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Have You Guys Seen Mr.

. Doctor yet alright well if you have or have not seen Mr. . Doctor yet this is your spoiler warning I’m about to ruin Mr.


Doctor that’s dr. strange for those of you who take everything on the internet really literally so when we meet dr. strange in dr. strange did super Cocky.

I Thought He Was Rad Hes

laughing joking hitting on RachelNK] we think he’s great you seized my kiosk place I want that swanky place He’s beating down the road in the rain where you’re liking this that’s not smart Rex Rex his hands now when she’s telling him he’s in the hospital bed. There are pins in his hands. He’s like what did they do to me. She’s explaining everything you can tell it’s a doctor hearing what’s wrong with him you can tell in his head. He’s like if I.

I Were Telling Someone This I Would

be like I would know these if their hands is over ergo. My life is over or at least very much change, and she was like No one could have done better. I was like Oh Don’t Don’t say you could have done better Cuz that’s that is the worst nothing worse than knowing that you’re screwed because someone wasn’t as smart as you anyhow now he’s got the shaky-shaky UK he’s like there’s no way for me to come back. So I was like this one dude shattered his spine. He was fine.

He Finds That Guy And The Guys Like

yeah it’s because I’m magic in this place. Benny Tripps balls like when Tilda Swinton touches his head and he is flying through the cosmos. Oh multiverse really is going inside his eye and everything dude. I’m Just saying if you watch that hi nice knowing you see you next fall it’s over I know some of you were going to do that I’m saying it’s permanent be warned because what was in that team really that’s that’s my question odds are dr. strange you still knocked out cold on the foot.

What Did That Happen At The

end of the movie sure he just wakes up on the ground at the end of the movie right there after he drank the tea she’s like Ha Durbin poison not everyone good and alleged then he embarks on his super quest and I wanted to tell you guys more about what I thought was cool about the fights. The astral projection fight when he’s dying in the hospital and you got RachelNK] trying to you know Zap boom his astral projection is other dudes astral projection they’re. They’re fighting and all she sees with things like getting knocked off with a shell with full force. They’re flying through it, but in our realm it just so ever slightly gives it energy and then it falls onto the ground. Just a little bit of a disturbance every time a pen rolls off your desk.

Now Youre Kind Of Wonder Straight Up Though

when Doctor Strange got that Cloak of levitation. Who else thought of the carpet from Aladdin like seriously that Cloak was a character and add personality. It had thoughts it wiped his tears from his eyes granted. He didn’t have the personality of the carpet from Aladdin. There’s still a personality personality goes a long way and in my spoiler free review I ended up cutting out this part where I said this movie has an unexpectedly clever ending.

I Didnt Want You Guys To

know. That I didn’t want you to know that anything was clever so I just took it as like a you’ll watch it you’ll know what I mean what is Mads Mikkelsen as much as he is an agent of evil. He’s not the evil. Although from his perspective he’s actually doing good there’s this whole monologue he has but dr. strange for he’s like there’s this being in this dark energy dimension opposite of ours and he’s just kind of annexes worlds into its world and then they live forever because time has no place there, but even then he’s like I’m doing it for good and strange is like really I mean look at your face and it’s true at what point are you doing what Mads Mikkelsen in this movie is doing then you look in the mirror and you look like that you see that staring back.

At Youre Like Yeah! Im Totally

fighting for the good guys here, but it’s cool because strange gets onto the battlefield. At the end, it’s like it’s already falling all this blumin our world is going to heads going to the dark energy world that dark world has won. We don’t have link with this mirror to save it. Then he gets an idea is like I’ll be back if he goes there and he puts on a time loop and he’s like Hi. I’ve come to make a bargain and super evil God who kind of looks like an ethereal version of Reptile for Mortal combat just blast him with the laser and he comes back.

Hes Like Hi Im Coming To Make A

bargain. It’s like UK kills him again Hi I’ve come to make a bargain impale him. Hi I’ve come to make a bargain. Bargain things like what is this? He’s like Yeah. This is time.

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This Is How It Works Because

time has no place there. So this thing really has never experienced time. He’s put him in a time loop and now he’s going to keep looping and strange says he’ll break the loop if he makes a bargain with it. The bargains simple blumin off take your zealots with you never come back. I think it’s pissed this keeps killing them Strange comes back hi.

Im Here To Make A Bargain.

It relives the same moment over and over and over again, which I heard him feeling something like that would happen at a point in this movie because when strange finds that book dealing with time and he starts messing with time and you see the apple rotting and then coming back and rotting and coming back and. And they’re like stop it? What are you doing? Are you crazy that is forbidden. Do you want to stay in a loop forever and ever that could happen. I was like I feel like it’s a very on-the-nose foreshadow that’s alright that’s gonna happen but I thought was a super clever ending.

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However, If I Were That Super God

ish dark world thing. I’d have gotten around it seriously you literally are in a loop forever This guy’s never gonna break it. You can do some straight-up. Prometheus blumin here. Prometheus was tortured over and over and over again.

He Was In A Loop Essentially And It

kind of sounded like a sucky ass thing so you just torture strange until he dies he’ll come back you torture him again you just keep doing that until strange is convinced to be like him. I’m gonna break this. Then you kill him for real I know he threatens he was like you can experience strange is like pain and I are old friends, but he gets vaporizes them kills him instantly now come on man They’re gonna be full evil be full evil did he reach down Dr. Strange’s throat rip his balls out. Have him die come back and be like do you want to do that again No okay blumin your bargain what anything about Chiwetel Ejiofor is he’s more dough and I didn’t know that I heard more dough might be in the movie I’m Ordos a bad guy.

I Have Zero Clue.

I know that turns out he’s him it’s just the origin story of it and that’s the ends. One of the end credits scenes as he finds the dude from demolition man who had his magic and He healed himself. himself he takes his magic back and he’s like they’re too many sorcerers or Oh! And the sequel is Guys gonna go around killing them strangers gonna have to stop him so it’s like Sinestro from Green Lantern done right then it all hit me. Doctor Strange is a better version of Green Lantern Cocky-doody brought into a bigger world that shows him that the world he knew is just a small cog in a very big wheel.

He Joins His Group Of People

becomes a hero among that world. He has to fight a big formless evil thing that’s going to wreck our world and then someone he considered a friend turns bad for the signal. No this is not a knock on Dr. Strange. I could find a great movie somewhere that is essentially the plot of Batman and Robin just done better.

Im Just Saying Its Proof.

You can take a premise and do it better? One of the things that just stuck out of me is it’s a better way. They did it In Doctor Strange that Green Lantern totally failed that was the big bad guy Parallax didn’t really didn’t say anything at least Doctor Strange when they have their super villain that comes in he’s this otherworldly thing that really is more or less formless. He talks to the thing and he bargains with it. He doesn’t just kind of suck it into the Sun and have that be that but it was funny the parallels between the two and the other post–credit scenes.

Now Theres Two Theres Like A Mid–Credits

scene in a post–credits scene because one is just not enough for the Marvel Empire. It’s dark too strange talking for I Guess Thor has brought Loki to New York and strange is. Find Odin will you take your brother out of here? He’s like sure he’s there all right let me help you find him two things. I noticed one strange has his yellow gloves that he has on a comic book now So I guess he’s full strange and two.

I Was Like Is It Setting

up for Thor Ragnarok or it’s just kind of unwrite ileft Thor the dark world that Thor the dark world left off like where’s Odin you think all right is Ragnarok going to pick up where that left off in which case is strange gonna set him on the path for Thor Ragnarok or is Thor Ragnarok gonna pick up where Odin’s there and they’re like Oh Hey I’m so glad Doctor Strange helped me find you in which case is just rewriting it because different directors different minds and things shift around and they. Just have to unright some things sometimes don’t know point is Doctor Strange is pretty sweet. I’m just saying it’s a cool movie. It’s a fun movie.

Its A Mind-Bending Movie And I

thought the end with the whole time loop thing. I thought that was rad and it’s just at this point man Marvel is there like Pixar there Pixar with no real cars-you could argue that maybe a couple of them for cars one there’s no real cars-yeah and so now it’s up to you what do you guys think of Doctor Strange where does it rank among the Marvel Cinematic Universe you don’t have to list them all just say it’s between this one or this one if you want if you want to list them all hey go nuts comments section is there for you so whatever you think comment below let. Let me know and as always if you like what you’ve seen here and you want to see more click right here to see more.


Have you guys seen Mr.&.& Doctor yet alright well this is your spoiler warning I’m about to ruin Mr. &.& . Dr. Rex Rex is in the hospital bed with pins in his hands . He’s like what did they do to me.& He’s got the shaky-shaky UK he’s like there’s no way for me to come back. My life is over or at least very much change, and she was like No one could have done better. He was fine. He finds that guy and the guys like yeah it’s because I’m magic in this place. I’m Just saying if you watch that hi nice knowing you see you next fall it’s over I’m saying it’s permanent be warned because what was in that team really that’s my question. Odds are dr.& strange you still knocked out cold on the foot. He just woke up on the ground at the end of the movie sure he just wakes up with the tea…. Click here to read more and watch the full video