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Whitney Van Laningham and Oh My God New Dimension Just dropped in episode three of Ms. Marvel, we meet a brand new team of interstellar Baddies, the Gin or the Clandestine Extraterrestrials who are banished to Earth and have spent the last hundred years trying to get back home, but getting home requires the use of the bangle they found while tomb raiding and that super powered piece of jewelry just so happens to be in the hands of a 16-year-old Avengers fan girl Today. I’m going to break down everything we know about the Gin clandestines and their afterlife. The nor we meet this group in British occupied India in 1942, just as they’ve found a magical item that they believe will help them return to their home planet. Their cruise made up of Aisha Kamala’s great-grandmother Najma the leader.

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Future Mother Of Komron, Faria Salim And

Adam Najma and the others have super strength. Arya can summon a spear to use in battle. Saleem has a weaponized belt turned whip called an Urumi and Autumn Wields a Mace We haven’t yet gotten a clean look at Najma’s weapon, but it appears to be a double-bladed throwing weapon shaped like a lightning bolt. They find the bangle still attached to a severed cree arm, which tells me that it might be an ancient type of pre-tech, but we’ll come back to that later. Although the bracelet is missing its twin and Farya voices her concern that there’s a whole ass dead body part attached to it.

They Decide To Risk It Anyways Because

they have no other options. This bengal is their only hope of returning to their home dimension. When the cave collapses, the team is separated and aisha. With the Bengal Najima explains to Kamala that her great-grandmother, along with the rest of the Clandestine are not exactly from around these parts. Their party didn’t arrive on Earth by choice.

They Were Forced Out Of Their

own dimension and doomed to live in ours. She also reveals to Kamala. They are beings from the Nord dimension the word nor meaning divine light in Arabic. This appears to be the afterlife esque place we saw filled with all of those glowing figures In the first episode, its purple hue is reminiscent of the lavender glow of both the ancestral plains and the Dua, but their main difference is that the nor like the Astral plane also houses living beings like this party. Najma and the others aren’t able to access the Noir‘s true potential from our dimension, but she believes that because of Kamala’s connection to Earth she may.

The Key To Unlocking Their Gateway Home.

According to Najma, this group of supernatural beings goes by a lot of names Ajanabi, which means strange alien or foreign Majnun, which roughly translates to crazy person unseen or the clandestine, but they’re, most commonly known as Jinn. The folklore of Jinn was passed down from pre–islamic mythology and were referred to as genies as the Anglo-saxon world learned of these creatures like humans. Gin can either be good or evil. So some people also call them demons depending on the being’s personal vibe in irl mythology.

Theyre Also Invisible To The Human

eye and age at a much slower rate than us normies do later when Kamala’s dad reads Bruno’s. Gin research out Loud we learned that in the MCu there’s also an additional legend that a group of Jinn were exiled here from their home damned to live out the rest of their long miserable days on this planet and according to him, Jin move in the shadows searching for an artifact that will take them home. In the comics depictions of Gin are sporadic inconsistent and rarely culturally sensitive. One of the notable groups of Gin was the obscure family of the clandestine. In 1994 Alan Davis first introduced the clandestine in Marvel Comics presents number 158.

This Clandestine Was Two Words As In The

family clan of Destine. This comic run introduced a man named Adam Dustin, who was visited in a dream by a Jinn named Elala, believing her to be an angel Adam released her from captivity with the new power. She granted him and the two fell. In love, Allah turned Adam into an immortal man and the two had half Gin, half human children who together formed the Clandestine The family Death Stein used their powers primarily for selfish gain in the comics spreading their lineage across the world. Some of these branches became super villains, while others ended up working alongside various Marvel heroes as time moved through the modern age.

This Run Gave Us A Look

at the way superhumans alter their powers and allegiances over the centuries adapting as the years went on in the MCu. However, the Clandestine one word not two that we meet in Ms Marvel are fully Gin, but like their comic book predecessors, they still clearly use their powers for their own self-ish motivations, although they pretend to be on Kamala’s side in the beginning offering her their guidance and protection. Najima flips on a dime when Komron. that it might be too dangerous for Kamala to send them home via interdimensional Bangle. He tells Kamala that his mom will stop at absolutely nothing to get her way and that like the other Gin will kill every single person at the wedding on site side quest did anyone else think that it was kind of bonkers that they’ve been waiting over a hundred years to find this thing and the second Kamala hesitates they want her blood like calm down dudes you’ve waited this long have a little patience.

She Probably Would Have Helped You

if you just gave her some time like even a single day after the fight Najima grabs. Kamala’s wrist clasping the bangle in her palm. The two of them experience a vision of a locomotive barreling towards them from the nora dimension. The train has the word Karachi emblazoned on the front Karachi. is the largest city in Pakistan and apparently where Kamala’s Grandma Nani lives after the Gin are subdued and taken into custody by the DoDc Nani facetimes Kamala back in her bedroom at home.

She Urges Her Granddaughter To Come To

Karachi immediately and to bring her mother along as well. Nani reveals that she also saw the train in a norovision confirming the women in their family. All likely possess the talents imbued in them by their ancestors, so that’s everything we currently know about the Gin at least. According to the comics in the first few episodes of Miss Marvel, but now it’s time to theorize why were the clandestine exiled from the newer Given the team’s incredibly violent tendencies. I bet my Britch is that they were villains in their home dimension too, but if that’s the case it would also mean that Aisha did something banishment.

Worthy I Definitely Dont Want To

make any rash assumptions that Kamala’s great-grandma was a super villain because I respect the elderly, but I don’t know maybe these guys got kicked out because they were being my question is what exactly did they do that’s where the cree technology used to create the bengal might come in This is definitely speculation and I could be totally wrong, but hear me out what if these gin were involved somehow in the Kree Skrull war. It would explain how they knew to look for the Bengals and if they committed any war crimes during these space battles that could constitute grounds for banishment from the noir comic book. Kamala was also a descendant of pre-war instruments by way of her inhuman heritage. So this might be how the Mcu retains her connection to the cree without making her go through Pterogenesis. I’ll.

Its Kind Of A Wild Theory, But

there are other ways that Kevin Feige could ultimately connect the Gin and the Cree, especially with the noir dimension. In play could the Cree also have access to the noir could the technology that they’ve built including this Bangle be pulling from this dimension in the same way that moon Knight drew his powers from Khanshu in the Duat and Black Panther drew his strength from his father and the ancestral plains are the figures we saw in the nor somehow providing magic for those connected to their realm. Eric speculated in his video that this Bangle could be ancient Cree technology from a group that arrived on Earth. Possibly around the same time, the vibranium meteorite crashed in Wakanda. Perhaps like the ten rings.

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The Cree Also Brought These Bangles To Our

planet long ago and now that we’ve learned the rules of the many many MCu afterlives I’m interested to know why exactly Kamala, her family and her Gin relatives picture the noir as blinding purple Light actually Eric did a whole video summarizing everything we know about these dead worlds that you should check out in full, but to summarize a bit of what he already told you is after lives typically appear to those that experience them as whatever the person’s earthly beliefs, customs or even fears were in life. Steven Grant and Mark Spector find themselves in a psych ward Thanos sees the Archway where he first met Gamora the ancient one ventured to the astral plane and Odin‘s soul went to Valhalla when he died because of this inherent trait in all MCu afterlife and afterlife adjacent dimensions it’s. Understandable that Kamala, Hernani and Najma all saw that train right beforehand. Najma accused Kamala betraying her so my theory is that this train is attached to some sort of fear, trauma or past regret, possibly stemming from Aisha’s abandonment not only did she disappear from her Gin buddies with the bangle in toe she isn’t. Kamala’s family’s favorite member Aisha is seldom spoken of, and it’s clear that Kamala’s Mom doesn’t talk about her at all are they collectively picturing this train in the nor due to Aisha’s perceived betrayal could Aisha have been killed by this train for refusing to turn over the bengals subsequently seemingly abandoning her family without warning.

I Dont Have An Answer For Exactly What

or who these glowing figures are. However, Eric has speculated that they look like the outlines of watchers, but they could also be Gin spirits in their home world. There might even be a few cree souls in there who knows but like I said a second ago. I do think that the bengal could be drawing its powers from these beings whatever they are, and if Kamala really does have a stronger connection to the realm either because of her human status or due to the clandestine’s Banishment will hopefully get to learn their true identities by the end of the season follow me on Instagram and Twitter Whitneypuppy follow new Rockstars subscribe to new Rockstars for more analysis of everything you love and thanks for watching bye you.


The Gin or the Clandestine Extraterrestrials are banished to Earth and have spent the last hundred years trying to get back home . Getting home requires the use of the bangle they found while tomb raiding and that super powered piece of jewelry just so happens to be in the hands of a 16-year-old Avengers fan girl . The group is made up of Aisha Kamala’s great-grandmother Najma and the others have super strength and weapons like a double-bladed throwing weapon shaped like a lightning bolt . Najima explains to Kamala that she and the other members of the team are not exactly from around these parts. Their party didn’t arrive on Earth by choice. They were forced out of their own dimension and doomed to live in ours. They are beings from the The Gin clandestines are not necessarily from around this parts of the planet. They have a weaponized belt turned whip called an Urumi and Autumn Wields…. Click here to read more and watch the full video