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In This Video Im Going To Talk About Operation

Dynamo that is the rescue of the UK the British Expeditionary Force from the beaches of Dunkirk because Dunkirk very topical right now and I’m also going to talk about tanks why tanks well first. It’s an opportunity to talk about tanks and fastest will be good of itself, but also because I have a very strongly tank related new sponsor now. I could of course come clean just say who that sponsor is, but I think it’s much more powerful don’t you to engender a sense of mystery and anticipation by just saying pour of athletes now When we think of Dunkirk, most people in this island nation of Mines Britain we think of Operation Dynamo the miracle of Dunkirk. The deliverance of Dunkirk the rescue from the jaws of the encroaching Blitzkrieg of the British Expeditionary Force under the command of Lord Gort from the beaches of Dunkirk. It’s part of this this nations image of itself.

Its One Of Those Defining Moments In

British history. Dunkirk was it really as significant as some people say well maybe and what makes it typical tops with the typical topical topical Right now is that it’s in the cinemas and the Christopher Nolan directed a film called simply Dunkirk I haven’t seen it yet I do intend to see it quite soon now Operation Dynamo was necessary because the Blitzkrieg launched on the 10th of May, which ended the Phoney war was so very very successful what was the Phony war well. The the British and the Germans had actually technically been at war since September of the previous year, but nothing much has happened. The British Expeditionary Force had been sent over to France and the British and French dug trenches and waited for the attack and nothing much happened and so they called it the phoney war. There were a few engagements at sea and elsewhere.

But Nothing Major Had Happened On Land Yet

and then the Germans launched on the 10th of May their Blitzkrieg and they didn’t just attack France. They attacked also countries that were neutral Luxembourg, Belgium and Holland now that’s very significant because these neutral powers did not let the ally that is the French in the the British who had sworn to fight Germany Because the Germans had invaded Poland they didn’t let those nation’s coming onto their land. You see what the British and French wanted to do was put off for the troops in Belgium, which would be very convenient for the defense of France because you see you probably heard of the Maginot Line. The Maginot Line was this amazing array of extremely elaborate and enormous and expensive, and it was thought by some impregnable defences all the way along the border between Germany and France. The thing is I take all the way along it then got to Belgium and then stopped the Belgians didn’t allow it to carry on and they didn’t build their own equivalent.

They Didnt Want That The French Building

of loads of Porta Fication on Belgian soil. They were having none of it there you see when neutral now by neutral doesn’t mean that they are on the German side or maybe they weren’t really completely and utterly in every way neutral but they just all say we don’t what we don’t want be part of this war and one way of staying out of the wars as they are to everyone no no when all under we’re not on their side, so you have no where we’re on your side that you deny the view has to worry about us because we haven’t picked sides but as soon as. You allow French and British troops to come on to your soil and dig in in defense of your country. You have effectively picked aside it’s effectively declaring war against the Germans and the Belgians and the Dutch. They didn’t want to do that and it’s also that they were perhaps a bit more neutral than you might think you might think today.

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Oh Well The Belgians And The Dutch Were

obviously on the French and British side really well. The the Dutch speak Dutch is a bit like Deutsch. They have a very similar language to the German and so there’s a certain amount of fellow-feeling. They’re more feeling than there was for the French and the Belgians don’t forget our balloons and they speak French, but they’re also flem‘s who speak something extremely similar to modern Dutch and so again They might have a more natural affinity with. Things Germanic ended in to the east rather than Francophone into the South Even today even today in modern Belgium, fewer than 1 percent of the population of balloons and flames as intermarried.

Theres Still Two Very Distinct Populations

and how much did Belgium trust the French well Sprout is indicative to to point out that whilst Poland was being invaded by the Germans. The Belgians deployed defense they’re armies and they’ve had as many troops on the Belgium Germany border as they had on the Belgium France border because yes those Germans might attack, but you know if we put everything to defend against the Germans. Maybe the French will try something so we better defend against those as well true. Later when the German started massing for what looked like a big attack towards the West, then they put nine-tenths of their armies defending the the border against. But even though they kept them in one tense back just in case those French in a quarter critical it could you know they could stab you in the back you don’t know well.

It Was Obvious After A Wild Germans

were going to attack to the west, but as soon as they allowed troops onto Belgian soil they had picked aside. So they waited until the Germans attacked and then oh Oh can we have lots of reinforcements please so when the Germans finally did attack. They attacked not just France, but they attack the neutral powers At the same time they attacked extremely quickly. They attacked using ruthlessly use of fifth Columnist, and they also attacked very boldly from the air landing gliders on what we thought to be impregnable fortifications and dropping parachutist and so forth and the fortifications were taken alarmingly quickly and bridges seized that. were vital to a very very quick advance, which is what Blitzkrieg needs now Lord God.

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It Got In Command Of Thenk]

knew that he was up against it, but thought that he had maybe eight days or something to get his men forwards and then digging it was all so quick. So the British rushed into Belgium trying to take up useful defensive positions in Belgium, but already they arrived in time to either not be able to dig in properly and just fight without any decent of trench systems and so forth or else they got there in time to just turn around and rush back again because the situation changed extremely quickly not least because the Germans attacked using Blitzkrieg through the our den now the our den is a Huey woody area and no one’s going to put a motorized force through there that’s ridiculous. Ridiculous, but actually Gamla, the the French commander had been warned French wargaming military thinkers wargaming it out had found that actually it was quite viable to put troops through the our den and they told him this and other people had gone there and had scouted out the ground and going you know actually with these new roads and so forth. You could perhaps get a motorized army through the yard and reasonably quickly, but he chose to ignore their warning and the Germans came through the our den. The idea was that they would drive towards the sea so the they would have a dis blitzkrieg launch that would go extremely fast to water.

Is He Driving A Wedge Between

the British Army and the Belgian Army and the French army and the rest of France and then they would get to the sea cutting off the British. Expeditionary Force and it was thought they were going to use something like the the Schlieffen Plan which involved a big hook around and you take Paris and try to encircle people and that was the the attack that the Allies were most prepared for but this extremely bold spearhead going straight for the sea took people off guard now. You could say that Dada speed was completely new what any wasn’t actually completely new the idea of punching a hole through the front line of the enemy pouring through lots of fast moving perhaps cavalry units through there and then wreaking havoc in is rear echelon and disrupting the display is supply lines and attacking is UK and then perhaps circling around and falling onto the rear of the now encircled front line but a very old idea indeed, but seeing it done on an enormous scale using modern. weapons a good aircraft had come a long way since World War one, the ability of aircraft to get into position drop much bigger bomb loads much more accurately much more effectively than anything that anyone had ever seen in World War one that’s become a long way tanks were now so much faster world war one tanks are really slow, but the Germans were using loads of Panzer ones and twos and they’re quite they’re quite quick and nippy and yet they’re not very powerful true.

Theyre Not Very Powerful Some Of The

one of the Panzer one for instance, when you’ve got machine guns, but if you’re an infantryman and you haven’t got anything that can stock it and it’s got a machine gun and that’s all it needs because you don’t need a massive gun necessarily on a tank for it to be a pretty handy weapon. of war, so the Germans could move really really quickly with these motorized units and–to the sea using combined arms with the artillery workers we’re now coming from the sky and you could get artillery forward in the form of the JU 87. TheNK] because 87 odd commonly referred to as the Stuka or sugar, and they were dropping bombs onto targets a bit like artery might drop shells, but they could go forwards much faster than artillery could be brought forward, so everything was happening very much faster than people were prepared for and there was this great wedge already behind them So Rommel. For instance, his division of the air were sometimes for just a ghost division.

Why Did Division, Why Did They Get That

nickname was because suddenly how bear How did they get there? They were in the British rear and it was though they just appeared like ghosts. So immediately, the British were having to change plans and try to sort themselves out of difficult situations, avoid getting completely encircled and cut off from their allies the French. So the situation changed really amazingly quickly because of blitzkrieg, but the the British were pretty quick off the mark. A lot of people are often very impressed by how well people plan for stuff.

So For Instance, On May The 14Th, Which

is only four days after the Euphony war ended Already the Admiralty had sent out Royal Navy personnel to start registering all boats between 30 and a hundred feet all the way around Britain because they thought we might be needing an awful lot of. ships very soon always thinking or thinking ahead, which was a very very handy as it turned out now part of this islands. Mythology again is that the deliverance of Dunkirk was achieved by a public spirited getting together that people came forward in vast numbers to volunteer their boats and these.


In this video I’m going to talk about Operation Dynamo that is the rescue of the UK the British Expeditionary Force from the beaches of Dunkirk . Dunkirk very topical right now and I’m also going to also talk about tanks why tanks well first. Dunkirk was necessary because the Blitzkrieg launched on the 10th of May, which ended the Phoney war was so very successful what was the Phony war well. The the British and the Germans had actually been at war since September of the previous year, but nothing much had happened on land yet and then the Germans attacked France.& They didn’t just attack France. They attacked France, they attacked al France. The British and French dug trenches and waited for the attack and so they called it the phoney war. The film simply Dunkirk is in the cinemas and I haven’t seen it yet I do intend to see it quite soon now. I’m going to see the film called Dunkirk…. Click here to read more and watch the full video