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On September 21St Of 2012, Dredd Was Released Innk]

theaters while the movie was an instant flop upon release. Many of those who actually did see the movie were blown away by it and it would acquire a loyal following once it found its audience on blu-ray UK and digital downloads. Four years after its release, the fanbase. The movie has developed still demands a sequel be made at the time of making this video. However, no sequel is in development in this video.

We Will Look At Why A

movie that has since developed such a strong following could fare so poorly upon release to put that into proper context. We will first explore the origins of the Judge. Dredd character and the fallout from the earlier adaptation starring Sylvester Stallone. Then we will explore the release and distribution of the 2012 movie before we move on to. The subsequent reasons why no sequel has been made thus far? The character Judge Dredd was created in 1977 by British American comic book writer John Wagner and Spanish artist Carlos Escarra.

Dredd Made His Debut In The Second Issue

of the British anthology magazine 2000ad where his adventures have been in continuous publication ever since inspired by Dirty Harry Judge Joe Dredd is an enforcer of the law in a post–apocalyptic future in this future America. As we know it is no more democracy has fallen like much of the rest of the world. America is a nuclear wasteland. The population living in three separate city states. These city states or mega cities are for all intents and purposes run by the Department of Justice, but due process has been replaced by instant justice in which the police force will apprehend suspects carry out investigations and sentenced perpetrators on.

The Members Of This Police Force Are

called judges and serve as both police judge jury and if need be executioner all rolled into one. In other words, the judges are the enforcers of a fascist police state and Dredd is more hardline than most Irony and Satire are touchstones of the multi-layered comic strip and Dredd himself walks the line between hero and villain. He is a product of the system and the faceless representative of justice, which is why his face is always obscured for the reader either by the helmet positioning of comic book panels or other obstacles. The audience will root for him as he puts his life on the line in the service of the people, but also be appalled by his actions when he doles out harsh sentences to decent people who happened to be victims of circumstance. If You aren’t familiar with the Judge Dredd comics but think they sound intriguing the complete case files Volume 5 as well as the graphic novels The Pit and America are all good starting points and introductory material for new readers with the excellent premise and infinite story possibilities of the world at hand.

It Didnt Take Long Before Hollywood Came

calling the Judge Dredd movie was more than a decade in development, which we will explore in a future retrospective devoted to it. In the end, though it ended up starring Sylvester Stallone. The moment Stallone came aboard. All facets of the script were tailored to him, meaning a Judge Dredd movie was forced into the ill-fitting mold of a Celestra Stallone vehicle As such his version of Judge Dredd also became something of a victim and a tragic figure which was meant to excuse his behavior before he went. his art where was thought humility compassion understanding that there may be extenuating circumstances and the joy of a workplace romance.

All Of Which Made Fans Of The Judge

Dredd comic strip throw up in their mouths even if what garnered the most hate was Stallone taking off the helmet and keeping it off. The movie did not fare well at the box office received mixed to negative word of mouth and ended. Stallone’s run as an action star. The fans of the Judge Dredd comic strip of course recognize just how poorly suited Stallone was to play Dredd and how badly the movie missed the mark in every way outside of the visuals, but for the vast majority of the mass audience. The Stallone movie was their first introduction to the character.

They Had No Way To Know If The

movie did the comic justice or not nor any. Reason to care all the mass audience saw was a high-profile misfire which did not work and which was unintentionally funny in all the wrong places, but because the movie was the first exposure of Judge Dredd to so many this did immense damage to the brand to the mass audience. The term Judge Dredd became synonymous with a train wreck of a film in which Stallone screams and watches the word law a lot this impression would stick and it would come back to haunt. The later adaptation. The comics simply called shred writer and producer Alex Garland had been working on the script for a new Judge Dredd movie since 2006, but a new movie wasn’t formally announced.

Until 2008.

Fans of Judge Dredd reacted with joy and some trepidation having been burned so badly before other movie fans not familiar with the comic strip reacted with puzzlement. Would anyone want to remake that Cheesy Stallone movie Naturally? The new movie was not a remake of the Stallone movie, but a brand new adaptation of the original source material. Any resemblance between the two would be coincidental due to both being based on the same comic strip. The new movie would even get the title Dredd in an effort to distance itself from the earlier Stallone vehicle.

Michael Biehn Did Audition For It But Around

the time of Comic Con of 2010. Karl Urban, a longtime fan of the Judge Dredd comic strip landed the role shortly afterwards Garland script for the movie leaked confirmed to be real by Judge Dredd creator John Wagner. The leaked script titled Peach Trees showed that the movie would not adapt any of the famous storylines from the comic strip, but would rather introduce the characters and the world by showing one. Random Day in the life of Judge Dredd, where he is assigned to assess rookie Judge Cassandra Anderson. This way, Anderson would serve as the audience point-of-view character and the mandatory character arc would go to her, allowing Dredd himself to go through the movie mostly unchanged.

The Movie Was Made By Production Company

UK Films and would be directed by Pete Travis. Although Alex Garland was the main creative driving force it would be filmed in 3d as that was vital to secure funding so close after the release of James Cameron’s Avatar. Unlike other 3d movies, though the 3d was actually employed in the storytelling used to emphasize the effect of the drug slo-mo. The movie was sold to a variety of international distributors at the 2010 Toronto Film Festival, which is why it got a staggered release schedule across the world. There was no one worldwide distributor.

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Like Warner Or Paramount, But A

one local to each territory in North America distribution rights were picked up by Lionsgate Films Alas. This would turn out to be extremely detrimental for the eventual release of the movie. The movie itself however, won over the naysayers word-of-mouth from a variety of early screenings was overwhelmingly positive, as were the reviews. Despite the movie itself by all accounts the live many fans still worry the movie would flop outside of the built-in fan base. There did not seem to be much awareness about the movie.

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In Its Us Opening Weekend, Shred

grossed only 6.2 million dollars. By the end of its worldwide run. It had merely grossed 35 million dollars worldwide on a budget of 50 million dollars. Despite rave reviews and stellar word-of-mouth from those who did see it.

The Movie Bombed Many Fans Were Quick

to point their fingers. In the public consciousness the term Judge Dredd was still associated with the Cheesy 90s film in which Stallone slurs the word Liu a lot to counter this perception and the impression the new movie was a remake of it. The movie would be dependent on a tailored marketing campaign to turn things around instead of each distributor all having to come up with material to do that in their respective territories. They would all get marketing material from the NOrth American Distributor as is customary with this kind of distribution. Unfortunately, the North American distributor was Lionsgate films at this point bomb factory.

Lionsgate Had Been Struggling For Years

as so few of their movies seem to find an audience. While Lionsgate s–marketing department in their defense could point spending the usual dozens of millions of dollars on posters trailers and prints the actual effectiveness of their marketing. Is up for debate for Dredd. The marketing campaign consisted of pre-screenings, magazine coverage UK spots, three sets of posters and just one trailer which failed miserably to capture the tone of the movie. These posters and this one trailer were used to sell the movie not just in the United States, but in all markets all over the world.

Unfortunately, The Lionsgate Produced Marketing Material Didnt Convince

anyone anywhere else either that the marketing material let the movie down is an opinion also held outside of fan circles. Karl Urban, the star of the movie is adamant that Dredd represents a failure in marketing not in filmmaking, but in addition to the stigma of the Stallone movie and the arguably poor marketing campaign. Dredd faced another obstacle in the guise of another movie Altogether on March 23rd 2012, six months before Dredd would come out the raid redemption. was released in theaters. The Indonesian action film featured a UK team that raids a building block where criminals are holed up only to be trapped inside and end up having to fight for their survival when Dredd was released six months later featuring Judge Dredd and rookie Judge Anderson raiding a mega block where criminals are holed up only to end up having to fight for their survival.

Some Were Quick To Call Shenanigans,

an accused dread of having ripped off the raid. The sheer logistics involved would of course have made that impossible. Dredd had been in development since 2006 and the completed script leaked online. In July of 2010. Gareth Evans, the Welsh director of the raid would not begin working on the script for the raid until fall of 2010.

By The Time Filming Started On The

raid in MArch of 2011. Filming on Dredd was already complete after the shoot. However, Dredd was in production for more than a year while the raid was rushed to the market. Evans was aware of Dredd and the similarities between the two movies and so wanted to get his movie out First. He was successful in this and admits a poor marketing campaign and fallout from the Stallone movie.

Shred Also Had To Contend With Copycat

accusations. However, unjust they might have been while Dredd was mostly ignored during its theatrical run. When it mattered the most. It did find an audience on home media where it’s sold exceedingly well across all formats. It was released and it showed a remarkable staying power across various movie chat rooms.

Many Newly Converted Fans Admitted They Avoided

the movie in cinemas because of the Stallone movie or because the trailer had put them off, but later regretted not seeing it on the big screen normally when a movie bombs the way Dredd did no matter the reason for it. The franchise ends right there, but the kind of home media sales. Dredd saw a sequel is still unlikely, but not entirely off.


On September 21st of 2012, Dredd was released inNK] theaters while the movie was an instant flop upon release . The movie would acquire a loyal following once it found its audience on blu-ray UK and digital downloads . Four years after its release, the fanbase still demands a sequel be made at the time of making this video . Dredd is an enforcer of the law in a post-apocalyptic future in this future America . The judges are the enforcers of a fascist police state and are more hardline than most Irony and Satire . No sequel is in development in this video, however, and the subsequent reasons why no sequel has been made thus far? The character Judge Dredd has been created in 1977 by British American comic book writer John Wagner and Spanish artist Carlos Escarra . The film is based on a collection of Dredd’s first issue of the 2000ad magazine 2000ad . The series is set in a world of three separate city states ….. Click here to read more and watch the full video