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joker and today We’re going to talk about why are women such an emotional drain on men, even good women? I I think all women are just emotional drains on men, and I think that’s because men don’t think emotionally or at least healthy men shouldn’t be thinking emotionally men should be thinking logically and the only emotion. I think maybe men should have is horniness or something like that but men shouldn’t come from an emotional place and when women do number one men do not know how to handle it because we try to either logic them out of it or or try to um we don’t know what our purpose is and number two it’s extremely exhausting. So you know when you get out of the dating or you do casually dating if a woman starts getting. All emotional and everything you can just say Hey It looks sounds like you’re having a bad day. I just hit me up later when you get into a long term or a serious relationship with women.

They Expect You To Fix It.

They expect you to or or at least listen and and it’s such a an odd concept for men. It is so foreign to men and today. Instead of um women may be talking to other women about it their circle of female friends. Somehow they want men to be emotional and listen to this stuff and it’s just it doesn’t work for a lot of guys.

So I Want To Go Over That

I want to talk about an article where men they give you some examples of how to handle it if you are in a relationship, and she starts getting all emotional with. You and I’m going to go over that as well. I’m going to record I’m recording this um so my so I don’t have sponsors as you guys know I don’t have sponsors because number one. I don’t want to do shitty VPN. I don’t want to do a VPN stuff and I don’t want to do um video game stuff and things that I’m not interested in you know now if if rifle bullet or rifle coffee wants to get a hold of me or some of these others I’d be happy to do it.

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start moderating their stuff on locals. It is my forum. It is my place I am the moderator and fellow fellow viewers or fellow users are moderators because if there’s something offensive they flag it and I review it. How many posts have I taken down none if people say something that somebody else doesn’t like deal with it. It’s called the first amendment.

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that people kind of today are becoming a little bit of a bleep and they they won’t um They they don’t know how to handle disagreements and so everybody wants to flag everybody for well my forum. Is a hundred percent free speech. You can say whatever you want now? I I do put limits on on um threatening harm and I do put limits on saying like racist bleep Also since I’m doing this for locals. I can do stuff that I don’t normally do on Youtube as well from my understanding Youtube doesn’t like when you use use them or imbibe certain products but anyway so here’s the thing um it’s 104 degrees out. I’m outside of just outside of Salt Lake City, Utah and it’s a beautiful day out like.

I Said Its About 104 Im.

The only person I pulled into a little RV campground to do some laundry and I’m the only person not running my little air conditioner that black box you see over my shadow and I’m just sitting here in the shade is it hot yeah is it doable. Yeah! But again everybody’s become kind of a little bit of a bleep so they don’t They don’t deal with the heat that means I can record outside have good sound quality, good lighting for you guys and and no one else can hear me because they’re all inside their campers and air conditioning all right so we’re going to first do the loss of the day and this is a a from popularmilitary. com man sentenced to prison for video with soldier’s girlfriend while he was in boot camp and other videos he produced. What I find why I think this is such a big loss is it’s not the girl that got in trouble for her cheating on her boyfriend and doing videos behind the back of her boyfriend being a complete joe and and with some jody, but the fact that the guy that did the videos with her.

And Recorded The Videos With Her

he’s the one that got in trouble. They say Selena Green Vargas of Rochester, New York is infamous for making at least two adult films while she was dating a Us Army soldier in 2014 and this is a picture of that why is this not recording let’s try this again all right here’s here’s one of the main stories. I wanted to talk about if you see jump cuts in here that means that I was talking about something that I just I’d have to edit so much that I can’t talk about on Youtube. There’s going to probably be a few of them on here. Women want to know why men don’t want to marry anymore allow me that’s the main article.

Im Going To Read From Ive Done Plenty

of articles on women being upset that men Don’t want to. marry anymore? So I don’t want that to be the main focus, but but this is something that I talked about a little bit on the video that I did on my local channel about women becoming hyper-sexualized and men not being interested anymore is that women are literally bringing nothing to the table anymore. They’re they’re just showing up and saying here I am I look at me. I’m participating and so I want you to be a traditional man and take care of me and spend money and be protective of me. But but I’m just bringing basically my and and my and my face and and you guys you know you you guys should appreciate for me me for that so it says I feel like I can’t get on tick-tock without seeing at least two or three videos of women outwardly wondering why men seem.

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Be Resistant To The Idea Of Marriage.

They question why men seem to be pulling away and not engaging with them on a deeper level, at least not the kind experienced by their parents, especially not their grandparents. It’s clear that these young women yearn for that kind of stability and it’s clear that men are increasingly less willing to provide it. Indeed the numbers check out marriage is definitely on the decline, but before women start asking where all the good men have gone perhaps they should look at themselves first I know women aren’t typically used to hearing that it’s their fault to be sure you shouldn’t shoulder all the blame, but in this case you bear a lot of it Not long ago. I wrote about how men are getting tired of the hyper-sexualized women where I laid down a very brutal truth.

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This Is One Of The Topics I

did in my other video on locals Society doesn’t encourage women to be good partners They’re encouraged to be consumers of what their partner produces. Sadly. These same women are being encouraged to go out and get high paying positions that are very likely to succeed thanks to the current culture and very often make more money than their male partners. Yet still the male is still expected to make more for the family it doesn’t just stop at the societal level either even modern families men are taught how to treat women provide for her and work hard to keep her happy women Aren’t taught how to treat a man or how to make him happy they’re strictly taught what to expect from a man. This combined with modern feminist philosophy that encourages women to do away with traditional ideas has produced an entire swath of useless women who value shallow sexuality over familial contribution and homemaking skills.

They Enter Into Marriages Where They Contribute

very little and expect quite a lot and these marriages eventually end. This is what culture has brought to us now that women are told hey you’re strong, you’re empowering you’re special you’re you’re a snowflake you deserve everything and so women say okay. I deserve everything so I deserve a man that’s attractive and popular and he’s got lots of money and what am I going to bring to him well. He gets me but the problem with that is that number one women aren’t bringing a lot of value anymore and number two what they are bringing are headaches. They’re bringing emotional baggage they’re they’re bringing basically problems.

Theyre Bringing Um They Expect A Man

to support them and be there emotionally for them, but in the meantime they’re not giving anything back and and and traditionally you could say well. You know a guy fixed all the problems and he was there for some emotional support and the woman was there for his physical support. But she also took care of things around around the household, and she was more traditionalist that doesn’t exist anymore. So women have taken away what they bring that’s positive to a relationship and all they bring is baggage and headaches for men. They say the sad truth is many young women nowadays don’t know how to be in a marriage.

As I Said Above.

They’re not taught how to treat a man but what to expect from him means not meanwhile, they’re flat out dissuaded from providing anything but their presence. To the partnership, they believe that offering their love to the man is sufficient and that men should just be grateful to have them The idea that women suddenly make a man happier by their presence is a storybook sentiment and forgive me. I’m gonna have to swing drinks throughout this because like I said it’s about 105 degrees out there um and all i have is the shay so I’m a little bit thirsty today this so he continues on so they offer nothing and expect everything and that’s what’s key.

I Think Thats Happening In Relationships Today Is

that if a woman shows up and says well. I offer what women will say and and if you’ve watched um some other podcasts where like fresh and fit and some of the other Youtubers out there interviewing women women say well I bring my friendship and he gets. me and I’m beautiful and I take care of myself and I’m nice okay great but bringing of a and bringing good looks and bringing and being nice that is the bare minimum level of entry to data man women have.


I think all women are just emotional drains on men, and I think that’s because men don’t think emotionally or at least healthy men shouldn’t be thinking emotionally . Men shouldn’t come from an emotional place and when women do they expect you to fix it. It’s such a an odd concept for men.& It is so foreign to men and today.& Somehow they want men to be emotional and listen to this stuff and it’s just it doesn’t work for a lot of guys.& Instead of um women may be talking to other women about it their circle of female friends.& I’m going to go over that I want to talk about an article where men give you some examples of how to handle it if you are in a relationship, and she starts getting all emotional with.& But since I don’t have any sponsors I’m not interested in video game stuff, I’d be happy to do it. I don’t want to do a VPN stuff and I…. Click here to read more and watch the full video