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Today, Elon Musk Asks Who Funds The Organizations Behind

the anti–elon campaign and we have an answer also left-wing activists are now stalking Supreme court justices at their homes and Gavin Newsom finally admits how biology works. We have all that and more coming up and it all starts right now. Hey welcome to the news and white matters. I am Sarah Gonzalez today joined by the Pat Gray host of Pat Gray unleashed which you can find on blaze Tv and wherever you get your podcast. You need to subscribe to Pat Gray if you in fact are not up at like 3 a.

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M Which Im Not Okay.

Maybe it’s not three. But it is six and well six our time yes and I’m up but I’m not. I have the children. It is three in Alaska.

I Believe Three And A Little Bit

for all you Alaskans yeah. Thank you for joining us again Pat and we have Robbino also blaze media critic Rob Eno back in studio thank you for jumping in here as well um so a group of 26 activist organizations. This happened a couple days ago, Who and NgOs signed a letter to companies who advertise on Twitter and basically they were pressuring them. They were pressuring Twitter. They said that they would reconsider their advert their advertisements on Twitter.

If Elon Musk Makes Changes.

They said in the letter that Musk will further toxify our information ecosystem and be a direct threat to public safety and Twitter risks becoming a cesspool of misinformation with your brand attached so Elon of course shared the article. I love Elon Musk on Twitter. He is so weird, but also awesome. At the same time.

He Responded By Tweeting With A Link

to the piece who funds. These organizations that want to control your access to information let’s investigate well Now We know that the signatories are funded by groups and people affiliated with none other than George Soros, Hillary Clinton and well the D Clintons and Obama You guys are shocked. Aren’t you I’m completely shocked totally shocked. This is accountable tech It is a Washington Dc-based group led by a Nicole Gill and Jesse Lyric. This one is a former policy spokesman for Hillary Clinton’s campaign, nephew of David Axelrod does that ring any bells former advisor to senior Barack Obama and then media matters for America, which is just like the it’s do you want to talk about a Cesspool.

I Think They Use The Term Cesspool

in their letter. You want to talk about a Cesspool look no further than media matters themselves. European governments are also strongly involved in the backing of. Signatories. This is a group called access now that is concerned with voter fraud and human rights abuses, and then their largest donor is the Swedish government’s development agency Ceta, followed by Soros’s Open society foundations which look I know that open society doesn’t mean this but I just love the irony in having something called open society, but they don’t want an open society when it comes to twitter and the exchange of free ideas and information.

I I Have A Feeling You Guys Are

super shocked to hear that all of this nefarious activity is coming from someone. The likes of George Soros, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama Yeah. I’m also amazed at how many things George Soros has his fingers into I mean virtually everything almost every left-wing cause that you hear about if you do the investigation he’s probably funding it he’s like he funded you. A lot of the the Blm writing he’s funding this What are they so afraid of by the way with Elon Musk are are they that insecure are they that fragile that they can’t uphold They can’t stand up to even the least bit of contrasting points of view. It’s really shocking how scared they are right now.

I Mean Theyre Of Words On

a screen Yeah right yeah. They cannot meet us on the battlefield of ideas because they lose every time Yeah and I think but I think that’s the key part is that is that these people look the idiots on twitter who are tweeting these stupid things. They don’t understand this but George Soros and the Clintons and Obama certainly understands this and that’s why they don’t even live by it. You’ve got Obama with his big mansion over by the ocean, which I I’m told. that all of that land is going to be in the ocean in a matter of years? Why would you spend that money on it It’s almost like you.

Dont Actually Believe The Crap You Peddle

so it. I guess it makes sense as to why they would they would be so contrary about that and the thing I love about Elon is it’s not going to work that’s the thing that I love so somebody responding to his tweet said Oh it’s just it’s going to be George Soros and Elon’s response to that tweet was Oh maybe I’ll just give George a call. I mean he’s got these people’s numbers and Elon seems like the person he wins right. He seems like the person that would call George Soros up and say why are you attacking me why are you doing this you know that I can make. your life a living hell you know that I can destroy your companies by doing it and the other thing that’s really interesting is.

There Was A New York Times Piece Today

where they tried to paint. Elon is a racist all part of the same media campaign right by saying that he grew up in South Africa. So the the headline makes it look like. Elon’s a racist right because he grew up and raised in South Africa, but if you read the story even they couldn’t say that he was a racist. He’s like yeah.

He Left The Country At 17 So He

didn’t have to join Didn’t get forced to join the army to shoot young black children and he and his his family was a member of the Progressive party that was the anti–apartheid party and surprisingly he went to. This is a great one surprisingly. to a black friends in 1987, a black friend’s funeral and all of the black people there said What are you doing here? This is you came like. He did these things that were outside, so they can’t paint him as that and I think that they’re just going to keep ratcheting it up, Ratcheting it up and ratcheting it up and I don’t think they realize how cheap the media is right now to buy. I looked up Gannett when I was thinking about things that Elon could do again at Usa today hundreds of media organization papers that they own it has a market cap of 579 million.

Elon Gets Up In The Morning

and before he gets his coffee. His net worth has changed by 579 million one way or the other and does that all day right right if they keep pushing Elon he’s going to. Keep going and I also think that Elon’s going to take it and make it a non-profit and get himself a 49 billion dollar tax write-off by taking twitter non-profit and then they don’t have to care about the ads Yeah It’s all pretty good for a homeless guy right a guy who has no home. Oh Weird stays at friend’s house well he’s got the one home he’s got the 50 he’s got the the Clayton home or whatever it is at star base or whatever the heck he lives on the friend’s Couch. He’s like a small little house that that spacex owns that he lives in he is such a culture person.

Yeah The Worlds The Richest Couch Surfer

so interesting though Yeah and I you know I think that the left is overreacting to this a little bit he’s not going to be like super conservative. This company not super conservative. He showed that time that did you see the graph. He put out last week on Twitter where in I think it was 2007. He was a little bit left of center and then the lefties were left of that and then he didn’t move but the scale moved and then he’s a little closer to center and then the third time like today Now he’s on the right side with us with conservatives but not and he’s still in the exact same he hasn’t moved conservatives Haven’t moved it is the democrats in the left who have moved and become so extreme Yeah Dave Rubinshaw Yeah Yeah Yeah.

I Know Actually I Think That I Had

dave on my show on the day that we showed that and he was like yeah that’s literally me that’s actually my entire life story wrapped up. In one little meme um yeah, it is it’s fascinating you know I read a report that I think the left thought once they published it it would ruin Elon where they said. Oh. We found out that Elon Musk had a problem when they removed trump from from Twitter and banned him. It’s like Oh no yeah Yeah cause free speech right never heard of it because he was the president of the United States and you just disappeared him from the internet.

Like Yeah, I Dont Think Like Is It

really just a crazy person who might think that that’s wrong or is it just a logical person who’s not just been indoctrinated with this garbage right it’s abs. He wants free speech. He wants classical free speech. He thinks that more voices are better and that people can police themselves. What a thought Yeah but back to.

The The Them Doing Stuff And Thinking

that they can affect him what are they going to do? Pull the internet away from him. So Twitter can’t be on your head. He owns the internet. He has 20 000 Internet satellites circling the globe. He owns the internet.

I Love It So Much By The Way

I um sadly I if for anyone out there who’s watching in France. I am no longer allowed my Twitter profile. My entire profile does not exist in France Oh no they’ve removed it. Don’t say that sorry from French to tragic why yes did they give you a reason my hate my hateful your hate. Oh wow my hateful speech the rant that I went on.

I Wont.

I don’t know what’s going to get me kicked off of of Youtube. These days because the other day we had to censor a giant. portion of our show but I said something I said some basic facts about transgenderism that were not accepted under French like hate speech law.

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I Guess So Does That Mean You

can’t go to France Are you like if you showed up at the friendship great question. If you went to go to France bought your ticket showed up at customs are they going to put you on the plane back and you have like a tom Hanks thing where you can’t get out of the airport that’s actually a great question. I don’t know I mean I haven’t heard from the French police so I don’t know if like you’re on a list. I don’t know if they call you until you committed a crime.

I Dont Know But I Wouldnt Understand

them anyway because I don’t speak French but you know what I don’t want to go. to your stupid place Okay, I don’t want to go there. I don’t want to eat your.


Pat Gray: Elon Musk asks who funds the organizations behind the anti–elon campaign and we have an answer . Left-wing activists are now stalking Supreme court justices at their homes . Gavin Newsom finally admits how biology works . We have all that and more coming up and it all starts at 3 a.&m which I’m not okay.& You need to subscribe to Pat Gray if you in fact are not up at like 3 a.: I’m up but not. I have the children.& It is three in Alaska.& I believe three and a little bit for all you Alaskans yeah.& We know that the signatories are funded by groups and people affiliated with none other than George Soros, Hillary Clinton and well the D Clintons and Obama You guys are shocked.& Aren’t you I’m completely shocked totally shocked. This is accountable tech It is a Wash. And we have Rob Eno back in front of the camera here as well as everyone else ….. Click here to read more and watch the full video