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Today, Deep Blue San Francisco Votes To Recall

three progressive school board members and in completely unrelated news Republicans appear to have a comfortable lead in the midterms. According to a new poll, also, Hillary Clinton Dodges questions about whether or not she paid to spy on the trump campaign. We’ve got all that and more coming up and it all starts right now welcome to the news and why it matters. I am Sarah Gonzalez and I am really excited today because I have two gentlemen in studio who have not actually been on my set in what feels like forever. One of them is actually right like literally right next door to me yeah, but just I mean he’s gone so I’m great I’m great how are you very good it’s really good to have you and I’m never around the studios now this time of day well.

So Its Funny Glenn Because Well

let me hold this thought I do want to introduce also Spicer” target=”_blank” rel=”noreferrer noopener”>Sean Spicer, author of the new book which you really need, Radical nation and of course, host of Spicer and co and by the way Sean I just think it’s so perfect that you have Joe and Kamala completely masked yeah it. You know it is it’s nice yeah and I yeah. I am thrilled for your success thank you you are killing it well thank you and it’s always. I appreciate your support. You’ve been so kind to me When I wrote my first book Yeah I sat at a table not far from here.

I Yeah Im Always I Get Lost

at whenever I come down to these studios and and but thank you for your constant support. It’s been amazing and it’s been a pleasure to have you on on. the show and it’s fun when I can turn the tables on you. I know but you know to to your point. I don’t mean to take away.

Its So Great To Sit At A Table

right with folks because I I know that I I’ve been on with you before and you’ve been on my show. You’ve been kind enough to join me and it’s nice to sit around the table and see people in person Yeah it’s weird. I know yeah yeah there’s a human yeah exactly no glenn. I was going to say so I when you know when I hurt my back and I was you know. I had some muscle relaxers to do the show and I was like very laid back and at the end of the show and I’m like they show the the thumbnail for my my show and you’re in the top corner and I’m like hey wait a second that guy’s on my i’m.

I Havent Seen Him In Over A

year on his show. We need to get him back on so I’m glad that you’re here thank you all right so let’s get into some of these headlines see what you guys think about this gentleman so parents and residents in San Francisco voted overwhelmingly to recall three progressive members from the City’s School board. They were accused of pushing leftist ideology. Shocker imagine that and putting children last during the pandemic. This is President Gabriella Lopez, vice president Faulca Maliga and Commissioner Alison Collins and here’s the thing.

The Board Was Prioritizing Renaming 44 Schools

in the city based on their progressive ideology because I mean you can’t have schools named after people like Abraham Lincoln No that’s just that’s true he was or Dianne Feinstein Yeah right crazy crazy right right and so and then there was one of them. Collins who also came under fire for some anti-asian tweets but this is deep blue San Francisco and at least 70 percent of voters supported removing each member from the school board as a revolt against their agenda. I just you know you have this happening you have what happened in Virginia. If you’re looking for the next election. Don’t worry The Republicans can screw anything.

Oh Theres Plenty Of Time For

that anything yeah oh yeah I agree no we can roll mitch Mcconnell out and he’ll say something or do something or not do anything. Is the favorite right of people like Mitch Mcconnell well, but they so they they they were prioritizing renaming these these schools um, but meanwhile, they were. They had nothing to say about the children not going to school being being involved in remote learning masked up until the day that they die. I mean they were parents are tired of it a couple things one they only could recall three right so if they could have recalled them all they would have two. It was overwhelming yeah three.

The Mayor Supported It.

So the mayor basically saw the political headwinds. There was a democrat and said get rid of them and the mayor is not she’s no conservative four. The two individuals that started this recall campaign voted for Joe Biden right. These are not the two Republicans in San Francisco five.

These People Didnt Support The Recall Of.

Gavin newsom right so think about this these are Democrats that basically said we’re we’re with Gavin newsom we voted for Joe biden, We’re we’re Liberals yeah, but you guys went too far right and then enough people in San Francisco agreed with them. This shows you how far the left has gone where they’ve gone so woke that San Francisco overwhelmingly removes all three It says we’ll go as far as you’ll let us go to come back a little bit right so that that’s not a good sign. This is what happened with Woodrow Wilson, Woodrow Wilson and his his people went crazy over the line. I mean almost where we are now they had people spying on their neighbors paid for by the federal government.

It Was Bad.

He scared the American people so badly by the end that they went 180 degrees the other direction and. It was so bad that that’s why progressivism wasn’t even heard of you know up until recently. It was always there in the background, but it was not the front and center piece. It was liberal because they had so damaged the progressive title that they couldn’t nobody would vote for a progressive that’s when FDr takes progressive out replaces liberal that meaning to make it sound like a progressive yeah that’s why we lost the liberal and libertarians.

The Thing Thats Interesting About That Right

is leading up until this election and the point that i made in my book is these guys Biden realizes what he wants to do is become the most progressive president ever. They’re starting to get scared. I think because they’ve now realized how much it’s costing them when they when they see it happen right the rest of his party, saying they thought. This was somehow going to be a cool thing and I think to some degree the Alexandria Ocasio-cortez’s the Corey Bush’s still double down on it, but the rest of the party’s going week okay so wait a minute wait a minute as I I you would know the answer to this They do look scared, but this has been a hundred year dream for them. They are close to their autocratic state okay and if I believed what they believed I’d be like guys we’re so close the economy collapses.

We Got It.

We have all of the triggers ready to go the machine’s ready. Don’t give up now. I think this makes the morning except I mean think about this is what’s the interesting thing of think about who’s retiring from from the congressional ranks right now we just had yesterday the 30th House Democrat retired These are. Vulnerable Democrats right these are safe Democrats.

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They Literally Just Have To Breathe

and they get reelected They They don’t want to be in the minority and the problem is is that they realize that they’re going to lose now Who was the Democrat that just retired was it yesterday Yeah from Long Island that he said he no. I don’t think that was it he came out afterwards and started just blasting the Democrats. It was one of the last few yeah, but the one yesterday was the female from from Long Island okay, but I know who you’re talking about yeah. I can’t remember either but he came out. I mean he’s a law he was he was known as a clear Democrat and a very blue right.

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So I Think Whats Happening Is Now

that they’re realizing the the what the damage that it’s having on them. Politically right biden came in there and I think thought hey I’m going to champion this stuff. I’m going to go down in history as this progressive guy that appointed all of these people. I appointed I mean think about it they’ve changed the metric or they correct myself. They tried to change the metric of success not achieving something but appointing people.

The First Black Woman Of Color The

first lbgtq department head. All of these things weren’t actually a metric of success Anymore it wasn’t I got more people back to work. I lowered the unemployment rate. I built rebuilt the military all of these things that we used to do this This all became appointments right think about those aren’t metrics of success. I appointed the first female justice on the Supreme Court of Color.

This Isnt About Success.

We’re not talking about qualifications anymore We’ve lost. The definition of experience of qualifications of success to just allow progressivism because what now goes on in Biden world forevermore is well. Joe Biden appointed the first now in order to outdo him. You have to appoint two or three or four of whatever it is.

He Appointed The First Transgender Four-Star Granted

it’s for the public health service, but he gets to say he was the first and it’s not gonna. He’s not gonna have to be judged on what the economy did because it was in the tank so you would know the answer to this question I think um I i just watched um a documentary on the last Tsars Nicholas Okay and they were clueless. They were so far away from the people. They had no idea they were going to end up.

Shot Okay Theyve Always Been Czars, But

the people love us no. Hate you right Okay is Joe biden so isolated that he doesn’t know what people are saying yes he is and I think they I mean you think about about what he sees and who runs them. There’s a passage in the book. I mean they call Ron Clain Prime Minister Clayne, his chief of staff.

They They Maintain Think About The Schedule.

They put it out every day and no one makes fun of it but yet his schedule every day says he gets the presidential briefing that’s like eating breakfast that’s part of the job and they act like that’s a heavy lift that’s what’s on his schedule every day and then he goes to Delaware as if that’s an activity so you know on the trump schedule. They always used to say he was spending the weekend at a trump property because that’s where he lived. I mean he lived at Mar-a-lago or he lived at Bedminster, which is where his houses are Joe.

Biden Goes To Delaware Thats Fine.

I don’t care, but that’s the same thing that’s what he does and then he has nothing on his schedule right so he is isolated. He has a handful of people and it literally it’s four or five guys and I say guys it’s four or.


Sarah Gonzalez introduces Sean Spicer, author of a new book, Radical Nation, and host of Spicer and co . In completely unrelated news Republicans appear to have a comfortable lead in the midterms . According to a new poll, also, Hillary Clinton Dodges questions about whether or not she paid to spy on the trump campaign . Gonzalez: “It’s so great to sit at a table right with folks because I I know that I I’ve been on with you before and . you’ve been kind enough to join me and it’s nice to sit around the table and see people in person. It’s fun when I can turn the tables on you.& I’m always I get lost at whenever I come down to these studios and but thank you for your constant support.& It’s been amazing and it’s been a pleasure to have you on on the show and it was a pleasure of having you on this show’ve been on on.& The show and the show”…. Click here to read more and watch the full video