Douglas Murray The Destructive Risk Of Talking About Social Justice


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Are You Bored Of Talking About Social Justice

in one way no because they’re so endlessly entertaining the opposition. You think they can’t come up with anything worse than madder and then they do and um you think I’m sure that must be a satire and it turns out not to be and they make the same mistakes in the same order every time yeah, I mean that stuff is endlessly. You know I mean there are never by the way there’s a very serious ones. I mean there was one that came up the other day. The American Psychological Association decided to become a sort of racist organization.

It Announced That All White People Have

the have white supremacy a blood a blood problem basically by being white and now. Of course, the American Psychological Association last year decided that men were a problem so I I just. sort of think at some point the American psychological association is going to have to refer itself to a psychologist. I suppose but but but you know they do this on a very regular basis. The Un did it today, the U.

N Declared That Oh, What Was It Yeah

until we address Oh, you know the usual thing it says Cis heteronormativity patriarchy There won’t be peace in the world You think yeah I don’t know if that’s going to solve yemen um, but I mean you know it’s actually what you do if you can’t solve yemen isn’t it you start jabbering on about heteronormativity somewhere in geneva but but yeah they come up with things every day. I’m fascinated by that but I also don’t spend all my time on it or at least let me let me rephrase that I spend too much of my time on. it but I always balance it out with something worthwhile right. I literally think of it like sustenance if I spend some hours imbibing the latest crazy blumin that everyone’s doing today. I read a really good book or I watch a terrific movie.

Ive Never Seen So Youre Allowed To Eat

the hamburger as long as you go and go to the gym at some point right. I absolutely advise this for everybody like the joy of reading old books. The joy of watching old movies you know just take a classic movie you never bothered with or a classic book You’ve never read and read it. It’s the best antidote to it and by the way it’s not just an antidote. It’s very important because it reminds you of how people lived until the weird era we’re in it helps give you very basic things that.

That Our Era Is Losing Perspective

sense of judgment and much more so that’s I. I you know that that really is an important tip. If I can say so um people cannot imbibe just what we’re being told to imbibe. You said on the trigonometry episode I watched that was standing on the precipice and it’s interesting to use that word because I’ve been thinking about this for quite a while Toby Ord who is from the future of Humanities Institute at Oxford . He wrote a book called The Precipice and it’s all about existential threat.

Oh Yeah, Oh Yeah Yes Yes

yes I’ve I’ve heard him yes wonderful. Australian Dude also big into the effective altruism movement right Yeah yeah yeah, I read him on altruism that’s right huge big picture thinking and he called his book the precipice and he gives humanity’s chances of surviving. The next century one in three. He gives humanity’s chances of reaching our full potential as a civilization space faring colonize the galaxy at one in two, so the vast majority of our risk as a species is front loaded within the next century. My concern is that smart people like you like Gad sad like Sam Harris are using up brain power on things that are self–defeating.

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Theres A Concept By Robin Hansen Called The

great filter, which explains the fermi paradox why are there not aliens out there. He suggests that there is a particular section that we need to get past and given that some of the smartest minds of the last few years have spent an inordinate amount of time trying to work out whether men are women or not to me feels like that could be that if that’s the reason that as a species. reach our full potential because we decided to have these stupid tribal like childish, completely idiotic self–defeating discussions Yeah when the asteroid comes or a slightly more effective pathogen hits or pick your any one of the other existential risks that Toby brings up in his book Like we did this to ourselves we we built it yeah yeah. I couldn’t agree more. I’ve said this quite often in my own defense and if I’m not going to do it.

Who Would The Purpose Of For

instance management crowds is to give everyone else a fast track out I can’t stress this enough James Lindsey and Helen Black Rose as you just mentioned you’ve spoken with also do an excellent task in a portion of this to do with the academic element in their new book Cynical theories. The point is is that I don’t want everyone to. life reading unreadable books, I’ve read a significant number of them in order to tell people not to read them because it’s not worth their time and it’s the same with quite a lot of the subjects. I deal with in a manner of crowds is to say this doesn’t work don’t fall for it. This is a Ponzi scheme that’s a fraud now that is not because I want to spend the rest of my life talking about mad Ponzi schemes invented by frauds.

Its Because I Want Everyone Else To

get through and all round or across this or over the top of this or burrow underneath it. However, you’re going to do it as fast as possible. It’s very hard to do it if you don’t know what you’re facing because if you don’t know what you’re facing you’ve got a disproportionate likelihood of getting killed blown. up if you know what you’re facing and you know the shortcut ways through it’s likely you can get on with the rest of your life and that’s why I did them that’s. Why I wrote the madness of crowds first of all and why I’ve not now updated it is because I wanted to stop particularly young people first of all feeling intimidated by this including intellectually intimidated because they shouldn’t feel intellectually intimidated by this um secondly for them to realize the size of the thing that was that they’re being faced with.

In Other Words, A Total Reorganization

of everything which I submit is not going to work, but crucially that in in knowing and understanding this you can get through and get on with your life. And this is this is a very important task because I absolutely agree that for a lot of us. I. Mean millions and millions of us everybody on the planet. We are wasting an opportunity at the moment and the opportunity is as you as you describe is that at this time in our history there is so much we can do because we have access to knowledge in a way that we never did in the past.

Our Forbes Had To Have To

live with ignorance on a lot of things a lot of things and the most obvious one is if you didn’t have access to a book. You didn’t know what was in it Who doesn’t now have access to a book. If they’ve got a relatively small sum of money, um they can join a lending library or they can buy a book online. You can get a classic book you can you can get hold of things very recently. Our parents generation, our grandparents generation.

Certainly That Wasnt The Case So

that’s not that’s the case in area after area we live in a time where instead of being in ignorance about so many things you just you can just put it in into a search engine and why in that situation are we spending our time as you say talking about whether or not intersex people with a particular condition are the same as trans people. I mean I I often used to joke. You know this is what what’ll this is what happens when the Barbarians break in you know we’ll all get Kalashnikov whilst talking about gender neutral bathrooms a horrible last thought to go through your head and and I’ve always thought that and and as I say a self–appointed task of mine is to try to help other people get through that itself. But I stress and I think I. The other day to people on trigonometry.

There Is Also A Very Very

important thing that people need to bear in mind, which is not to put off what you’re meant to be doing with your life, not to put it off in particular because you want the conditions of life to become optimal. I I think I have it here somewhere. I i said to the trigonometry people. The other day I was reading a sermon that C. s Lewis gave in 1939 just at the outbreak of war.

Its Such A Moving Sermon Because He Says

in it um you know these aren’t optimal times, but they never were they never were and as he says if human beings put off their search for beauty and truth and creation until the times were optimal they’d never have got started, we would never have started doing anything and the thing. That’s so desperate about the politicization of everything and the reason I say to people please de-politicize your lives is because it is not what you were meant to do It’s not what we were meant to do to spend our time endlessly going around such issues. All of us. Every single person watching you and me all have an enormous amount that we could do with our life.

An Enormous Amount.

We can contribute. Probably the least positive thing we can contribute is to some mass movement that’s almost certainly got enough members anyway even if it was going in a good direction and they almost never do and what you’re meant to be doing should not be put off until that movement gains total ascendancy firstly because it won’t secondly because it will be hell even if it did so don’t put it off whatever it is you’re. to be doing but do work out how to survive in this era and then get on to doing the thing you should be doing with your life because I can assure every single person watching it is going to be so much more damn rewarding than what you’re being offered at the moment topics like that and that particular passage that you pulled from the sermon in 1939 that’s what I want more of that’s what I want people like James Lindsay with a phd in pure mathematics Bro stop just I don’t want the world to have he should be getting us to mars.

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He Should Be Trying To Do Thats What

I want to hear. I want to hear more of that um timeless evergreen wisdom. You know that is going to be the sort of thing that’s usable in 50 years time or 100 years time. Because I agree critical race theory isn’t?


Are you bored of talking about social justice in one way no because they’re so endlessly entertaining the opposition? I’m fascinated by that but I also don’t spend all my time on it but I always balance it out with something worthwhile right.& I literally think of it like sustenance if I spend some hours imbibing the latest crazy blumin that everyone’s doing today.& The Un did it today, the Un declared that oh, what was it yeah until we address Oh, you know the usual thing it says Cis heteronormativity patriarchy patriarchy. There won’t be peace in the world. You think yeah I don’t know if that’s going to solve yemen um, but I mean you know it’s actually what you do if you can’t solve y Yemen isn’t it you start jabbering on about heteroormativity somewhere in geneva but but but yeah they come up with things every day. You know they do this on a very regular basis….. Click here to read more and watch the full video