care if there’s a nuclear war.

Ive Put The Sticker In The

window. I’ve changed the picture in the bio and if it means that all our pets die in the garden and for 50 years the soil is untillable. I am willing to die for it that’s a question that I think you need to sit with sponsorship hey have you noticed that big tech companies are now masquerading as privacy. companies just fix your privacy settings turn off app tracking and you’re all good are we supposed to suddenly believe that the Big Bad Tech Wolf has now turned into a sweet grandma. Oh No I wouldn’t Pry Big Tech feeds on your information.

They Cant Stop Themselves Looking At What

you do online Oh you dirty. When you use the ExpressVPN app on your computer or phone you hide your UK address. So websites can’t use it to find out your real location or track what you do online. It takes just one click. How hard is that just one click to protect up to five devices.

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com forward slash brand to get an extra three months on a one-year package that’s ExpressVPN. com forward Slash brand that is how I keep the big Bad Tech wall from my door, you Saucy bastard and then what’s the reality of. views and actions in the Ukraine Russia conflict well. This is interesting in response to the criticism.

Musk Said He Continues To Support Ukraine, But

he fears the Kremlin will eventually escalate and trigger a nuclear war. If the fight expands to Crimea, which Russia currently controls as evidence of his support for Ukraine. He pointed to UK funding of Starlink in the countries and internet Network spacex’s out of pocket cost to enable and support Starlink in Ukraine is 80 million dollars so far. Our support for Russia is zero dollars. Obviously we are pro Ukraine.

He Wrote In A Tweet So On That

basis. If It’s true seems like he’s pro-ukraine and He’s got an opinion that’s PRo diplomacy and the real problem is that there’s a very simple line that you’re supposed to tow around This subject, which focuses on the thing that’s obvious the suffering of Ukrainian people is bad as obvious that’s called fatic that’s when something is so obvious you don’t need to say it it’s obvious that so what he’s trying to do is open discourse into areas that are more complex now do you want to just focus on the Happy Meals and the football in space or are you a grown-up me? It’s a bit of both actually I want the Happy Wheels on the football and I want to be a grown-up. I don’t want to be tyrannized into dumbness by a state and centralized big Tech Alliances with the state. The Simi is an idiot just. Eat my mush potentially in space trying to retake Crimea will cause massive death probably fail and risk nuclear war.

This Would Be Terrible For Ukraine

and Earth, which I believe is where we all live so there you go that’s certainly an interesting perspective from Elon Musk. This is George Beeb from responsible statecraft Elon Musk is Right perhaps not in the particulars of the peace settlement for Ukraine that he recently proposed for his millions of Twitter followers such as settlement can only be determined over the course of multi-dimensional diplomatic negotiations, but Musk is right that if things in Ukraine can continue along their present course. The United States and Russia are headed toward a collision that could have catastrophic consequences for all parties to the conflict and for the world and he is right that America‘s approach to this mounting problem requires an urgent adjustment how. of you agree with that Musk appears to grasp what the Biden Administration does not that Putin is not following the script We’ve written for him in Ukraine. That script involves a calculation of costs and benefits that will lead him to back away from confrontation with the United States and UK.

Musk Has Done Much To Help Ukraine Defend

itself against Russia’s Invasion. Now he’s doing Ukraine the United States and the world of service. In highlighting the need for a diplomatic track to accompany the military pushback we’ve employed so.


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