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and Doctor Strange in the Iron Man Armor may be more than a hypothetical concept art from the INfinity SAga, but actual shot footage. According to the Nerd in Chief Kevin Smith imagery that is now looking even more likely to appear in the upcoming. Doctor Strange in the multiverse of Madness because they got to use something to string together these future Marvel movies, While every movie production is delayed from quarantine 8th Hey thanks to modern editing techniques. We can use existing footage to complete the film without UK immune staff what you’re fired. Actually I think I would pay to watch that Don’t worry dr.

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Strange And The Multiverse Of Madness Looks

like it’s going to back. Marvel‘s multiverse with all kinds of madness, including some nostalgic fanservice to the Daddy who loved Us 3,000 Ok! When the INfinity SAga box set came out, we saw some interesting concept art showing Tony Stark and Dr. strange switching wardrobes suggesting some proposed but ultimately rejected concept for the way is scenes that have gone but then recently Kevin Smith revealed on his Fat man Beyond podcast which you should definitely subscribe to if you don’t already that not only had they seen this art before endgame was released. They saw footage of this deleted scene from the screenwriters Chris Marcus and StephenNK]. Now This is the moment Doctor Strange was being tortured by Ebony Maw on the cue ship an attempt to get the time stone from the Ienaga Moto and Tony Stark.

Spider-Man And The Cloak Of Levitation Schemes To

save strange by sucking Mah out. The Airlock like the alien Queen and Aliens, but according to Smith, the alternate scene was going to go down this way. Originally, Tony was gonna send the armor down to Doctor Strange in the way he could in in Iron MAn 3 and then the armor covered him and turned him into Dr. Mage and the instead of the you know the Arc reactor. It built around the eye of Agamotto and then Tony was wearing Dr.

Strange Cape And It Brought Him Down

to him after. However, they dispatched epidemis and by the way we know Smith is telling the truth about them shooting the scene because there was behind-the-scenes footage of Robert Downey Jr. on set wearing the cloak of Levitation and Kevin. Smith went on to describe seeing this footage in his holies, colorful language and they pulled out the phone and literally showed us not. drawing because that’s what’s going around the internet is there’s a drawing and blumin looks Badass and blumin but they showed Us Sherlock in the Iron Man suit man like wearing the Goddamn suit with Tony standing next to him wearing the cape and we were like what the that man.

So Marvel Comics Have Shown Us Versions Of

Tony Stark as the Sorcerer Supreme. There was a what-if comic storyline back in the day where he fights Dormammu with his combined Tech and magic as a Sorcerer Supreme and then in the more recent Marvel Legacy comics. There’s Dr. Anthony Stark from the future who becomes so enlightened. He becomes the Sorcerer Supreme in the year 2099 and there are super recent comics in which Doctor Strange gets Iron Man type armor.

In Recent Months.

Savage months, Savage Avengers number nine Strange fights alongside Doctor Doom and Conan the Barbarian against the sorcerer Kulan Gath. Strange gets bitten by a magical snake and to save him from death. They activate a satellites to admit an armored suit. Iron Man armor that Doom previously wore during a brief period when he replaced Iron Man, but with this new armor Strange becomes the iron Mage.

Now This Storyline Was From January

came out after Endgame obviously so it wouldn’t have influenced whatever the filmmakers had in mind back years ago for infinity war an Endgame but back then if they went so far as to shoot this scene that Smith is describing there must have been a good reason to remove it from the film something beyond what they ended up doing revealing the Iron Spider Waldo’s and Panama‘s Don’t want the greatest films of all time both. Actually those are pretty good reasons to change it but when it comes to Iron Man’s armor in these movies we know that Marvel almost always considers introducing new tech in earlier films, but it’s upshifting that introduction over to deleted scenes so that they can refine the UK for future releases like Tony Stark‘s Flashy new nanotech armor and and Benedi War was actually introduced way back in Iron Man 2. You know it means something okay Oh my Nano ball I don’t want to play with your ball I’ll play with it. This transferable nanotech was actually what it would it looks like when Tony’s armor covered dr. strange in the INfinity war deleted scene not so much like the propulsion powered pieces of the armor in Iron MAn 3, but a fluid swarm of nanobots similar to the motion of fabric, which would have made Tony in.

The Cloak And Aesthetically Even Trade

the nanotechNK] obviously wasn’t ready to go back in Iron MAn 2 and even an infinity war while it looks great when it bursts the symbols around Tony in New York. You gotta admit it looks a little less great when he’s fighting Thanos on Titan and not just because the armors weakened. It just looks a little like sure yet like Tony’s Papa, Howard Stark Marvel. Studios artists were limited by the technology of their time, yet still shot the moon with their raw visions with hopes that a future generation could finally crack the magic in the soon-to-be most visually stunning and mind-blowing marvel installment Doctor Strange goes down big smog while I’m sorting through these clues trying to figure out how the movies will actually play out. It helps to study up on how movies are made one way.


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10 bucks a month. The first 500 of my subscribers to click the link in the description will get a 2-month free trial of premium membership so that you can explore your creativity. We have posted all kinds of theories for what doctor strains and the multiverse of madness might look like it’s a bit hard to nail down, especially what director Scott Derrickson being replaced by Sam Raimi and a new screenwriter Low-key showrunner Mike Waldron, but based on the footage for one division Marvels Multiverse appears to be one that bends genre presenting in various what if alternate realities into me that suggests perhaps an adaptation of something like. Britain Corps leave Captain Britain Brian Braddock himself getting a nearly miserable shout-out in endgame the crisis being suffered by Wanda. Maximoff warps the fabric of reality so that alternate realities converge on each other.

Much Like The Dimensions Of Spider Man Into

the spider verse and then in multiverse of Madness Stephen Strange encounters alternate Avengers from other realities like Captain Britain and maybe an ultimate Sorcerer Supreme Iron Mage with Benedict Cumberbatch also playing a version of himself from another dimension, a place where the Sorcerer Supreme uses stark nanotech armor empowered with mystic energy and now with years of ever brewing UK technology. Marvel’s artists will finally have a stun visual display of the iron major armor that just looks glorious as it fends off held demons from nightmare that snow ever it is and my greatest hope is that the engineer behind this iron Mage armor. Another dimension will not be an alternate Tony Stark, but a science wizard from that reality that we have been dying to see an our reality Victor Von Doom, played by Keanu Reeves please God no deeper theories about the future of the UK join our discord server by becoming a patron today at Patreon. com slash new rock stars, which UK character do you want to see in the Iron Man Armor comment down below follow me a Da Vas followed new rock stars and subscribe to new rock stars to breakdowns of everything Marvel thanks for watching bye.


Kevin Smith revealed on his Fat man Beyond podcast that they saw footage of a deleted scene from the INfinity SAga box set . Smith also revealed that the alternate scene was going to go down this way instead of the way the Iron Man armor was supposed to turn Dr. Strange into a Mage instead of being turned into Dr.Strange . Smith: “We can use existing footage to complete the film without UK immune staff what you’re fired. Don’t worry dr. strange and the multiverse of Madness looks like it’s going to back.& Marvel’s multiverse with all kinds of madness” The sequel is set to be released on July 8, 2015 and is being released on Blu-Ray and Blu-ray in December 2015 . The film is set in New York City, New York and Los Angeles, with a total of 3,000 cinemas. It will be released in November 2015. It is released on December 17, 2015. We are happy to see the first in theaters….. Click here to read more and watch the full video