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Have You Ever Wondered Why Nothing Changes Why

modern politics is a hollowed out empty facade a haunting offering only dead ideas from the past. In this conversation with the brilliant filmmaker Adam Curtis. We talk about that moment where Marianne Williamson, a candidate for the Democratic Party nomination used epic language to describe the political conversation and for a moment it seemed like politics could move in a slightly different direction Can it ever again can we ever reinvigorate politics. This conversation with Adam Curtis taken from my podcast under the skin on luminary. Certainly certainly certainly will might make you think that real change is possible.

Ive Got A Few Things To

say here one is like um I think that the limitations of you know Scientism not also not just the reference of economics and there’s sort of the centripetal point of economics in there’s limited apparent. Dichotomy of left versus right even in extreme forms such as you know sort of communism versus free market capitalism the the this philosophical accompaniment to that this the the soft power arm of that is kind of what I would call scientism. I’m interested in like just that one moment from the primary democrat primary campaigns, where briefly Marianne Williamson was sort of like part of the debate where she said something along the lines of you lot. She said to her sort of co-democratic candidates are not going to be able to tackle the dark psychic forces unleashed by this man with this kind of moot sort of I don’t know bureaucracy. She said or technocracy I can’t remember exactly what she said, but she kind of indicated that great powers had been inadvertently or perhaps deliberately stirred by the sort of the phenomenon of the last four.

Now Evidently Of Course, Biden Succeeded And Again,

I think we we can already evaluate what’s causing the dissatisfaction that leads to trumpism in a kind of in in the kind of values, Aside from some sort of obvious sort of social justice stuff that any anyone would agree with I’m sure like the in in where power is being apportioned. The kind of appointments that are being made and the kind of economic policy that’s been reinstated. You know like they don’t inspire March and I I wonder Adam like aside from this stories you’re telling in your film which of course sort of lead us up to this point and one of the figures you study is Donald Trump right and like or the one of the stories you tell is of Donald Trump from his sort of New York landlord days up to present day and some. Curious relationships he has with other people You tell the story is about I just wonder how you feel like current American politics. relates to the you know, particularly with the election of Biden to the some of the stories you’re telling in um your latest films.

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I Remember Watching That Primary Debate With

Marianne she Mariam Williamson that’s right yeah. I got into a lot of trouble with some of my friends for saying I thought she was really good because I mean I know she’s a hippie and you know and you’re a hippie, but she she’s somehow what I really liked about it. She suddenly started talking in a language. It put things in epic terms. It just made me realize how narrow and how limited the focus of political debate has been she was just it was she made it epic and I thought that.

Was Really Quite Exciting.

It was a glimpse into something , but no I mean she she was immediately kicked out wasn’t she yes I don’t know I just thought I just thought it’s it’s a it’s really the language of politics has become so limited um. You ask about American politics well. I mean it’s it’s in boring journalistic terms what I worry about is that biden has appointed in his foreign policy. Many people who were effectively hawks over both over Iraq and now over China and I do think that one of the real problems of America is ever since the cold war it’s it’s got to have this sort of fear thing and and I and and it was bin laden for a bit and then it was putin Have you noticed how putin’s rather disappeared Yeah and now it’s Xi Jinping um and and i.

Just Think That A Lot Of

the people he’s some of the people he’s pointed to high positions in his foreign policy team are sort of China hawks and we’re going to get another wave of that. Because there is a thing at the moment and again a lot of um people are sort of happy. It’s a bit it reminds me. One very much of the Iraq war is a lot of people on the Liberal left are also quite rightly concerned about the Uyghurs and the way that the Chinese are behaving in their mass re-education programs which sounds really appalling. But but you will get this strange alliance between the the liberal right of the liberal left over China very much as you did over the Iraq war so what I’m really saying is it just what goes around comes around at the moment in in liberal.

Is That They Need A Threat

at the moment and I’m not I don’t mean this is a universal thing. It’s just at the moment in the absence of any positive vision they will. China is going to fulfill that function, Whereas I think what’s really interesting about China is that it may not be as strong and as much part of the future. As we think it is that it is as much a decaying political system that relies which is hanging onto power through mass surveillance systems and has no real ideas of the future. It is as sort of hamstrung by that as as we are yet what they’re going to do is they’re going to turn it into this really frightening idea of the future and I just think that’s a missed you know again.

Were Going To Get Preoccupied By That

and not talk. about how we can change things for the better domestically that’s pretty cool like I think what you see like Adam it sounds like um and maybe this is something. I’m remembering from the films that these sort of apparent great sort of empires or states are hollowed out on examination and I remember like when grenfell happened my mate James who you know is saying like he lives around there and he said that like when that happened. You realize that everything was sort of subcontracted by sort of five degrees and there’s no one there there’s no there there you go to the building and it’s been hollowed out. There is no council person that goes Oh sorry about all this we better sort that out and like that bin man getting sacked that booted the head off a snowman.

Hes Like A Subcontractor Subcontra Contractor

bin man. There is no sort of cohesive social alliance or contract or bond between us? That these things are sort of hollow and empty and held together by the conservation of dead ideas and you you’re right that does suggest that doesn’t suggest strength yeah dead ideas that sums it up really that if you look at it where are we at the moment we’re living in in the attempt to keep stable what effectiveness in this country and in America since 2008 are pretty much dead ideas I mean it is very strange that we now have banks doing what’s called negative interest you know that they’ll they’ll actually pay you to borrow money. It’s it’s it’s it’s odd there’s something weird about this you know what we okay the the the argument about Mrs. Thatcher and Ronald Reagan is that actually they weren’t as successful as we think that. By the mid-1980s, they had failed to regenerate industry in America and Britain.

The Factories Were Closing Massively And In The

face of that they turned to the financial system to lend money to people and they did that very successfully for 30 years and lots of people he could go and buy a lot of and have a lot of fun with that. They also felt that their wages were going up even when they weren’t yeah that crashed in 2008 and since then we’ve been stumbling along and that’s where we are and and and it feels like a dead idea that we’re trying to keep going and and I just think that maybe that’ll change but i don’t know maybe you’re right Hey Adam did you make a film for massive attack where you had loads of buildings collapsing that was filmed before 9 11. like. Also they were clips from films is that right it was it was all those apocalyptic films from the 90s, which were all all about people from outer space coming in and attacking actually you know attack not attacking flying into buildings in New York and other places in America. What were you saying with that I was trying to point out that one of the things of our time is that we imagined a dark dystopian future somewhere starting in the mid-to late 90s and and that was expressed through those films and why 911 was so powerful in our imaginations is it seemed to confirm those dark dystopian imaginings.

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They Came Real And That Catastrophe And

that catastrophic effect of that what seemed like a confirmation really rocked our societies not just America, but us too and and I I was reading someone the other day. was saying really what we’re living through is a series of catastrophes which continually we have no idea of the dimensions of so you have 911 Then you have the banking crisis of 2008 global banking crisis. Then you have brexit. Then you have trump and then you have the pandemic which is much worse than any of them. But it’s a series of catastrophes in in societies that as you say have dead ideas so we haven’t really got a story of where where we’re going which allows us to put those shocks in proportion.

I Mean I Know That Actually When

no catastrophe happens, you’re knocked sideways, but what we lack is after we the immediate shock is an ability to put it into a sense of proportion. Our journalism tends to run out of control and just the darkest imaginings come out. I mean I’m not saying. This about the pandemic at all.

We Have No Idea About That

and that is genuinely terrifying, but with 9 11 with the banking crisis with Brexit. With Trump we get into these hysterias and one of the things I really find very interesting about the last four years with Brexit and with Trump is that whilst the experience of living through those four years was one of continual chaos hysteria panic and distrust. If you actually look at what happened in Britain and in America over those four years did anything change in the structure of power Trump as far as I can see Trump’s foreign policy. He did a few things, especially over Iran domestically apart from reducing taxes for rich people, which is what I think Republicans tend to do he didn’t do anything else that it was sort of it was a there was a weird.

Disconnect Inside Our Heads There Was This

continual churn and hysteria. Every day the newspapers would tell you about Trump and Brexit and Trump and putin outside in the real world. Actually nothing changed the structure of power continued the inequalities grew.


Adam Curtis: Can it ever again can we ever reinvigorate politics? We talk about that moment where Marianne Williamson, a candidate for the Democratic Party nomination used epic language to describe the political conversation and for a moment it seemed like politics could move in a slightly different direction . Curtis: Dichotomy of left versus right even in extreme forms such as communism versus free market capitalism the the philosophical accompaniment to that is kind of what I would call scientism.& Certainly certainly certainly certainly will might make you think that real change is possible.& Now evidently of course, biden succeeded and again, I think we we can already evaluate what’s causing the dissatisfaction that leads to trumpism in a kind of in in in the kind of values, Aside from some sort of social values, he says. Aside from the obvious sort of the dissatisfaction, I say. I think there’s already a lot of the complaints that lead to the dissatisfaction in there’s limited apparent. There’s…. Click here to read more and watch the full video