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Today Will Donald Trump Be Back On Twitter Elon

speaks and the White House encourages protesting outside Supreme Court Justices homes. We’ve got all that and more coming up and it all starts right now So welcome to the news and why it matters. I am Sarah Gonzalez and it is a it’s a family reunion kind of day. It’s a family day so we have chad prather holding a messed up family bro yeah. It’s like our uncle’s not here because like we killed him in that dui accident and we didn’t tell anyone about it, but it was a real real deep family secret Obviously also Elijah Schaefer host of slightly offensive you can find both of them on Blaze Tv as well as Youtube, which you should be subscribed to both of their Youtube channels and their audio podcasts um so I feel like it’s gonna be.

A Fun One But Also Im Not Sure

if the Youtube crowd will be able to find the full show over there. We’ll see I sense some censorship. We’ll see how it goes I’m giving the results of my HiV test too halfway through the show you got the facts too yeah. I got it I was like you said to talk about something positive. So I decided I would bring my test onto the show at home wow I can’t wait for those results um I feel like maury Povich all right so Elon Musk was speaking.

I Believe This Was Yesterday At Ft

live and he finally opened up about what he thought about Trump’s twitter ban and here’s what he had to say about that I do think that it was not correct to ban Donald Trump. I think that was that was a mistake because it. It alienated a large part of the country and did not ultimately result in Donald Trump not having a voice. He is not going to be on truth social as will a large part of the sort of the the right in the in the United States and so I think this could end up being frankly worse than having a you know single forum where everyone can debate the point that I’m trying to make which is perhaps not getting across is that there is that banning Trump from Twitter didn’t end Trump’s voice. It will amplify it among the rights and this is why it is morally wrong and flat-out stupid.

So I Would Say First Of

all. I just love watching him in things like this because he’s just such an oddball on Twitter, he just seems to be like such a big weirdo and then. goes on these interviews and he’s like very stoic and professional it’s called autism Sarah Asperger’s to be perceived but it’s like wow. He’s very strange on the internet and then in person he’s got a disassociative personality. There’s a diagnosis for that yeah I mean that’s fine it’s just still weird to see but um okay so it’s obviously true that it is it was immoral to have trump banned from Twitter.

Banning Voices Is Obviously What Drives You Know

young people to be increasingly radicalized not just young people, but everyone um seek out voices on the fringes because you go wait a second why is this person being banned. What do they have to say that’s so bad and scary I’m going to go dig deeper into that um but I mean look I mean I don’t know that I agree that trump’s voice being amplified was. Like a bad thing um I actually do okay, I actually do you not. I I’m indifferent. I guess on it.

It Was So Amusing To Me Well.

It was amusing while he was president right now He’s not president have you felt like you were kidding yeah They’re so funny. They are funny but again he’s not the president so then we were getting some information that the media was withholding so we kind of felt like we were getting an inside you know there. He is 3 30 in the morning butt naked in the west wing sitting on the toilet and he just decides to tweet something out. You know freshly spray painted orange with a little whites around his eyes where the goggles were and a thong tan you know the tan line right there and he’s like bam there.

It Is Tweet And Hes Like.

a laser pointer to catch you know and the media just follows it around everywhere for the next 36 hours. He controls the news cycle now Now. I mean what’s he going to reveal is there anything I mean but but I would say that it’s just the fact that anything that he tweets he can literally as you’re saying he can be on his toilet tweeting something and golden toilet. I might as well hit tweet and just send leftists over the edge.

I Think Thats Funny For Me

when he has his little thumbs and he pulls him out. I mean I do love trump, but nobody loves trump more than himself and you know. I I still have the golden toilet orange tan and the thong picture in my mind and you know I’m getting worried because I’m liking it too much but honestly it’s fantastic it’s. Fantastic fantastic thong tan you ever seen you know with him going back on Twitter. I think the issue with Twitter is number one um Trump isn’t really using anything anymore because his ego isn’t stoked to the point like you said where he’s president where he can actually get out there and speak and I like Trump but even to this day.

I Mean Like You Look At

this he he endorsed Dr oz which by the way let’s just say this I don’t like to influence people’s voting choices so much but don’t vote for that you don’t Don’t vote for that guy I don’t I don’t want to tell them who to vote for but just Don’t vote for that guy. I mean if you’re a true conservative Don’t yeah if unless you want a democrat in office that’s best friends are Oprah Winfrey and the Obamas. Then I wouldn’t put that guy into office, but it’s like you know Cernovich put out today that you know an endorsement from Jack Posobic on Twitter might hold more weight now than a trump endorsement to be completely frank and and there’s some truth to that meaning trump’s just he dipped out for two years and he also abandoned a lot of people. In January six he kind of you know he went out started truth social and I I love what I read nobody’s using truth social not even trump like he hasn’t even been using his own app and then he goes and goes Oh well and I mean this I mean this genuinely Oh, I’m not gonna go back on Twitter. I’m gonna be on truth social really if you cared about your constituents you would go where they are I go on all types of.

Apps Everyone Watching The Show Is

on tons of social media that hates them it censors them. Why do you go there so you can reach people that you care about because it’s not about you. It’s about them and the fact he’s putting his corporation and his business oh so his little investors can make some money over the fact that he could get back on twitter and he could go back and reach people he goes nah I don’t want to he’s just caring about his money and his wallet. You know rather than actually making an impact and that’s been my whole problem Within the last couple years, what is he doing yeah I well. I mean you do have quite a point there because you especially look at he seems very tone deaf.

You Look At What Was It The Last

rally where he had the Johnson and Johnson family on at the rally. The same day that the FDa announced three Pfizer boosters at the entrance. You know Yeah, it was just like negative tests for Trump doing this listen I’ve been a big credit for critic of Trump for a long time right. I I like Trump fine. I think Trump did a lot of good things but the way I always characterize Trump is you know he’s that really good sales guy that maybe isn’t that bright I mean you know those guys you want them on your team right.

They Get The Deal Done But

yeah you don’t always a lot of times on the golf course. You just know that he doesn’t really know what he’s talking about in this situation and I’ll get a lot of crap. for saying that whatever but he’s made some he’s got a lot of bad people in his ear. I mean if Trump is some super conservative, why are they still listening to the advice of rants Priebus. You know why why are these people giving him the advice on who to endorse so Trump Trump I think took a big hit on the on the J6 stuff as you mentioned.

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I Think Pushing The Vaccine Championing That Stuff

it took a big hit on that stuff what’s best for the country right now. I’d like to see a guy in 2024 run for president who I think is already getting it done has a track record of doing that so don’t let your ego get in the way let’s back off get yourself behind a guy like Ron Desantis let’s push that forward he’s a practical common sense real conservative. Let’s push that thing but I don’t think Trump’s ego is going to let him do that and I think putting him back on Twitter, which finally should be back on Twitter, but how much more of a distraction is that going to be in the long run to what we need to do moving forward because let’s face it conservatives Suck when it comes to seeing the future they really do the left has their elections planned out through 2016. we can’t get over 20 20. yeah and that’s just going to exacerbate that even more that’s why I’m like if he comes back.

He Comes Back If He Doesnt He Doesnt

it’s entertaining but how much of a distraction is it so okay so I want to move on to all of the money that we are apparently sending to Ukraine or that the house wants us to. send to Ukraine, but I I do want to hear from you guys really quickly Do you think ultimately do you think Trump is going to be like he’s going to hold on to that you know nominee spot and he’s going to take it Yeah He’s going to and I I think you know ultimately we’d be better off with Alex Jones back on twitter than Trump and and and and I mean this thoroughly because because I you know I feel a little bit of personal attack from from Trump and his associates, meaning you know I’ve vouched for him. I fought you know both in his his election. All the way through his entire presidency worked on exposing a lot of things and I watched as there was just inaction after inaction right we watched in 2020 our cities being burned to the ground dozens of people.

Being Killed Billions Of Dollars Of Damage

and the guy does a photo op. You know with a Bible in front of St. John’s Church after it’s nearly burned to the ground and you know you have over 80 secret service members attacked and.


Today will Donald Trump be back on twitter . Elon speaks and the White House encourages protesting outside Supreme Court Justices homes . We’ll see how it goes I’m giving the results of my HiV test too halfway through the show you got the facts too.& I feel like maury Povich all right so I can’t wait for those results. Elon Musk was speaking yesterday at Ft live and he finally opened up about what he thought about Trump’s twitter ban and here’s what he had to say about that I do think that it was not correct to ban Donald Trump from Twitter. It alienated a large part of the country and did not ultimately result in Donald Trump not having a voice.& He is not going to be on truth social as will a lot of the sort of the the right in the in the U.S. The show starts at 9 p.m. ET on July 1.00pm ET. ET.00 pm ET. 00pm ET ET. EST. ET…. Click here to read more and watch the full video