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Doctor Strange in the Multiverse Madness left some fans wishing Ah! Now you do plan to have a Multiverse on this Multiverse tour right Hello Hello Yes I really hate that man fancy verse of Madness. The film is set mostly across three three verses or planes live explodes to 139 second Montage, where we’re hardly able to make out any of the surroundings well that is what I’m here for to pause Zoom in enhance on the smallest details of these movies to help you make sense of what you saw and they give you the Multiverse you deserve. In this video I will break down the 27 universes that Multiverse of Madness visits how each universe is different the visual Easter eggs in each of these and what they tell us about this broadening Multiverse. First the 616 Universe. Christine Palmer from the 838 Baxter Foundation confirmed that the UK we’ve been living in this whole time where in this movie The Battle of Kamertage and the Wonder core scenes take place.


The numerical designation of 616, which is also the number of the core Universe in the Marvel Comics. The first UK Easter egg for 616 actually came all the way back in Thor the Dark World among Dr Eric Sobig’s scribbled notes on his Blackboard. Since then the number 616 has appeared on Scott Lang Storage Locker signed an Avengers end game mentioned by Quentin Beck in UK far from home a totally lucky guess since Beck was lying about his multiversal Origins and written on the UK film strip showing Loki’s you like and for anyone who argues that 616 was merely 838. Christine’s subjective label for an alternate reality from hers I mean maybe.

But Thenk] And He Remains Are Universe Independent

authorities who gave theNK] the same numerical designation Christine did so I really think it’s safer to say that 616 is the number Marvel Studios wants us to have for the UK, especially since casting crew and interviews are now referring to theNK] as 616. But this movie actually opens in another setting called The Gap Junction 838. Christine calls it the space between universes and it might actually be the film version of the Nexus of all realities, something originally from Manthane Comics that serves a similar function and some actually thought the Watcher occupied a similar space in between universes and what if, but it’s interesting how the Gap Junction once had some architecture to it stained glass structures with columns and foot Bridges, so it wasn’t just a void accessed by portals. It was an intricately. was an intricately designed common area for Sorcerers and other multiversal travelers to use and hide stuff in now.

We Should Note That Defender Strange

must have come from some universe, but it’s never identified and I like the theory that he might have come from the same rainy verse as Toby Maguire Peter Parker. Since we know that Universe had a doctor strange in it Doctor Strange that’s pretty good but it’s taken everyone I’ve really appreciated you letting me be your guide through these mythical Fantastical worlds and while you’ve escaped from one world let me take you into another one. The world of Dislite. This video is brought to you by Dislite, a stylish Urban mythological UK from Lilith games that is available on Google Play and the Apple Store. So dislike story takes place in a near future where certain humans called espers have gained superpowers.

And Must Fight Destructive Miramonte To Protect

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Now We Made A Ton Of

videos breaking down this whole alternate history with a Fantastic Four mutants and everyone who’s left over really pissed off at this version of Wanda go check out any of those videos then the in Persian Universe. This is the universe of Sinister Strange I speculated this could be the universe 838 Strange destroyed by Dreamwalking with the dark hole and Sinister. Strange was his host a variant who lost that war. We get glimpses of a few other universes throughout the film, showing one of many realities with Wanda and her sons Baking Brownies and tucking in then Wanda’s first dreamwalk when the Scarlet Witch possesses another Wanda during. The movie Night now! It’s possible that each of these are actually also the A38 universe that Wanda eventually settles on, But Juana did see countless billies and tommies in those red orbs.

So Its Just More Likely That Each Of

these are different random ones that she tapped into now. The 838 memory bank showed America‘s Home realm, the utopian parallel at least that’s what it’s called in the comics here. It’s a floral Rivendell looking setting with terrifying bees and then in the post-credit scene. We see our old friend the dark dimension poem of UK Nice of Dormammu and here she rules as Sorcerer Supreme now the remaining new universes flashed by in that 39-second Multiverse Montage Strange in America tumble out of the 616 past the Living Tribunal, a three-headed Cosmic entity, the ultimate legal authority of the Marvel Multiverse. Living Tribunal actually appears in.

A Severed Statue Head In The Void And

Mordo showed the staff of the Libyan Tribunal in the 2016 film. This Divine Justice oversees all in various cultures. Clearly have relationships with it next an unknown Universe with lights snaking in toward a source looking at least similar to the celestial World Forge also evoking some of the cerebral imagery from theNK] films. Another unknown universe that reminds me a bit of a Cave of Wonders in Aladdin that’s just Meadow I see Disney everywhere then another unknown universe made up of columns of ice crystals. Now the next two universes use some nature imagery.

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A B Universe With Bees Droning Around

hexagonal Hive walls now think about it. All of these are depicting versions of Midtown Manhattan so this is not inside of a beehive. It’s a universe where Society is run by bees and it might actually. actually be triggered by the Bee that freaked out America, Chavez and Koster to open that portal that took her mom’s then an ocean Universe maybe a reef or an aquarium. Then as they break out of that one a few fish follow them into a Grindhouse Universe, which is essentially just New York, but with taxis shouting out Grindhouse releasing the film Restoration company of this movie’s editor Bob Moraski and longtime collaborators of Sam Rainey.

I Love How A Fish Actually

hits the windshield of this taxi and it honks and you’ll notice. They are in the same block as they were. When they fought gargantos. They’re right by Mancini’s Pizzeria and interestingly a duplicate Mancini’s Pizzeria appears one block down but the craziest universe is next a stark drone Universe. It’s a tube City, populated by the white Tony star Drones from UK far from home.

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This is a universe where these drones became sentient overthrew humans and rebuilt Society in their own image and I like how we’re seeing some links from University Universe Be drones to these technological drones next Boom Hell It’s a classic fire and brimstone realm filled with bones and skulls and skeletons. We see a bone Lamppost dripping fire a rib cage building, both of which are being scaled by skeletons as if these guys are trying to keep off the ground. Remember Moon Knight explained how the various afterlives of the UK the ancestral plain and Black Panther. The Duets, Egyptian underworld of Moon Knight are all part of the same thing just different incarnations based off of the beliefs of each person.

So The Way That The Damned At The

duot would play floor is lava with the sand might be why these skeletons are doing the same. Like if they touch the ground they may fall apart into these heaps and piles of Bones. Next Universe Dinosaurs maybe a universe where dinosaurs were never wiped out in that apocalyptic event. In ancient times next an animated cartoon Universe with some Looney Tunes style Marching band music underneath Now this is not the same animation style as we saw in what if they pass a Jonas and James sign so again. This is the same Midtown Manhattan block next a plane crash Universe it’s a city block with a large propeller plane crashed in the middle of it, kicking up some rubble and some live wires sparking on the right side of the frame I suggested before that this could be New York if the Valkyrie plane in the first cap film hit its intended target that wouldn’t explain the green Flames I honestly Don’t know what to.

Make Of This One Next The

Cube universe that you’ve seen in trailers strange in America beginning to transform into cubes. Some of those cubes actually being stoned. This reminds me a lot of the abstract thought sequence and Pixar‘s Inside Out where those characters broke down into simpler art mediums. Just like these guys go from cubic form to a sloshing paint Universe, which is one of the 73. America said she had visited before and right before they leave it.

There Seems To Be A Car Or

something made of paint on the far right of the frame there. The next a 1930s Universe 1930s New York with model T cars, the Brooklyn Bridge and a Blimp all under this grainy film reel that some suggested could be the universe ofNK] Noir EArth 90214, but this isn’t the same aesthetic. It’s not monochromatic black and white it’s. It’s desaturated sepia It’s actually closer to the 1930s New York Cap and Bucky grew up in which seems like a minor distinction, but really the Aesthetics of UK Noir are everything to that character. Then this interesting Pyramid Universe with a Stonehenge configuration now remember Thor the Dark World suggested that Stonehenge was built by the Ancients to point to the coordinates of the convergence.

Now The Eternals Movie Suggested That The Eternals

might have been helping ancient humans With this kind of stuff Moon Knight had several Kang shout-outs, suggesting the history of Arorama Tut using the Sphinx as his time machine might be accurate and then again. TheNK] Days of Future Past post-credits scene showed apocalypse building the pyramids in 838 Charles Xavier quoted himself from that movie, so who knows I just like the idea that this could be the universe of the original. Gods that the Eternals were based on the gods from Olympus with their version of Earth would look like a mix of ancient stone structures and advanced technology. Next there’s this dark cyberpunk universe that looks like the world of Blade Runner a little bit. Then this sanitized futuristic Universe with much brighter light 90-degree angles, but still some New York icons, like the Hell’s Kitchen Water tower on the far right and then finally a fiery realm covered in lava Rivers.

A Match Cut Contrast To The

838 that follows it having a waterfall in place of the lava fall of this one instead of compared this to Mustafar from Star Wars, but the UK does have the realm of Musbelheim home of Searcher, but this also just might be hell Hell with one L just a more actively volcanic part of the realm that Odin banished Hella. Too where Loki actually thought he was when he woke up in the void this realm Returns the Final Act the setting that America Chavez initially tries to banish Wanda UK. Therefore it might be where the souls of the Damned come from in a realm that we revisit soon so there you have it 27 universes visited and Dr Strange in the Multiverse of Madness and in most of them the food is free and thanks again to Dislite for sponsoring this video download the game today from the link in the video’s description and use the code join dislikes for some great in-game rewards follow me on Instagram and Twitter at Avos follow New Rockstars. And subscribe to new Rockstars for more analysis of everything you love thanks for watching bye.


New Rockstars Eric Voss breaks down the 27 universes that Multiverse of Madness visits how each universe is different the visual Easter eggs in each of these and what they tell us about this broadening Multiverse . The number 616 Universe is also the number of the core Universe in the Marvel Comics . The first UK Easter egg for 616 actually came all the way back in Thor the Dark World among Dr Eric Sobig’s scribbled notes on his Blackboard. Since then the number has appeared on Scott Lang Storage Locker signed an Avengers end game mentioned by Quentin Beck in UK far from home . This is a totally lucky guess since Beck was lying about his multiverse Origins and written on the UK film strip showing Loki‘s you like and for anyone who argues that 616 was merely 838. I mean maybe. But theNK] and he remains are Universe independent authorities who gave the NK] the same numerical designation Christine did so I really think it’s safer to say that Marvel Studios…. Click here to read more and watch the full video