Epstein Globalist Classrooms and the Worldwide Nationalist Backlash


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of the Gran Torino now before I introduce my next guest. I want to ask if you’re new to the platform please Don’t forget press the like button, the subscription button and the bell and you’ll be reminded of future broadcasts here on the Grand Torino also I want to direct your attention to the new Gran Torino Merch that’s available on our online store just go to world wide web Gran Torino Dot I e you’ll be taken to the shop or alternatively type in the Gran Torino shop and you’ll be taken to the teespring link and please check out the lovely Merch as we always say here so my next guest we’ve interviewed before and he has a keen eye gives us a 30 000 view perspective of geopolitical goings on within Europe obviously and back home in America, and I wanted to introduce you and I’m delighted to introduce them again. Dr steve Turley Dr ferry thank. you for joining me again, How are you sir Oh, I’m great it’s great to be with you as always wrong thank you Sir um and another thing before we get started Please do check out. I’ll leave a link in the description box of Dr Torley’s channel and please do go check out the Dr Tory’s wonderful books, many many books and his online store and please help to perpetuate his channel also yeah and give you a as I say another perspective of geopolitical and European political movements around the world.

Dr Turley Let Me Just Jump Off

just developed this new um tact. I want to hit us with the three subjects that I think we can tie in together first of all. With the latest arrest of Epstein. The implications of Jeffrey Epstein‘s arrest. It’s one of the biggest arrests that’s ever happened and with the what raft of information that’s been disclosed through by My dad Mike Ceranovich’s um lawsuit which took a year long to disclose these um This um Oh sorry this evidence sorry yeah, It’s got the evidence and again it was three questions but again it’s um.

Its All Coming Out Of The

wash and the implications go from all over washington all around the world with royalty with um Hollywood, Hollywood stars, hip-hop stars all around the world. This political elite have now been practically discovered and exposed for what they are second of all give us your inevitable view again of the European political sphere. How you see that playing out now with Angela Merkel’s seeming impending ill health and also if you might have a look what’s going on here back in Ireland and then throw. On our third and final subject and I know it’s a big lead lead in I did the exact same with E Michael Jones, but I promise you the floor is yours with Facebook and Youtube centering the likes of Paul Joseph Watson and Gavin Ennis and effectively as Paul Joseph Watson said describing a fatwa on a said it was okay to issue death threats that Facebook wouldn’t lie that down this blatant censorship of conservative viewpoints. I can only say conservative with a bit of Christianity tops into the mix, but no religions are safe.

Im With That Auntie For Violence And Antifa

violence and the spread of violence generally through Europe that’s been massively underreported by mainstream media. Dr Turley take us away yeah wow great lead in there um let’s see they’re all interrelated obviously you know that and um we’ll start with the whole epstein. Thing um what we’re seeing really is the fruit of now decades. If not even a couple of centuries of the the seeds of globalization germinate and what we have to understand is back and people have always been you know humans have never failed to disappoint. We see it in Genesis chapter three right, we don’t get very far in the bible until we see something disappointing with humans humans desiring things we ought not to desire right that forbidden fruit but something happened in the 18th century in the enlightenment and that was this notion that the way we know the world is now forever going to exclude the true the good and the beautiful, which was the property of theology and philosophy.

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The Way Were Going To Know The World

is is actually a one-size-fits-all scientific rationalism that’s going to give us objective knowledge for everybody. Who you are and those who embrace that are enlightened and those who reject that are savages primitives, superstitious and alike and in embracing scientific rationalism as the sole way of knowing the world We reconstituted the world around a very sterile mechanistic one-size-fits-all structures so whether we’re dealing with our demographic issues or economics or our politics or society Everything now is understood in these um you know numerical metrical quantitative industrialized format where in do you find the true the good and the beautiful they’re gone you actually get to create them yourself. Now that’s kind of the idea of self–identity and and self-aesthetic and the like and what we’re doing is we’re seeing the fruits of this we’re seeing our globalist elite um for what they’ve actually become they’ve. They’ve become the logical outworking of what happens when humanity drops the truth and the beautiful good. This way if you don’t have truth goodness and beauty, you cannot cultivate virtue because virtue is the ordering of our loves in accordance with that divine meaning and purpose, and if there’s no divine meaning and purpose out there then there’s nothing to order my loves towards so I like explaining explaining it to my students.

This Way Its Good To Love

a baby and it’s good to love a ham sandwich, but if they’re both falling and I rush to save the ham sandwich that’s bad and it’s not big bad because the sandwich is bad. It’s bad because I’ve dislodged my loves from God’s economy of goods. Babies are infinitely more valuable than ham sandwiches. So true education. Historically speaking was learning to love what was truly lovely and desire what’s truly desirable and hence experience our ultimate human flourishing.

We Still Fell We Still Stumbled And

all that but there was a nobility to our goals. There was nobility to what it meant to be human that today we’ve lost it’s gone and now as we’re Seeing with Epstein um we don’t make differentiations anymore between what is a legitimate object of sexuality and what is not we and we can’t in a globalist world. We can’t because the very truth, goodness and beauty frames of reference by which we could cultivate that kind of virtue has disappeared and we’re reaping the rewards and it is cross-cultural. It’s all across you know would you would you um could you blame. One of the factors of the at the exponential proliferation of pornography and the effect it’s having on not only young men, but young women too.

The The The Classrooms Now Preparing

to further it further the education and especially here in Ireland and I’ll keep referring to until I keep banging the drum. We have four years, four infants of four years of age being indoctrinated. Not educated in self–pleasuring our masturbation. I don’t even know how you would even explain that but the fact that it’s being introduced in a curriculative format just fills me with a horror but our sense of morality as a society with these you know free access to pornography, which I think is the ultimate corrupter in the dynamic between men and women and I think it’s being firmly placed by nefarious because like pornography is free. But you have to pay x amount for a loaf of bread or commercials.

But This Corrosive Stuff That You Know Perpetuates

misery on it on its actors and stuff like that we. We all know the backgrounds generally it’s not the fantasy role play that it’s led up to believe but the cognitive impairment that it strikes on the male psyche, especially let’s focus on the male so because it drains them of desire and passion. We’re gonna meet another partner to produce life Yes it’s fantastic what you said there and it goes all the way back to Plato Plato recognized this Plato made his distinction between love and lust in a very fascinating way. He said that in effect love is evoked through beauty by encountering that’s um why we find anything we find beautiful we’re attracted to we’re we’re drawn to it’s a physics it’s drawing somewhere. I like this it’s like the tractor beam and star Wars language right.

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Its A Gravitational Pull Beauty Was

a physics in the gra it existed out there and then when we. created our cultures? We tried to create our cultures to instantiate and embody those ideals of beauty that’s where they’re supposed to last forever that’s why there’s a difference between a cathedral and a tin shack. A cathedral is meant a cathedral is telling a truth that is as permanent as the structure and it’s supposed to awaken love and what is love love surrenders itself to the object of its attraction that’s why you know the the the Western position for for asking a woman’s hand in marriage is to get down on one knee. It’s to say in effect I will serve you I will empty myself . This is the idea of patriotism.

This Is The Idea Of Nationalism,

the idea of emptying oneself for something larger for our inheritance that we’ve received from our forefathers and for our future we don’t tend to talk much about. the future today in in in these noble terms, right it’s all about me exactly so this is what love is love is awakened by beauty and by definition, love seeks to surrender itself to the object of its attraction. What are we teaching our kids today well. If we don’t teach them there’s anything like real beauty and that’s where you know theology comes in and philosophy comes. If we don’t teach anything about real beauty, then we’re not teaching them how to love so we shouldn’t be surprised that we’ve confused love with Lust and what’s Lust for this is from Plato and it becomes formative for the church.

Lust Does Not Seek.

Lust is also a desire like love, but Lust is very different. Lust does not seek to surrender itself to the object of its attraction. Lust seeks to control and to dominate the object of.

Its Attraction And Again It All Fits

together what is globalization? What is it? It is a super-sized structure of control and manipulation. What is pornography right? This is a difference if somebody put it this way. This is the difference between a new between nudes in an art gallery and nudes in a porno magazine nudes in an art gallery awaken our loves they are they are they are idealistic eaves in front of us all right new in the porno magazine awaken our lusts and we are living in an age where we are confusing love and lust and it’s It’s destroying the world we’re living in 100. You describe it perfectly.

Its A Method Of Control.

You know and something we will as a civilization break away from you know as patriotism and nationalism spreads throughout Europe, which toys let’s let’s steer away from the the. Epstein issue and more and more information many great channels covering that issue you know so be well aware that there’s a huge storm.


The implications of Jeffrey Epstein’s arrest are the biggest arrests that’s ever happened and with the what raft of information that’s been disclosed through . My dad Mike Ceranovich’s lawsuit which took a year long to disclose these um . This um Oh sorry this evidence sorry yeah, It’s got the evidence and again it was three questions but again it’s . It’s all coming out of the wash a.& I’ll leave a link in the description box of Dr Torley’s channel and please do go check out the Dr Tory’s wonderful books, many many many books and his online store and please help to perpetuate his channel also yeah . Dr Turley will give you a as I say another perspective of geopolitical and European political movements around the world. The latest arrest of Epstein.& It’s one of the biggest arrest that’s ever happened. It’s the all coming from the wash. & It’s just going to be the most important arrest that’s all that I think we can…. Click here to read more and watch the full video