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Doctor Strange is officially joining Spider-man in the upcoming Spider-man 3, a far from home follow-up that is blowing open the live-action Spider-verse with Jamie Foxx, Elektro and reportedly others from past Fighty films and with Dr Strange’s. Sequel multiverse of Madness being directed by original tobey Maguire, Spider-man, director Sam Rainey, the Sorcerer Supreme Steven Strange confirmed as Tom Holland. Peter Parker‘s guide through the Multiverse is really the final piece of this puzzle solving how all of this madness will work essentially last week. Sony gave us some multiverse plot holes, but this week Doctor Strange revealed those holes to be sparkle portals and we as the America‘s ass facing oblivion are grateful for the backup thank you is that everyone what you wanted more hell yeah we want more we will not rest until Peter says Norman Osborne. Then Willem Devoe Pops up avenge me that’s the avenger we deserve let us break down the huge implications of this news and the wild plot.

This Spider-Man Doctor Strange Team-Up Will Probably

have spoiler warning in case I’m right okay Doctor strange joining Tom Holland Peter Parker Isn’t just the elder mentor Mcu team up that Tony Stark was in Spider-man Homecoming or Nick Fury was in Spider-man far from home Hell even those were more game-changing than we thought they were going to be going into them. Iron man ended homecoming by unveiling the Iron Spider armor that would enable Peter to join the fight in infinity War In an end game, Fury ended far from home by revealing himself as a freaking scroll shapeshifter with his real self-playing hide the slipper with more scrolls in space. I believe setting up the Fury series or a future. will continue that mentorship evolution, which if you’ve been watching closely has already been discreetly set up in past films. Peter met Doctor Strange and Infinity War aboard Ebony Maw’s Q-ship Wha What is he your ward no I’m Peter by the way doctor strange Oh you’re using their made up names um I’m Spider-man then but then Peter returned an endgame and he rambled to tony Stark about a conversation He and dr strange had do you remember when we were in space and I got all dusty and I must have passed out because i woke up and you were gone but dr Strange was there right and he was like it’s been five years come on.

They Need Us And Then He

started doing the yellow sparkly thing that he does all the time what are you doing. Oh This is nice and in this moment I think Tony recognized Peter moving on to a point in his understanding of the universe in which he no longer needs Iron man. The Smartass, who once called Peter Tony’s Ward is now a more apt guide to help this kid navigate a fractured reality and looking ahead to their partnership. There was one overlooked moment in far from home that we have to revisit. There are multiple realities Peter This is Earth Dimension 616.

Im From Earth 833.

I’m sorry you’re saying there’s a multiverse because I thought that was just theoretical I mean that completely changes how we understand the initial singularity. We’re talking about an internal inflation system and how does that even work with all the quantum consensus. Now of course, Mysterio was full of it. He wasn’t a warrior from another universe.

He Was Just A Bitter Ex-Stark.

Exploiting a Nerd’s imagination about quantum mechanics and alternate realities The story you created of a soldier from another earth named Quentin Fighting space monsters in Europe is totally ridiculous and apparently exactly the kind of thing. People will believe right now. I mean everybody bought it but as Marvel head Kevin Feige himself confirmed that does not mean the multiverse doesn’t exist still just because Quentin Beck makes up lies about the multiverse doesn’t mean it isn’t real and Peter’s Nerdy Multiverse fascination remains and there was one crucial line from the ancient one during Dr Strange’s inaugural trip through the multiverse that I think is gonna be very important to his stewardship of this particular Nerd is only one of an infinite number worlds without end who are you in this vast multiverse but to explain why Peter will need a multiverse hopper like Doctor Strange in his next film. When at the time his main concern at the end of heart from home seemed to be clearing his name from Mysterio’s attempt to frame him with J Jonah Jameson’s doctor news footage we have to look at how Marvel’s.

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Interweaving Narratives For Phase Four Will

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The First 100 People To Go To New rockstars are going to get unlimited access for one week to try it out you’ll also get 25 off if you want. That seven day trial is completely free and you can cancel at any time, so check out Blinkist at Blinkist. com New Rockstars, so Spider–man 3 is increasingly looking like a live-action Spider–verse story with Jamie Foxx Electro last seen in a separate film universe, Jk Simmons J Jonah Jameson also from an additionally separate film universe Marvel’s multiverse master joining this story and yeah past Spider–man director Sam Rainey directing doctor Strange in the multiverse Madness Coming just a few months after Spider–man 3.

All Of This Evidence Seems To Confirm

what fans have been hoping for a live-action version of of the widely successful Spider–man into the Spider–verse that adapts the Web of Life and Destiny from the Spider–verse comics in a way that reconciles the good and the bad from past Spider–man films that brings back Toby McGuire brings back Andrew Garfield and hopefully leaves this universe with a live-action miles morales and a live-action Gwen stacy but how do we get to there from here well Let’s look at Marvel’s Now first official phase four title one division based on the recent trailer for this Disney plus series coming before the end of 2020. It appears as though Wanda Maximoff is contained in a pocket reality that her chaos magic allows her to warp, she is being monitored externally by Sword, Sentient World Observation and response Department, and there is some evidence that she is being manipulated internally by evil forces like the Witch Agatha and Marvel’s Devil. Warps all of reality in the Marvel world into alternate universes that may be what we’re seeing here in Wandavision with Sword trying to confine that reality warp into a small town, but Wanda’s chaos magic could burst out of that bubble maybe thanks to those evil entities and flood the entire known universe, and while a universal reset could seem like an insane level of power for a Scarlet witch who previously was just doing like hand dances. Kevin Feige did confirm that Scarlet Witch is the most powerful character now in the MCu as of endgame in your opinion who would be the strongest marvel hero if you if you look at endgame Wanda Maximoff was going to kill thanos if he hadn’t desperately that’s as scared as I’ve ever seen Thanos and if he hadn’t said decimate my entire team to get her off of me. I think she would have done it in the comics One is Mutant Abilities stemmed from her being cursed by the demon Chauthon as a baby canonically in the MCu.

Her Powers Derived From The Mind

Stone via Hydra‘s experiments with Loki’s scepter the Mind Stone. If you remember was the final infinity Stone Thanos plugged into his gauntlet. It allowed him to simultaneously link with all minds in the universe, so that he could dust half of them. Perhaps one division will compound these backstories.

Wanda Cursed With Dormant Magic By A Demon

as a baby, but that magic was unlocked for her to use by the Mind Stone as a young adult, and now in one division Vision is back Mind Stoned back in his head, at least in this projected reality, and maybe that Stone‘s return is evidence of Wanda’s. Ongoing Mind Stone-derived powers which allow her. Warp all of reality beyond the small town when she has a psyonic meltdown triggered not just by losing vision, but by losing the illusion of her children that would set up a marvel Phase four in which the entire MCu is shattered into various else worlds. In one elseworld reality we see a black widow’s spy drama with Galena beloved that could end with Natasha on a different path than the one that ended with her dead and end game another elseworld Shanxi, where super powered individuals fight in tournaments for the ten rings in another else world.

Eternals Resetting Reality With An Ancient History That

establishes mutant kind as a normal part of this world. All of these alternate timelines could be the backdrop of Loki on Disney plus scheduled to come out early to mid 2021 that is confirmed to feature the TvA time Variance authority Marvel’s. Timeline enforcement agency that polices the broken timelines and those who break them so if you have trouble keeping all the broken universe shards straight Don’t worry i’m sure time cop Owen Wilson will chow it down on a hollow screen or something are you kidding me Of course why not but really all of this madness will boil over it sounds like in Spider-man 3. of all of the Marvel heroes that I’ve been talking about Spider-man has the richest comic history webbing together.

Various Alternate Spider-Verses Via What Its

called the web of Light and Destiny. It’s an interdimensional nexus that bridges together. Peter Parker’s Earth 616 miles Morales Earth 1610 when stacy’s Earth 65 et Cetera et Cetera et Cetera so perhaps Spider-man 3 opens with Peter Parker having to give up being spider-man since the public turned on him after mysterio getting visited from doctor Strange.


Spider-man 3 is a far from home follow-up that is blowing open the live-action Spider-verse . Sony gave us some multiverse plot holes, but this week Doctor Strange revealed those holes to be sparkle portals and we as the America’s ass facing oblivion are grateful for the backup thank you is that everyone what you wanted more . We will not rest until Peter says Norman Osborne. Willem Devoe Pops up avenge me that’s the avenger we deserve . The film will be directed by original tobey Maguire, Spider-Man, Spider, and directed by Sam Rainey, the Sorcerer Supreme Steven Strange confirmed as Tom Holland. The film is set to star Jamie Foxx, Elektro and reportedly others from past Fighty films and with Dr. Strange’s. It will be released in September 2015 . The movie is released worldwide on July 26, 2015. The movie will be the first in theaters on July 27, 2015 . It is expected to be released worldwide….. Click here to read more and watch the full video