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Last Night I Thought Was Amazing.

I didn’t think it started out real well um Mike Pence came out and he kind of seemed like the typical politician and I didn’t think he did well with Kovid surprisingly shockingly and then he just unleashed and Kamala Harris looked horrible. I talked to Donald Trump Jr. Right after the debate and here’s what he said amen he just destroyed her and he did it with a smile on his face. He had an answer for everything.

He Called Out The Lies When It

was appropriate. He kept his cool. He pointed out to the you know the cold hard facts of Joe Biden’s failed 47 years in the Washington Dc Swamp. He called out Kabala Harris’s disastrous Uber leftist record in the Senate and the disaster that that would mean for the American people and and he did it with a smile on his face and you could see just the cringe. You know on that just the least authentic person in probably American politics it’s not just America period.

Kamala Harris And Shes Just Getting

destroyed by by this guy who just did it in the nicest possible way it was amazing I saw her one more time say I’m speaking I’m speaking yeah. She tries she tries to do the like I’m cute thing but she overplays it but you know it’s sort of like the fake laugh when she laughs for no reason and you have that tackle when she’s laughing at something that’s not a joke that only she finds funny that no one else is in. On, I mean there’s really like there’s a failure of personality there that’s truly sad it’s sort of embarrassing to watch and you know I think a lot of that was prison tonight, But I think more importantly her refusal to answer real issues her. You know the gibberish. She gave us about what they would do about China and holding them accountable and Joe’s dismal record in China where he sent American jobs abroad for decades.

The Fact That She Wouldnt Answer The Question

about stacking courts, which obviously means that’s totally their plan. They’re just not going to say it because it would be negative for them, but if they don’t give an answer at least then when they do it they can say it’s not a lie, so you know I think all of that has been exposed and the hypocrisy of the Democrat party has been. exposed and honestly. I think she was just a charitable choice for BP and tonight’s performance shows just that I I will tell you the the thing that I liked about Mike Pence and I thought she did a horrible job on. This was the economy .

There Was Just No Credibility Coming From I

and I wanted pence to say. I want somebody to say you guys said this is as good as it’s ever going to get we could never create any more jobs. You mocked Donald Trump for saying he was going to create you said it was impossible now we’re expecting you to grow it there’s no magic wand for that Obama Oh. He did say that that was their plan there’s a you know so he actually brought it up definitely brought it up, but you know that that’s the problem. You know the media will say Oh, you know they did a great job growing jobs.

They Inherited They Got An Economy As It

was just started an uptick from one of the biggest recessions. We’ve seen a monkey doing nothing would have seen growth that they saw yeah you know it didn’t take anything to actually see growth, but if their economy was so good and they claimed it was for eight years because of their policies how come Donald Trump was able to make it skyrocket. The second he took over I mean it literally on November 9 2016 before he even took office. But when America knew that Donald Trump had won when small business and big business. Alike realized that the person in the White House for the next four years would not be anti-business would not be for excessive regulation would not be for excessive taxation that’s when the market started skyrocketing.

I Mean Obama Gets Credit For Sort Of

the period between the election day and when my father took office at the inauguration, but consumer confidence went through the roof. It was like 1500 points in the market because they finally knew they wouldn’t have an enemy in the white house. I want to play something. Kamala. Harris said repeatedly that they would not end fracking, but I want to play I want to play something from Joe Biden.

July 31St 2019.

The Democratic primary debate watch would there be any place for fossil fuels, including coal and fracking in the Biden administration. No no we would we would work it out we would. sure it’s eliminated and no more subsidies for either one of those either any fossil fuel. He says there is no place for any fossil fuels in a biden administration .

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He He Was Very Very Clear As President

or vice president Pence pointed out it’s on their website. The Green New deal is on their website Yeah It’s one of her number one points. It’s one of his number one points, but that’s the problem Glenn that’s sort of what we’re up against the mainstream media knows that they’re not as stupid as they seem that they would neglect point number one or point number two of his actual platform on his actual website. They just know that highlighting it through the people of Pennsylvania to the people of Ohio and Michigan and Oklahoma and Texas and places all over the country where that is a huge boost for. The economy where that creates lots and lots thousands and thousands of good paying jobs.

They Know It Would Be A Disaster

there so and say that he’s not against it. Even though it’s part of his platform. They will let him have both sides of every argument. I put up a tweet about it literally during the debate because there are not just one example, there are literally countless examples beyond what’s on his actual website beyond what’s on his platform where he’s literally reassuring people that he’s ending this stuff immediately because we don’t have the luxury or the benefit of having a mainstream media that will function as our marketing department That will sort of you know pretend we didn’t do that you know just pretend that this is the case allow us to get away with anything we get fact check they don’t anyone decent whether. It was talking about you know Joe Biden and his covid response whether the idea of keeping travel open from China whether it’s disastrous policies as it relates to China on a trade perspective, whether it’s the disastrous handling of Joe Biden of Swine flu back in 2009 where even Joe Biden’s own head guy because Joe Biden had a similar role to Mike Pence in leading the response said man we basically got lucky because it was a disastrous response.

We Did Everything Wrong And By The

way they forgot to replenish the PpD after it was over no one talks about it just like they don’t talk about Hunter Biden and millions of dollars from China and millions from the Ukraine and millions from a Putin associate in Moscow. You know that’s okay they get a pass for that the stuff that they dreamed for years that I. was doing Hunter Biden was actually doing and now that the collusion is on the other foot. No one wants to know anything but this is what we’re up against and that’s why it’s so important for the American people to see it it is it’s amazing. I spent about 30 minutes privately with Don Jr.

Last Night And I Will Tell You That

they are fighting fires on so many fronts and they have so few allies. I think the I think the gop is despicable. I don’t think the gop is is fighting they are have they abandoned him. I don’t think they’ve abandoned him.

Theyre Just Not Doing All That They Can

to to fight the fires. I I really got the feeling in just talking about a couple of things that they are so um. I mean they’re they’re battling the taxes they’re battling impeachment They’re. Battling the Russia gate, They’re battling Kovid they’re battling the president’s Covid they’re battling the press.

I Mean It Is Its Just Overwhelming Um

I I urge you to pray for the president and his family because they are they are fighters Man they are fighters, but they really are the firewall. They go down. This whole thing goes down.

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Last night I thought was amazing. Kamala Harris and she’s just getting destroyed by by this guy who just did it in the nicest possible way it was amazing I saw her one more time say I’m speaking.& On, I mean there’s really like there’s a failure of personality there that’s truly sad it’s sort of embarrassing to watch and you know I think a lot of that was prison tonight, But I think more importantly her refusal to answer real issues her. The fact that she wouldn’t answer the question about stacking courts, which obviously means that’s totally their plan.& They’re just not going to say it. They’re in the process of not saying it, they’re in it, it’s just not saying what they’re going to do, they won’t say it . Donald Trump Jr. said after the debate that he just destroyed her and he said amen he destroyed her. He had an answer for everything. He said amen, he just said amen ….. Click here to read more and watch the full video