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and the Illuminati and Doctor Strange and the multiverse of Madness is confirmed to have a mystery seventh member due to an open seat on that Illuminati Dais that did not belong to 838 Steven Strange, a 3-8 Steven Sorcerer’s Supreme Seat went to Mordo third from the left Mordo replaced a 3-8 Strange on that panel after the other members of the Illuminati executed Steven, which then opened up that seat for Sorcerer’s Supreme Morto and now This has been confirmed by the movie screenwriter who hinted that the open 7 seats occupant remained something of a mystery to the 838 universe. A mystery that if you look at the comics that most influenced the development of this movie’s Illuminati sequence and by looking ahead at Marvel‘s narrative plan we may be able to deduce who this seat belongs. to and why it is empty for this trial and thanks to true bill for sponsoring today’s video more about them later okay just to clarify again why this open 7th seat does not belong to 838 Steven. Strange the Illuminati is an assembly of representatives of the various factions of superheroes. It’s not a who’s who of the most powerful or just the groupings of superheroes and their friends.

It Is Specifically Leaders Of Each Faction.

We have one in only one seat for Sorcerers, one seat for the Mutants, one seat for the Avengers, one seat for the Inhumans, one seat for Atlantis and one seat for the Fantastic War. Now Initially in the comics, T’challa leader of Wakanda was invited but ended up turning them down and this scene in multiverse of madness shows The 838 Illuminati operates under the same rule. Mordo introduces each member with. The body of Superhero Dome that they represent Baron Carl Mordo Sorcerer Supreme Sorcerer’s Check Captain Carter, the first Avenger Avengers Check like a garbolt gun Inhuman King Inhumans, Czech Maria Rambo, Captain Marvel, defender of the Cosmos Marvel Cosmic, Czech Reed Richards of the Fantastic War Fantastic four Check and Professor Charles Xavier Mutants check it would not make sense for a seven-member Illuminati to have two sorcerers on it.

Furthermore, Mordo Was Clearly Not Present With The

Illuminati in that Titan flashback as they executed strange so Mordo did not join that panel until after the position of sources of Supreme opened up these arguments that the Illuminati might leave the 7th seat open to honor. 838 Strange also Don’t really make sense because they clearly stated they only put up that statue outside as a public display to mythologize that strange as a martyr, which was a lie that they clearly feel guilty about in private. They actually still feel betrayed by their friend, so they definitely would not keep an open seat in that room to honor him in this private chamber. Now 838 Strange founded this group so it does make sense that his seat would be at the center where Mordo now sits. This empty seventh seat is all the way at the end, which makes far more sense as the seat left open for a rogue seventh member, So when still alive representing a different faction of the 838 world, Someone they hope might join them for a meeting.

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Someday Now Screenwriter Michael Waldron Was Asked About

this open seat by the Hollywood reporter and he confirmed it was something they talked a lot about he made a joke about the set decorator accidentally setting out too many chairs and then when the interviewer was like no seriously and followed up. Waldron indicated that they do have an answer in mind, but wanted to leave it open-ended for now and again if the answer was as simple as well. was just 838 Steven’s chair Waldron would have said so clearly there is another 838 hero out there someone who they talked about someone whom Waldron considers it above his pay grade to reveal so let’s break down the likeliest suspects. If we go by the illuminati In the comics, we should start with Iron Man Tony Stark. You could look at the Ultron sentries of the Baxter foundation and conclude that there must be a tony stark of this universe because in 616 it was Tony who created Ultron also back in Iron Man 2 616.

Tony Had A File On His Phone

labeled illuminati so you could conclude from that that many tonys across many universes would have some illuminati-esque ambitions. However, A38 is definitely a marvel elseworld, and in the age of Ultron comics. It was actually Hank Pym who invented Ultron, while these Ultron sentries look. As they do in age of Ultron really the look of Ultron in the MCu is based on the comics, so either way it’s just kind of hard to use these centuries as evidence of who created them if anything it seems like Reed Richards and his team of technicians were the source of the technological innovations of this reality. Waldron has confirmed in other interviews that the rumors that Tom Cruise might be playing a superior iron man in this movie were not true.

Cruz Never Shot Anything For This Movie.

He was never even approached, but Captain Carter’s look is very similar to Peggy and what if and that Peggy was given her union Jack Shield by howard Stark so it’s at least likely that some Stark family exists in 838 really the arguments against Tony being that seventh member of the Illuminati is that his role has. already been filled by other members because in the comics Tony represents the Avengers and he’s the one who formed the group. But in 838 the Avengers seat is occupied by Captain Carter, and it was 838. Steven Strange who formed the group now if you’re hoping for a multiversal version of yourself that’s better with money.

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Sea Flooding Manhattan As If Part Of That

war might have involved the Neymar flooding the coastline the Squid monster They fight was actually confirmed by Merch to be named Gargantos, who is a name or villain. Waldron was actually asked by Neymar by variety, and he said that Neymar was someone they talked about but that Marvel has other plans for him in the mcu maybe even the same occupant of that seventh seat that Waldron and his team talked about so what would Marvel’s plans for Namor be well. There were some rumors last year that Marvel had cast Narcos actor Tanakuerta as Namor and Black Panther Wakanda forever, but that was never confirmed. Atlantis and Wakanda do have a pretty fierce rivalry in the comics, and that’s a big reason why T’challa resists joining the illuminati to begin with and when I look at that seventh seat. And wonder well, what faction the Marvel world is still left unrepresented.

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I Would Think One Of Their Other Independent

kingdoms of earth, Atlantis or Wakanda, which brings me to the option. I think actually might be likeliest and explain why the seat was left empty in this movie T’challa, the Black Panther Waltran confirmed in interviews that when he drafted this version of The Illuminati he drew primarily on the comics run by Jonathan Hinkman that I mentioned in my last video 2013’s New Avengers Incursions event which opens with T’challa witnessing a red alternate earth in the sky over Wakanda and then begrudgingly reassembles the Illuminati T’challa is the point of-view vocal character that brings us into these incursions and when we go into the post-incursion reality of this movie, What do we see in the sky a giant red planet. Therefore I think that seventh seat. actually belong to the one member of the Illuminati historically hesitant to join the six others, but one that they would always leave one seat open for T’challa. Maybe even in this movie they considered a masked variant of T’challa, but ultimately decided that they didn’t want to step on any toes of black Panther Wakanda forever, which is still set to release later this year.

I Mean Of Course Folks The Options

are endless. Hank Pym Maybe 838 vision he’d be an interesting option because we confirmed that he is alive in this reality, But Elizabeth Olsen suggested he is divorced from 838. Wanda I would suggest an Asgardian or some other extraterrestrial Maybe 8384 838 Valkyrie 838 Jane Foster Thor, but Captain Marvel is there as a defender of the Cosmos so everything off world is covered. Maybe 838 Kang but Nathaniel Richards, descendant of Reed Richards House.

Of Richards Is Already Represented Here

truly I think the likeliest options are one of the three likely options that we saw in the pages of the comics. This is based on Tony Stark or Namor or T’challa, each of whom have a reason to be on that illuminati panel, but each of them also having their own set of complications with revealing them ahead of upcoming Mcu titles. So let me know who you think is in that seventh seat except if you still think it is 838 strange because you are wrong.


An open seat on that Illuminati Dais that did not belong to 838 Steven Strange is confirmed to have a mystery seventh member . This has been confirmed by the movie screenwriter who hinted that the open 7 seats occupant remained something of a mystery to the 838 universe . A mystery that if you look at the comics that most influenced the development of this movie’s Illuminati sequence and by looking ahead at Marvel’s narrative plan we may be able to deduce who this seat belongs to and why it is empty for this trial . The Illuminati is an assembly of representatives of the various factions of superheroes . The body of Superhero Dome that they represent is Baron Carl Mordo, the first Avenger Avengers check like a garbolt gun Inhuman King Inhumans, the Inhumans and the first Avengers check out like a . Inhuman king Inhumans . The first Avenger Avenger Avengers Check like a ghouhouhouster check out the first Marvel Avengers Check. The first Avengers Check out the video below . The…. Click here to read more and watch the full video