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Youve Got Five Columns A Week That

you’re right at the moment that’s correct. I write an average of four crimes a week. Okay Yeah well plus media spots plus writing a book plus the other bits that you do plus trying to have a life as well. What is it that drives you to work that hard um gosh that’s a difficult question um. I I do work very hard.

I Got To See This First

hand yeah the reason I bring it up yeah, I um I think I might have mentioned you. I sometimes have to register that with myself a few weeks ago I got back. Maybe it was when you were in New York. I remember I got home one night at about 10 p. m and I remember having this terrible feeling but there must be something I’ve got to do and I rise oh.

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No There Isnt.

I can relax and at 10 pm at night, and that is not uncommon at all . I. I sort of say that one of the great benefits of the life. I’ve been able to create has been that I.

I I Work In In Industries

trades. Whatever you want to call them where I have to work all of the time, but at about 90 or 80 percent. So most people work well. Let’s pretend that most people work 95 100 percent and then they stop working and they can do whatever they like the rest of the time. if you do what you love well first of all if you’re very busy in the summer As I I’m in you just can’t do a nine-to-five job.

I Mean It Wouldnt Work And So

yeah. I work all the time every day I have. Don’t think is it ever a day when I don’t what drives that a lot of things. I suppose one is just being driven and I don’t know if anyone can explain for themselves why someone why they’re driven I just I just know I always have been. I always had a um a horror of wasting time.

I Mean I I I Im Quite An

irritable person. It’s one of my um traits. Don’t smile you were perfectly pleasant when I said okay well that’s very good I’m. I’m I’m slightly irritable at times and it’s generally because of um a fear of wasting time and um. This is very strong in me.

I Cant Bear Clothes Shopping.

For instance, I can’t bear being in shops actually in general. I get very irritable because I I just I feel my life going and I have that in. certain films and all sorts of other things. I I just have a very acute sense of life.

S Brevity Dont Waste It Work Hard Do Whatever

it is you’re meant to do and I’ve got a pretty clear view of what I need to do and so I don’t like not using my time the the other thing. I suppose I’m motivated to be the best that I can be and that includes being the best in my field. I could always do less. I mean it’s one of those sort of things that your mother says you know can you not you know can you do a bit less you know something well I could. But then I wouldn’t be as successful and I want to be successful.

I I Want To Do Well You

know I um if I if I’ve got a book out. Like I don’t not promote it You know because I feel like I’ve done the work um When you refer to my the columns. I write it’s one of the great you know great pleasures of my life. I I get to write for and speak to millions and millions of people in different formats in different countries, in tabloid newspapers and in broadsheet newspapers and enter into and be in the big debates of my time and I enjoy it and you know people generally think I’m quite good at it and asked me to do it and um and I get a thrill from it and and you know I said a little while ago to a friend. You know I wish I could have a couple of days off and then I said I said I wish I could just like not have to write anything for.

A Few Weeks And She Said That You

don’t you’d be like 48 hours and you’d be like damn it then bored you had a similar experience with meditation. I think that’s right. I’m very very bad at meditating very very bad, meditating Yeah. I think Sam Harris wants to get me to meditate. I find that I find that impossible.

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Im Told That Theres A Way To

get through that but I couldn’t get through it. I I you know all that thing even when Sam said um it was in Australia a few years ago. You know Samsung was saying like empty your mind of all your thoughts and I was just thinking I’m so irritated UK God. I wish I was reading a book and I I I can’t do it and um yeah that’s my failing. I mean Sam is terrific and he’s brilliant at.

That And Hes Helped Millions Of People

to find a way to do things like meditation. I wish I could do that but in a way. I don’t really because I kind of Don’t want to turn my mind off it’s always racing it’s always looking for things and you know I read a lot as you know um books and things and and magazines and articles and what but I read books um and I read to relax as well, which is very important him if you do what I do um you know you need to extend your knowledge, but you also read things that just take you out of work stuff into something else but even then I kind of read with a pencil in my hand. Even the relaxing stuff is I have a site in the corner of my eye. I have a friend who.

Referred To That Before You Have The Pencil

in your hand? There’s low stakes consumption so he talks about low stakes podcast listening that if you’re constantly embroiled in the culture wars and you’re always listening the newest whatever yes at 100 miles an hour. It’s kind of nice to just hear about a murder mystery for for a little while low stakes listening but yeah This is something I’ve been battling with so much and we spoke about this with regards to productivity Dysmorphia as well. This tension between um the fact that you know that part of your drive comes from your ability to pay attention your ability to constantly be on to be able to look at the details in a way that other people don’t and that that can actually lead to almost a fear that you go okay well hang on if I tune. This down that is the fuel that’s driving a lot of the achievements that I take so much pleasure in and that there’s this difficulty. Sometimes with seeing the amount of work that we’ve done and I.

I Think Maybe We Almost Dont

want to see the amount of work that we’ve done because we think well maybe if I took more satisfaction in the work that I don’t know if I felt if I felt like I could take more of a break then that might shortcut some of the things which is propelling me to continue to do this well. When you start off you have to work so damn hard. I mean I think that’s something that is not expressed enough to people is it when you start off your cryptic a career like mine you you you have to work so damn hard in the beginning. of my career I didn’t have a holiday for seven years. It was seven years until my family persuaded me to go away with a holiday.

I Just Couldnt Go On Holiday And

one of the reasons was I at the at the beginning of my career. Inevitably if people called and asked me if I could write something I had to do it If um I feared that if I said no they wouldn’t come back and ask again now that’s very common the problem is there is a certain point in your life when you have that fear and it’s no longer relevant. It’s information that you’re being told by yourself about an earlier version of yourself and you have the right at a certain point. But it’s very hard to make that decision professionally um to say okay no I’m okay now I can take time off. I can say no this time I can’t turn that down well.

You Also Need To You Need To

it’s only in the last 10 years that I learned how to say no to things because I didn’t know whether I’d be asked again but as for as for whatever the drive is underneath that if I could well. I saw yourself revealing but I suppose there are a couple of things. One is that I’ve always sought freedom in my life as much freedom as I can have and some years ago. I said to our sort of friends and some family members around and we’re talking about various things. I said you know my experience of life has been that um with every year.

I Get More And More Free And

I just realized I felt terrible actually because I rather the younger guy who’s there. I said I I I don’t feel that at all he had exactly the opposite feeling and I felt sort of terrible that I said this but it is sort of been. My feeling is that I’ve gone further and further in a way. I’ve gone further and further away from home. You might say and but that I’ve wanted to be free and to pursue what I want to pursue and to have the ability to do that to write about what I want to write about to go where I want to go whatever I want to live and to be with who I want to be with and this is this is something I always wanted and and various others.

British Journalist Suzanne Moore Said Something Quite Similar

in a piece on her substance recently and I said to her. I said it just rang such a bell so that’s the first thing and I suppose the second thing. I could probably point to is that actually slightly. I once said to my late friend Clive James, and if you knew a great Australian Polymath.

I Said To Him Towards The Very End

of his life. He was born in 1939. An opening line of his memoirs. It says you know I was born in 1939.

The Other Big Event That Year

um he’s an amazing wonderful man and but I remember saying to him once you know about what do you feel drives you and he lost his father in the war. He didn’t die in the war he lost his father died on the plane back the Americans like brought some of the Australian troops back home early and the plane crashed and it was just Clive and his mum. Then you know and I remember I said to cry once asked him about his drive and he said I felt like I owed it to the ruins of my family.


You’ve got five columns a week that you’re right at the moment that’s correct.& I write an average of four crimes a week.& Don’t smile you were perfectly pleasant when I said okay well that’s very good . I suppose one is just being driven and I don’t know if anyone can explain for themselves why someone why they’re driven I just I just know I always have been.& If you do what you love well first of all if you’re very busy in the summer . As I I’m in you just can’t do a nine-to-five job.& The writer has been able to create has been that I. work in in in industries trades where I have to work all of the time, but at about 90 or 80 percent.& So most people work well. I mean it wouldn’t work and so yeah. I’m quite an irritable person.& It’s one of my traits. It’s a fear of wasting time.&…. Click here to read more and watch the full video