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Look At How Satisfying This Worker Is

and this worker is even more satisfying and this entire video is full of people like this and more oh my gosh, Oh look how fast he is wait This guy doesn’t need a nail gun. He’s doing it all in one fluid Rhythm wow I wonder how much faster he could do that if he had a nail gun are you satisfied. Jimmy I could be more satisfied. Let’s keep watching this person’s gonna paint chairs with fire all right it’s blue you know what he’s probably doing probably just melting the old paint off right. I don’t know how somebody science this I think he’s melting the top layer of the plastic yeah that’s got to be it right okay that was satisfying.

Im Satisfied Now I Dont Know Why

that made me laugh, but this guy just looks so unbothered. Doing his job, what is he doing is he blowing it back on Yeah He doesn’t want those grass clippings that is satisfying Look It went from Dirty to everything’s clean look at all those straight lines. I’m very UK wow beautiful It is it looks like a oh my gosh No they have to be pouring water on that or something Yeah There’s no way it was like slightly off camera Yeah that had interesting satisfying hydraulic press It was this hydraulic press Channel better be not the Furby No no no you can see the soul leave its eyes. Yeah loading a plane with luggage all right. This is satisfying how 80 bags are loaded in the belly of an airplane.

Oh Caught Sleeping On The Job Wildfire

we’re sending to the airline all right My Dad’s a genius. Why is he a genius? Oh, he is a genius, Oh my gosh all right you know what that is perfect look how happy he is look at the smile and it says in his wife Bro they’re so happy. He’s like I’m, a dad who will accomplish something that’s the best thing. He did all week Yeah all right there’s a sandwich factory go ahead and get the jokes out the way. Jimmy Yeah My house is a sandwich factory because I make sandwiches cutting plastic with a blowtorch.

What What Is With Fire Being Used To

paint and cut I have done this though it works so well. It’s horrible for the environment. Though you shouldn’t do that this you should just use a knife balloon popping machine hey that’s what they used to call me back in the day whoa that’s how they pop these things that’s a very specific tool and. I don’t think that’s like a tool that they use to like I mean that looks like a tool. I don’t know somebody let us know in the comment is that a thing or is that a tool.

Oh Stop Oh Close, Why Did

not get more dogs. Oh don’t stop keep going finish B we’re freehand Circle drawing Champion all right let’s see this obviously he’s going to start out with Michelangelo Chris shut up so I can admire the circle Yeah see but he didn’t do it right you got to draw Michelangelo erase some of the detail and then that’s you know no can we measure the circumference of it. I don’t think that it’s. Oh we measure the circumference of your mom. You know what let’s do it all right.

Oh My God Look At That She

washing that thing, but it doesn’t even look like bricks until she power washes them. She washing that thing. Jimmy Oh that is so crazy. The dude’s record him with two phones that is so cool. He needed two povs for it Honeycomb extracting is this how they get on it.

Ive Never Seen A Honey Come Look Like

that is this where Honey comes from from bees Yeah from the cone did you know that the honey that bees produce is their food and it never goes bad. It never expires factual they’ve pulled honey from like Roman time Yeah and it’s still fine to eat. I want Roman Honey bold dice painting machine Oh, Oh they stamps it. I don’t think it paints it is it probably puts a small intention as well. What if you accidentally hit your hand You.

Got A Five On Your Hand, Oh Bro

these are unpoppable, not even a hydraulic press component. There’s no way see what how has everyone seen that bulb but not know what it is No actually now that we’re talking about it. Nobody’s ever bought it. Nobody knows where it came from what its name is and it’s unpoppable Is this some kind of alien device that just appeared on Earth and they’re just slowly taking it so yeah we all just found them on the road and just assumed everyone else We’re like oh these are fun they’re squishy and it’s like a device to kill us. Wait is wait why why oh they’re making mulch that is so cool as the head of Team trees I will not stand for this instead of being satisfied.

Now Im Angry Whoa Holy Crap Hes

not spilling a drop except for. Those couple that spilled in the puddle well We’ll ignore them We’ll ignore it All he looks very British. Oh my God. You know there’s a spot of tea will really get you going Oh a bit of cream for the tea, What is this drink He’s made. I don’t know it’s very satisfying Edward knife hand wait.

He Doesnt Actually Have Knifes On His Hands

his hands are just doing that is he making those sound effects. I think he is satisfying baking. He’s making a bowl with the bread Ah he’s making a bread bowl. I like eating food people touch with their hands. All food is touched by people’s hands.

No Wear Gloves Gloves As Long

as you wash. I don’t want to eat that no it’s also going to get cooked anything’s gonna get kicked out of it. I don’t care I don’t want to touch. It you’re so bougie This is why you shouldn’t become a rich successfulNK] then you won’t eat things made by well all right, So you’re fine with someone going to the bathroom taking a dookie not washing their hands coming back touching your food and just be like oh that’s fine they’ll get cooked you left out something very important. It is the law that they have to wash their hands.

Its Also The Law Not The Jaywalk

have you jaywalk Every day it’s my favorite crime splitting a giant copper cable oh that looks like the underwater cables for internet Whoa wow look at all that copper wire. I bet that’s worth a lot of money that’s probably why they’re doing it they get the copper out of it holy crap Oh They have these a gap I saw on a gap one time was there a kid. Kid doing it because his parents are raising him correctly there’s Tucker fold his shirt. Tucker unfolds his shirts. Tucker sees a whole thing of folded laundry and he’s like that is cool whatever Tucker does start doing his laundry.

You Should Buy Him That You Know

that’s just a piece of cardboard. They probably cut to do that I’m just saying just buy him a piece of cardboard. All right all smart people clean snow off their car yeah. This works if there’s no ice yeah right come to North Carolina where any snow we get instantly turns to freezing rain and then the entire everything is covered in ice. This next person is carrying a giant stack of boxes whoa no no oh boy.

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How Did He Get The Boxes Up

there what are these boxes for what is this I have so many questions why couldn’t they. have put those boxes somewhere else so you wouldn’t have to carry them once they’re that high I don’t trust that truck I would not drive behind that truck drifting out of a tight spot. I love drifted all this genius. He crab walked it that was really cool giant can crush it how giant we talking that’s pretty giant Jinx you gotta make a oh wait there’s one right there so what now they just have a giant conglomerate of cans Oh my god Oh that’s cool my friends. It’s how recycling Works Vine removal Hey Twitter did that Oh that’s so sick that’s crazy wow.

Its All Holding On By An

ed yeah just a little bitty making a giant Barrel no way. What is this a giant Barrel but what is that substance made out of Oh it was like some kind of plastic or something I. Guess how big is that compared to a human that Oh wow it just drops it insane drone pilot I think the drift in races kind of yeah It’s cooler than the drum wow. It’s getting pretty close if you got in the car with the Drone that’d be cool Yeah dude what if he’s like rides right beside the window. Oh he’s doing that thing have you guys noticed the Drone shots in our main Channel.

Theyve Been Getting Better Recently Were Using More

drones. Now we’ve always been using drones. We just remembered how to add them to the video. This time satisfying way to juice slime that is pretty satisfying. It’s like a steady solid movement every single time whoa look at him sheep going oh my gosh go go look at that little doggy up there those dogs are hurting all of them.

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Three Dogs Are.

Harding all those sheep whoever’s dog shows are if you give me an address. I will send you unlimited dog treats. I want to pet your dog. You know what I’m gonna go start a farm purchase a thousand sheep just so I can hire two dogs to hurt them.

You Could Just Get The Dogs Yeah, But

then they wouldn’t have sheep to her that’s fair yeah They need jobs hydro dipping Crocs I love hydro-dipping I want to do it. Wow Oh UK 5. look at Michael’s face yeah wait Oh my gosh does this face say subscribe it does do it bye.


Look at how satisfying this worker is and this worker’s satisfaction is even more satisfying and this entire video is full of people like this and more oh my gosh, Oh look how fast he is wait This guy doesn’t need a nail gun.& Jimmy Yeah My house is a sandwich factory because I make sandwiches cutting plastic with a blowtorch.& This is satisfying how 80 bags are loaded in the belly of an airplane.& Oh caught sleeping on the job Wildfire we’re sending to the airline all right.& I’m very UK wow beautiful. It is it is it looks like a oh my . gosh No they have to be pouring water on that or something. There’s no way it was like slightly off camera. Yeah that had interesting satisfying hydraulic press It was this hydraulic press.& Yeah loading a plane with luggage allright.& There’s No no no no you can see the soul leave its eyes. It’s not the Furby. It better be not the…. Click here to read more and watch the full video