Dr James Dobson America Wont Survive in Current Form if Marriage Collapses


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So Dr.

Dobson thank you so much for joining me today So tell me about this you have your book your legacy here and you also building a family legacy which is a pretty big initiative Yes, what can you what can you tell me about side the book and the project well I have been writing since 1970. My first book came out at that time. I’ve written 40 books approximately since then only 40 that’s amazing well for families. I also wrote a graduate textbook for medical students, but I’ve been writing for a long time, but this this book is kind of the capstone of all it’s gone before a lot of those other books have pointed toward what I have come to say in this book and that’s why I feel so strongly about it.

Its Also Why We Did The

video series that’s coming out. In October, you know the word legacy stands out right I mean it’s out in all of this why Legacy why the focus on that on that word it’s important to understand the difference between an inheritance and a legacy. An inheritance is something that you give to people. It’s usually monetary one way or the other and and it’s what you give to those who come behind legacy is what you build in someone at least that is the way I interpret it in this book and in the film series it’s it’s what you are trying to do primarily with your children, but with the others. It’s the character that you want to build in it’s the values that you hope they have and I have very strong Christian views and it’s the Christian faith as well, which is interesting because I think a way the way people.

Look At Legacy A Lot Of Times

is what they’re going to leave behind for the world. You know yeah and it’s a very different way of looking at it. What you just described it is because that puts the emphasis on me right so what I want to leave behind people will remember it really isn’t very important that I be remembered. I don’t I don’t put much stock in that for how long three generations. I mean it that doesn’t have any lasting benefit but building a child particularly from the ground up and putting those values and perspectives in them and helping them to cope with life and especially knowing who they are as a child of God that will last that has permanence yeah just such a fascinating way of looking at it and today I mean there’s so many struggles right for young families What.

Do You What Do You Think Some

of the things that these families struggle with today? How is it different from the things they struggle with maybe 30 years ago 40 years ago, Well it’s tougher today because the culture has changed. You know when I was a kid yeah you didn’t worry a lot about children. I would take off on a Saturday with my friends when I was ten twelve years of age on bicycles and we’d be gone until four O’clock in the afternoon would take a lunch and be gone. People wouldn’t do that today They would worry about them every hour of the day. You can’t even send a kid to a bathroom without worrying about who’s in there and what will occur and why why do you think all of the well it if the world has just gotten darker it’s changed so much.

You Know I I Dont I

really believe that we should allow sleepovers for our kids because you never know what’s going to take place there and you can be right about that decision for you know most of childhood and they then you make one mistake. You know a brother has a friend who comes over or yeah stepfather or who-knows-who which is not the same way 20-30 years I would not have I would not have. I think child pornography is responsible for a lot of that I served on the Attorney General’s Commission on pornography in the 80s. This was President Reagan’s appointee and I saw it coming. Then I saw that it was the culture was moving in that direction and now it’s so prevalent you you read in the paper, which is not reported in the news.

Usually You Read In The Paper That A

child has been molested or killed or abducted and I they rarely saved. There was child pornography or adult pornography in the garage or in the house, but it’s always there when there’s a sexual component to what takes place, but you know that’s just one tiny aspect of my concern. Today, the culture is just at war with families well. A lot of people are the hearts and minds of the kids Yeah and a lot of people are talking about pornography now as an issue that really is having an impact on people and there’s of course two sides one side that says no it’s not a big deal and it’s just. fun who cares and the other side that says no.

This Is Really Having A Psychological

impact on people and as a psychologist. I mean you’ve been an author and commentator psychologist. You know what do you think that impact is. I mean you described some of it just now, but what is the profound impact in your view that Porn has on people. I it is incredible in its impact.

You May Know That I Was The Last

person to interview Ted Bundy are you aware of that Ted Bundy. The serial killer who may have murdered as many as a hundred women, certainly forty or more. He confessed to most of those and the reason he talked to me and he wouldn’t talk to anybody else. There were 300 reporters. There 19 uplink dishes ready to talk to him.

He Would Not Talk To Any Of

them. The night before the execution in Florida State Penitentiary. The reason he wanted to talk to me is that he had read the 2,000 page report from our Commission and he saw himself in there and he saw the role that pornography had played didn’t blame it he took the blame for it. Ultimately and he certainly did with me and that’s on video. But it was when he was about 13 he was messing around a dump and he found detective stories and I don’t know if you you know about her remember those early evidences of violence in magazines, but the women were always tied up and they had you know they had they were muzzled and he saw that and he got into it and he got really captured by it and pornography is never static.

It Moves It Becomes More Extreme And

more addictive as time. goes on and for some people like Ted Bundy get to a fire trail where they’ve seen everything. There is to see and they decide to to play it out and that starts and for the vet. You know the vast majority of people who use it and you know obviously, doesn’t have that that sort of extremely that’s what but for marriage for instance, right when we talk about marriage. This I want to talk to you about the state of marriage.

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In Americank] You Know Whats The Impact

of pornography on marriage well that’s that’s controversial and people have different views on it. I think it usually turns out to be harmful and the reasons because men women are different sexually and they have a different response to what they see for women. women, It has a more romantic component to it for men. It is visual and often violent and what a man wants from a woman is to very frequently is to ask her to imitate what he’s seen in pornography and you know there is absolutely nothing that can occur in reality that can compete with airbrushed nudity and all that can occur in pornography. So I think it limits our damages the sexual relationship between a man and woman.

You Know Its Its Like Taking A Drug,

but you’re gonna need more and it doesn’t stay the same as I said so you know I I have very strong feelings about this. I spent 18 months on this commission. Studying it and I’ve also seen it in my practice and I just know what it does to children and what it does to adults as well and what we’re. talking about marriage? You know what role does marriage play in building legacy A and then B. You know what what’s happening in America with marriage? Right now, What are you seeing I’ve been What are some of your thoughts on that well as far as building a legacy in children.

Its Best Obviously If Theres A Man

and a woman because there are two role models here to get a message across to kids and it’s a it’s a big job. It’s a huge job. You do that job of raising children correctly and you’ve got to give priority to it that’s the other thing. I was gonna mention when you asked me about what’s different now. Then that we run faster now than we have in the past that’s not a new phenomenon, but it is certainly I think a cultural aspect now that let’s oh everybody’s exhausted.

Everybodys Running A Hundred Miles An Hour And

there you’ve got two careers going full blast and the kids come home to an empty house and the parents are often too worn out too tired to even know what’s going on at home and children cannot raise themselves. They require adult leadership and in one of my books bring it up Boys I talked about boys are like a car going 70 miles an hour down the freeway. If somebody has to keep their hands on the wheel or help him with it or he’ll run it into the ditch or into the center yeah I mean that’s the way boys are they tend to do goofy things and especially as adolescence and some some adult who cares about him has got to have the time and the energy to work with him to teach him to that for incase. of boys to teach them how to relate to women and teach them to to be caring and sensitive to women that doesn’t come natural to a boy. There’s so much to learn which is why the marriage unit you know in your view is so important Yeah It’s absolutely why it is important in in a culture where it’s starting to fall apart not starting or we’re seeing it it’s happening then the children are the victims and what about Christianity as a whole I mean you for the last 40 years you’ve sort of seen this and you’ve been so embedded with it when you look at what’s happening in society.

What Do You Sort Of See As

the role of Christianity right now? And what’s sort of the future outlook which can always be dangerous to sort of look into the future, But in when you when you think about the faith’s role in society well the family is not just a Christian Enterprise you know it goes all the way back every every continent on earth. Every place where mankind has taken hold the family. The marriage unit has been evident when you start to weaken that or undermine it when it becomes less significant it. It influences the entire culture and in fact the entire superstructure of culture can come crashing down that’s happened in Rome that happened in Greece it’s it’s happened throughout history, and I don’t think that America can survive in the form we.


Dr. Dobson has been writing since 1970 and has written 40 books since then only 40 that’s amazing well for families . Legacy is the character that you want to build in it’s the values that you hope they have and I have very strong Christian views and it’s Christian faith as well, which is interesting because I think a way the way people. look at legacy a lot of times is what they’re going to leave behind for the world. I don’t put much stock in that for how long three generations three generations.& I mean it that doesn’t have any lasting benefiations.& In October, you know the word legacy stands out right in all of this why the focus on that on that word it’s important to understand the difference between an inheritance and a legacy. The video series that’s coming out is coming out. It’s also why we did the video series is being released. Dr Dobson says he doesn’t think that legacy is what he wants to do…. Click here to read more and watch the full video