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Where Theyre Still Thousands And Thousands Of These

people all on the floor screaming crazy and his voice. I can hear booming through a microphone. He’s now come out. They’ve lost their minds and he’s going. The devil is in this church today and he’s trying to leave now and we’re going Oh my God, Oh my god They were going to kill us Andrew Gold welcome to the show thanks thanks for having me how do you describe what you do for work.

I Am So The Quick Way Of

describing it. I would say is like a a much less famous and less talented Louis Theroux for those who don’t know who Louis Theroux is or Louis Thoreau in America. I like to document sort of weird and wonderful people and subcultures quite strange, controversial people. Nothing is too controversial everything’s on the table and trying to get. To know why people think differently from from what I do and from what we do whether that’s in video form audio formal or writing didn’t you manage the page three girls for the sun at one point that is the best thing.

Ive Ever Done Yes That Was

when I started out. So I was like 21 or 22. who got I got in trouble for that recently didn’t I somebody was tweeting us Oh yeah somebody reviewed my podcast recently they said I’ve really enjoyed the first ten episodes. Then I heard he worked at the sun not for me and he just completely quit and I thought how can you enjoy you know hours of stuff and then he found out I worked at a place He didn’t obviously he was from liverpool and they’ve got a bit of a thing with the sun um yes it. was my first job in journalism, and I was working nights and you know the stuff.

I Was Writing Was Just So Tedious And

it was all like Rihanna poses without makeup and I don’t even know who any of these people were. I knew who Rihanna was and my I was responsible at the end of the night for making sure the page three girl who for those who don’t know that’s the they don’t do it anymore. It was a woman on page three of the Sun newspaper who had her breasts out. and I had to make sure the 3d version of her went up on the ipad every night, which was which was complicated because I had I was having these calls at four or five in the morning with like customer support or whoever it is somewhere in South Asia Titty support and I was just going like look it’s not working and I can’t get home the titties They aren’t here there are gonna be a lot of people waking up in the morning who aren’t going to be getting their titties and you could turn her around with your finger you could sort of twist it around so bleep weird man like that’s the job that as a 14-year-old probably sounded amazing yeah and then as a 21-year-old wanted that made you want to self-harm like that’s how I imagine the trajectory goes. Deer was like that Yeah Yeah! It made me want to well who may want to get far away from there.

Eventually So What Did You Do Next Well

when I was there um Yeah I had a bit of a I had been studying in France Before that couple of years. I’d been getting really into languages French of course um and I was just thinking I’ve got a I’ve got to get out of this dreary the sun place every night you know I was work you know five in the morning whatever and I just thought where’s the place I can go that’s the furthest away from any of this um and I wanted to learn a language so I thought oh, I’ll get something that’s similar to French. You know. So Spanish was quite close. I thought so where can I go and I looked up Medellin in Colombia because it’s known as the city of Eternal spring.

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So I Thought Its Like 25 Degrees

every day Blue skies beautiful so yeah. I went out there. I just got I got a flight. I couldn’t afford it at the time really I got the sun to give me like an article to do to write about the flower festival in Medellin and then I got an airline. I got in touch with all the airlines and I just just on the off chance.

I Thought I Wondered If This

will work emailed them all saying like look I’m doing this flower festival and I can mention your airline or whatever and one of them gave me a free flight. So I got out there and I wrote the piece and the son never published it. As far as I know and then I just quit my job while I was out there and just stayed out there. See you later on Titties. I’m not dealing with you anymore.

Yeah Well The Titties Out In

Medellin were a whole different thing because I think it’s like the plastic surgery capital of the world. You’re kidding me people flying out to Colombia to be robbed at gunpoint get some drugs and come back with a huge pair of knockers well the Colombians listening to this or people of Colombian heritage will not thank us for saying this but yes it sounds like a good time to be fair. It sounds like a lot of people. Yeah. I’m sorry a lot of people loved it.


I love it out there a fairly fun place what about this exorcist that you want to go and meet um so. I’d been in After a year in Colombia, I moved down to Argentina, which was a little bit more European. After a year in Colombia. It was just like I need something a bit more like home.

They Have A Different Dialect As

well and I wanted to get into that the Argentine Spanish. It’s cool it’s like Italian and they do all the hand signals and yeah. I was there for like a year or two. I started making a few short documentaries about things like Ufo hunting and um What else Infidelity. I got made fun of by Viggo Mortensen on the radio channel because he’s quite big over there.

He Speaks Spanish .

I went on live Tv as well because I had to defend this infidelity video. I was making because they were saying to me like why why are you assuming there’s more. Infidelity in Argentina, so I ended up on live Tv because of this viggo Mortensen encounter I had in Argentina um accusing Argentine people of sleeping around Is there a lot of swinger yes in Argentina or something yeah Yeah? There were there were at the time and there were nights. Thursday is known as like cheating night It was just something.

I Know Nationally Is This Like A National

holiday or something at least in Buenos Aires, and that’s got sort of a big part of the population. I don’t know much about outside of there, but they were yeah I you know I wasn’t judging. I just thought it was quite funny and quirky. You know you’re looking for things to make a documentary. But I don’t really care but I ended up on a radio channel and there’s a radio show there um where people call.

Up To Have Affairs So Theyll Call

up and say hello. I want to have an affair with my friend’s Mum, So they’ll call the mum on the show and I’ll say like the idea is the concept is you have to say three normal things so they would call like the friend’s Mom and say three things how are you good yeah. I don’t know why you’re calling me you know um what are you doing today You ask three things and then you say are you up for it or some Spanish equivalent, and they have to say yes or no and then they hook up what’s the success rate of that more than it should be. But I I don’t know exactly but the ones. I listen to most of them are saying yes including like friends moms and stuff interesting all right what about this exorcist.

Yeah Right So Ive Been There For

a few years um and I saw him just sort of on the Tv quite a lot on the radio this guy and there was something about his face. He had like an arrogance about him you know he was telling everybody things like right you know next week’s Halloween so make sure you’ve got all your carrots and your this and that’s a ward off vampires stuff like that on quite mainstream Tv channels out there and I found it really frustrating. I’m an atheist myself, but even if you’re not an atheist you. Don’t usually believe in that kind of nonsense and people just took him at his word and these you know professional presenters out there on Tv on the radio with him going mm-hmm Oh Yeah tell us what else we can do Padre Emanuel can we he was. So I got in touch with him and said you know I’d like to sort of follow you around for a few weeks not in a creepy way, and he let me come and film him.

I Think Even If You Are Religious It

might be even more insulting like to have someone hijack faith Because I mean, I don’t. I don’t know for certain, but I imagine that the line between dousing yourself in like olive oil to ward off werewolves or something and creating crosses out of carrots and the Christian faith. I imagine that well there’s probably a pretty big difference. I don’t remember that from religious education in school so I think yeah that’s probably a bit of a piss take all right. So you go see him and then what’s he like where is he he was He was in the impoverished suburbs of Buenos.

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Aires Its Really Once You Get

out of the city. It’s really in some parts quite quite rough and quite scary out there um but he but also a lack of education. A lack of anybody that would tell the people out there that this guy was a fraud So he was out there. He had thousands and thousands and thousands of followers. People who just turn up at his church and just like start fainting and convulsing on the floor.

So I Went To Talk To Him The

first time and there were just people around my feet like you know frothing at the mouth and I was like Oh hello mate and he was like. He had all the time in the world for me because he saw me as English and potentially selling this to the Bbc He loved that he was very pr um prepared. You know he had ? He played the music from the Exorcist, the Tubular Bells theme tune that was in his masses . He had posters of himself superimposed on on like the exorcist from the movie and other superhero movies around the church.

So This Was A Guy Who

who really liked the attention, so he loved that I was coming to interview him. He didn’t at all expect that I might be quite critical and look into his relationship with the women who had schizophrenia that he was exercising. So is that what.


Andrew Gold is a journalist from Liverpool . He likes to document weird and wonderful people and subcultures quite strange, controversial people . He is like a much less famous and less talented Louis Theroux for those who don’t know who Louis Thoreau in America. He says he is trying to get to know why people think differently from from what he do and from what we do whether that’s in video form audio formal or writing . He says the best thing he’s ever done is managing the page three girls for the sun at one point that was when he was 21 or 22. He got in trouble for that recently didn’t I somebody was tweeting us Oh yeah somebody reviewed my podcast recently they said I’ve really enjoyed the first ten episodes. They said I’d really enjoyed the first 10 episodes. It was a great interview with Andrew Gold. He is a great journalist. I’m a great writer. I love to talk about my work. I like to talk to people who I love…. Click here to read more and watch the full video