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Ah Yes Dumping Milk Out On The Supermarket Floor

to teach these murderous meat-eaters a valuable lesson. If you keep mistreating animals we’re going to keep wasting the product that you farm from these animals, so you have to mistreat them even harder to produce even more 3000 Iq play Oh no don’t get involved yeah take that white devil in your face ma’am Oh you’re gonna shop in the dairy section better think twice you might just force me to throw some ground beef on the floor too do you want to be responsible for a floor covered in ground beef? Do you want that on your conscience you murderous Heathen Welcome back to a brand new episode of brain Worms Vegan protester edition there’s nothing I love more on this planet than a good vegan protest. I mean there is no group of people on this earth more. At making themselves look like brainlits? I got nothing against the vegan lifestyle happy for people to eat whatever they want but vegan protesters easily In the top one percent of most annoying people on the planet. Your life’s been so cushy in first world that you spend your days doing laps around a gucci store to try and find someone wearing leather that you can dump fake blood on everyone look at me I’m making a difference ah murderer.

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Now Were In The Supermarket Dumping Milk

on the floors. I’m sure so we can spread awareness when the only thing you’re spreading is some self–inflicted negative propaganda that has the opposite effect of what you’re going for it makes people actually despise you like I’m not a violent dude, but when I saw this video a moment ago I got this urge to go down to my local creamery. a cow and do a wheat harvester just out of spite for how annoying these people are okay. We got all right. We got charcuterie guy coming out from behind the counter now it’s getting serious my man in the backs Okay yeah yeah time to go here’s security now we’re talking cell phones are out.

I Dont Know What Ed Sheerans Doing There

with the cell phone but congratulations brother you really showed everyone I will now be reducing my consumption of animal products Look at the oh my god. I don’t like to judge books by their cover, but I’ll make an exception. In this case every single one of these spoiled brats looks exactly like you think they would privilege attention-starved rats getting dragged out of the supermarket like there’s some kind of martyr for spilling two percent Otter juice on the grocery store floor absolutely pathetic. Whoa take it easy? Ed sheeran this guy caught a little milk on the back here. My man took one for the team Whoa what’s going on with Dr Muller here.

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This Guys A Little Sensitive.

You know he’s kind of a newer vegan and he was on the fence about this display but he went anyways to show his support, but he didn’t pour any milk because he’s just not there yet totally understand get him out of here Oh my god no she’s dead. She slipped on the milk and died get the paramedics in here you didn’t think the war on meat eaters would be waves without any casualties did you mark my words. There will be a 21-gun salute at this girl’s funeral to commemorate her bravery displayed here in Operation Bovine Liberation here’s an instant classic that went viral just a few days ago there. a animal rights protest in New York City, somewhere the other day and this dude took it upon himself to take like some shawarma or some sort of meat on a stick and just walk up without saying a word and gleefully eat it in front of the protesters and they they didn’t take kindly to that what do you think you are just a coward.

Hes A Coward A Spineless Piece Of Blumin

that’s embarrassing himself for eating his lunch on a New York City streetway. Now I understand the dudes being purposely antagonistic and i don’t recommend antagonizing people that are protesting just for the sake of sport. But it is kind of funny to see how enraged these people get the dude’s literally not saying anything he’s just in their presence enjoying a little bit of chicken Teriyaki and they’re blumin their pants. their pants going off the handle? You know what I enjoy meat? But I am afraid of dying alone so I will look into her claims there. This lady is a national treasure.

It Feels Blumin Good You And Your Small

dick and your blumin way of killing It feels good in front of the vegans h dudes just like never in my life Did I think I’d witness such a ruthless display of antagonism carried out through the simple act of eating a little bit of street meat in public. They are absolutely melting down how in the world have you gotten through your 35-40 years of life. To this point without your head exploding. If something like this is just going to trigger you so bad I just can’t can’t quite get it. Oh he licks it we’re always licking it screaming shame.

Screaming Shame Over The Megaphone At The End,

all right here’s a got a good chance going with the guy on the bullhorn leading the crowd hereNK] so yes they spent the afternoon outside of a Christian Dior um because they use animal products or whatever it sounded like they had a marching band drummer they’re leading the chant, which is very effective now classically on twitter when videos like this go up or there’s some stuff from peta. It’s always just people in the replies like antagonizing them by posting pictures of meat or saying Oh I just ate some ribs or posting pictures. For instance, made these a couple of weeks ago I like meat congratulations Bro you enjoy baby back ribs. You’re like 99 of the people on the planet purposefully antagonizing vegans for their lifestyle choice. I think is stupid, but when you have situations.

Situations Like This Like This First Clip Where

people are just being absolute brainlet morons. I mean it’s impossible not to make fun of them a little bit. You know just a lit just a little bit. Inevitably. There’s guys in the replies like RJd bunch of numbers here that goes what it does is it gets people talking about why it was done if as a result, one person realizes how awful the dairy industry is for the planet and the welfare of living creatures it’s totally worth it no dude that’s absolutely not what’s getting done.

The Only Thing That This Video Is Accomplishing

is making the majority of people that watch it. I’d say greater than 95 to 96 percent think that vegans are blumin Lunatics and i’m not saying there aren’t ethical issues in the dairy in the meat industries for Christ’s Sake there’s. There’s ethical issues in every large industry on the blumin planet. This is just a brain worms episode after all where we you know laugh at people acting like weirdos in public. Oh my God look at this blumin Oh man look at this not gonna get drawn into a debate about whether the tactic is right or wrong, but it’s not necessarily an effective.

If You Destroy A Companys Stock They

lose the money they spent on it If it keeps getting destroyed. They may decide they’re better off not stalking it are you Oh yeah Bro definitely. A couple of unhinged 20-something vegan protesters rolled into our supermarket and spilled a couple of quarts of milk on the floor better blumin shut down the milk trucks send it back to the dairy farms. We’re not gonna have any demand for this anymore. This anymore, Yeah, Gary canceled the 10 million order of milk This month a couple of vegans spilled half a corn on the blumin ground.

We Cant Sustain These Losses Shut The

blumin up. You know what you need to do you need to spill your milk all over that subscribe button and make sure you hip thrust the blumin like button Once you get out of your seat. I appreciate the hell out of you and I’ll see you in the next episode You.


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